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You guys, I am really bad at blogging. Apparently we’re making this a once a week thing because I can’t be arsed to type anything up more often than that. In my defense, I’ve been kind of busy. I work four whole hours a day! And I have to watch Star Trek and make things I don’t blog about, apparently.

Anyway, I made a hat.

 photo 004_zps1acfbfc0.jpg

Pattern: Woven
Yarn: Louisa Harding Ianthe, a 50/50 merino/cotton blend. About a ball and a half.
Needles: Like fives or something? I dunno.
Mods: None, knit as written

This hat is for the gift box I totally have. (I do not have a gift box. Per se. It’s more of an idea at this point). I have too many bloody hats but no desire to stop making hats and anyway, it looks weird on my head.

 photo 015_zps0bc1dede.jpg

I don’t really rock a beanie very well. Of course, when it’s cold, I don’t much care what I look like, but it’s 90 degrees outside, so… I still don’t care, but I have opinions on the hat at least. So it isn’t for me. I have no idea who it is for since I don’t know a tremendous amount of people and I’m not really the gift-giving type.

The buttons I put on the hat are pretty cool. Here’s a close up:

They are (I believe) Norwegian military buttons. I got them from a yard sale in a big collection of buttons. I have a bunch of various military buttons, but a lot of them are gold colored and I don’t particularly care for them. The insignia are pretty cool though.

In life news: The new job is going really well. Things are pretty slow because of the summer (which is AWESOME) and I wish I was working full time, but I’ll take what I can get. I’d really love to be able to move somewhere that isn’t a basement (or at least an actual basement apartment), but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to afford to do that.

In media consumption news, I’m reading Choices of One with Joe. I’m also reading Scoundrels, another Star Wars novel by Zahn, which takes place shortly after A New Hope and right before Allegiance. I finished watching Deep Space Nine (OMG IT IS THE BEST EVER) and have started Voyager. Y’all, you really have to want to watch Voyager. After the premiere, the first couple of episodes are TERRIBLE. It gets much better (I’m a little more than halfway through season two), but even I have to skip a few of the first ones in the first season. And I have a ridiculously high tolerance for crappy television. After Voyager, I’m going to go back and watch all the Next Gen movies, probably starting with Generations. Maybe I’ll watch the original series. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when I’ve watched everything in the Star Trek franchise. Start over with Next Gen again, I guess. Anyway, make things and watch Star Trek. It’s what I do.


Sorry about my erratic posting schedule lately. IDEK. It’s not like I don’t have a ton of things to post. Anyway, I made a sweater.

 photo 004-3_zps87b87084.jpg

Wine is always a good addition to project photos.

Pattern: It’s a raglan. No pattern.
Yarn: Recycled kitchen sink yarn: 40% Merino Wool 30% Viscose 20% Angora 10% Cashmere
Needles: US 10/6 mm

Ravelry tells me I knit this sweater in exactly two weeks, putting me on track (and slightly ahead) for my 12 in 12 sweater challenge. This is sweater number five.

 photo 003-2_zps0940e602.jpg

It was a super easy knit. I had about half a skein left over (not that that means much since it was a recycled yarn) which I have since used in another thing, so that’s another sweater’s worth of yarn out of the stash. Yay! My yarn stash is my no mean excessive, but I have enough that I feel a little guilty buying more, so I’m working it down.

 photo 006-4_zps43b58c0b.jpg

Excuse my silly faces. Anyway, this sweater. It came out exactly as I envisioned, which is a slightly oversized sweatshirt-type sweater that I can pull on if chilly or whatever. It actually fits well enough that I could wear it out of the house, which wasn’t really the intent. It is a nice bonus though.

Like I said, I have a ton of things I’ve been crafting, so hopefully I can get my butt in gear and type up a whole bunch of posts that I can schedule. Life’s been weird lately. I’m still nannying sort of, but I quit my regular gig. I’m actively looking for employment elsewhere as I have had about enough of children to last possibly the rest of my life. In fan news, I am working my way through Deep Space Nine. I started reading American Gods, but who knows when I’ll finish it. I watched the Doctor Who season finale and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Joe and I stopped reading the Jedi Academy trilogy, but I’m going to finish it on my own.

MDSW! I was finally close enough to go, and go I did. I left the house about nine aiming to arrive near ten. I was totally pumped: had my car jamming music, ready to spend all the money. Then a mile from the fairground, I got into a car accident. I was fine, the car got a little banged up. But it sort of ruined my zeal, y’know?

Anyway, after doing all the things you do after a collision, I continued on to the festival. I neglected to take pictures of any kind except for of what I bought, which I photographed later. I did go to the podcasters meet up and awkwardly introduced myself. Suffice it to say I was not feeling especially social after the trip up.

Anyway, here’s what you really came for: the pretties. I ended up under my budget, which is good. I’ll need the extra money for car stiff and stuff. But now, pictures.

 photo IMAG0063_zps3bbcbed5.jpg

Avalon Spring Exotic Fibers Roving. Bump one is Warm Forge, a gorgeous sparkly red.

 photo IMAG0066_zps7e440e2b.jpg

A second Avalon Springs, this one in Merlin’s Cape. No glitz, but a lovely subtly colored black.

 photo IMAG0068_zpsd8205a6f.jpg

4 oz. Wesleydale from Liberty Ridge. I’m trying to collect wools I haven’t spun before, and this one is one I haven’t spun yet.

 photo IMAG0067_zps15cb47a5.jpg

2 oz merino/silk. I haven’t spun silk yet, plus this is super dark and gothy. Love it.

 photo IMAG0069_zpscb86763c.jpg

4 oz Jacob, another new to me fiber.

 photo IMAG0065_zps60ce9b5a.jpg

A whole pound of Ramboilliet for only sixteen bucks! I’ll be dyeing this one in bits.

 photo IMAG0074_zpsc4e66b2c.jpg  photo IMAG0075_zps6c0214dc.jpg  photo IMAG0076_zps3a745c7a.jpg  photo IMAG0077_zpsbc99999f.jpg

I got a spectacular deal on the four bits above. The green was two lz for w bucks. The other three are between three and four oz and were about five bucks each. STEAL. They are from Cloverhill.

 photo IMAG0070_zps2d32d904.jpg  photo IMAG0071_zps717e2bbf.jpg

These two are 4 oz each, ten bucks a piece. They are from Spinners.Hill and I adore them.  Look at that pink! So bright. And the orange is all sunset like. Joe says it reminds him of Thanksgiving, but I like sunset better.


This is probably my favorite bit of fiber purchased Saturday. It’s Gale’s Art polworth silk in Emerald Hummingbird.


I also bought this grey masham, also from Gale’s Art. I will probably

And there you have it! I bought almost six pounds of spinning fiber. But fiber is not all I bought. I got some buttons:


I didn’t buy the Knit Girllls button obviously, but I did purchase the other three, which I adore. I also bought a fiber tool:


A pair of Strauch hand carders. I love them. I’ve been using them quite a bit since I got home on Saturday, but more of my playing with fiber later.

Did you go to MDSW? Did I see you and not register it? (probably.) Get anything good? If you have a MDSW post, please link it in the comments!

So I win at thrift store. I just do. Let me tell you why. The other day, after reading a bunch of posts in the unravelers Ravelry group, I decided to go to Unique to look at the sweaters. I found a bunch and then, thinking of my budget, thought I should leave maybe. But I thought I’d buzz through the crafts section, and there on the bottom shelf was this beauty:

That is a Harrisville Easy Weaver, which the Woolery sells for $90. That is the original warp that comes with the loom, meaning it was never used (or, barely; there was about an inch of weaving I cut out and replaced to even out the warp). I PAID FIVE DOLLARS.

I KNOW. Incredible. So you know I wove that right up. Found some recycled wool/nylon fingering and got to work. Couple days later, I had about ten feet of rainbow scarf. Cause there’s enough warp for two child-sized scarves, which explains why it felt like it was taking forever. I ran it through the sewing machine and got this:

Aww yeah. Simple weave, sewed two lengths side by side with a zig zag stitch. It’s lined with the same pink fabric I used to line the other two bags.


The string is from a sweater I got on that same shopping trip. It’s silk cashmere. So there’s no way this bag is leaving my hands. Plus the sewing is a little shoddy so there’s that.


Pretty rainbow.

I’m currently experimenting with houndstooth on this loom. It really is as easy as people say: two warp threads of each color and two picks of each color. I have a scarf warped up currently. On Vergere (yes, named for the Star Wars character cause that’s how I roll), I’ve been weaving just fabric and figuring out what to do with it later. Probably mostly project bags cause they’re fast and easy. And maybe I can put some in the shop. Whoo, weaving!

So I made a pair of crazy socks with some leftover sock yarn. Ravelry will tell you these took several weeks, but that’s mostly because I left them at some friends’ place for a couple weeks and didn’t get a chance to retreive them until recently. Anyway:


Not so crazy, you say? Yes, the colors do rather get along here. That is, until I take my shoes off:


Aww yeah, check that crazy sock action. I completely love them, even though they came out a little shorter than I thought they would. It’s great to have another pair for the sock drawer.


I knit them toe up with a wedge toe and afterthought heel. I like a flap and gusset heel best but the afterthought heel is rapidly gaining my favor.

I have a bunch of things on the needles and the loom as well. And I have a super brag thrift store find post coming soon. Crafting is definitely happening here, as well as reading. I’m on a manga kick lately thanks to Katsucon. I’m currently reading Ouran High School Host Club after being absolutely enchanted by the anime. And I’m still reading the Thrawn trilogy with Joe. We’re on the last book and surprising no one at all I’m sure, I completely adore Mara. Look for SW crafts here probably soon.

Sooooo this past weekend was Katsucon, an anime convention I attended in National Harbor. It was super mega awesome fun though I completely neglected to take any pictures. I did, however, dress up in costume because that’s how I roll. I recently watched and read the anime/manga Fruits Basket, so one of the days I dressed up as Tohru Honda. There are no pictures, but I basically just wore a cute dress. But I also make a cat-form Kyo to carry around.


Pattern: none, made up as I went along
Yarn: merino singles, a skein and a half almost exactly.
Needles: US 2/1.75 mm


I’m pretty pleased with the way he came out. He is super cuddly and a perfect use of yarn that’s been kicking around my stash for a while. I will have to cosplay Tohru again so I can carry him around some more. Maybe I can sew or appromimate Tohru’s school uniform for next time.


Speaking of Katsu and Fruits Basket, as a result, I’ve been on quite the anime/manga kick lately. I just watched Ouran Highschool Host Club and I got the manga from the library. I’m currently reading the Library Wars manga.

And speaking of cosplay, here is a bonus picture of me in a red wig I bought for cosplaying Amy Pond, Mara Jade, Ariel, and other redheads.


You guys, I am SO BAD at this having a blog thing. Apparently. Anyway, I made a thing recently that I can show off.


More weaving cause it is SUPER FUN not to mention fast. The warp is Plymouth Colornep and I used most of a skein. The weft is a hand dyed recycled yarn, some Aran weight wool I’ve had for ages.


I love the even weave. My original intent was to weave fabric for a bag, but I decided I liked it as a scarf even better. And I’ve been wearing it constantly.

I used a six dent heddle because that’s the only one I had at the time (though I’ve since gotten a ten dent heddle. Sorry for non-weavers who have no idea what I’m talking about.)

I have a couple more things that I’ve recently finished so hopefully I’ll remember to post those soon. It includes a couple of costume type things for Katsucon, which is not this weekend but the next. I am super excited about it. Hopefully I’ll remember to take lots of pictures.

Oh, also: I’ve written and posted this from my phone. Hopefully this means I can post more regularly. Hopefully, I will use the word hopefully less frequently

It’s more weaving! I warped the loom with a long length of linen/cotton then made some dishcloths. Whoo!

The weft for all of them is various scraps of Sugar and Cream and Peaches and Cream and other random cotton bits.

I left spaces between each piece, but the fringes were really difficult to tie on the middle ones, so next time I’ll leave a longer spacer.

They were mostly to practice and to use up some cotton scraps, but I think I’ll hang up one of the longer ones in the bathroom to use for a hand towel. Not sure about the others. They were mostly just fun to weave.

My selvages are, of course, awful, especially on the ones where I carried the stripe yarns up the side when I wasn’t using them. I’m not sure how to do that so it doesn’t look terrible, but this was a learning experience, so I’m not all that bothered.

Currently on the loom is some fabric for a bag I’m working on. In knitting news, I’m going back and finishing some WIPs. I frogged the Carousel socks (not enough yarn), though I definitely be making them again in a different yarn. I’m almost finished with Danish Summer, an errant test knit. Once that’s finished, I’m going to finish up the sleeves and collar on my self-designed Diamonds sweater. Then cast on for ALL THE THINGS. I’m feeling like a sweater kind of year. Though I need to make some more mittens/gloves cause I don’t have that many.

In reading news: Joe and I are reading Heir to the Empire. OH MAN MY FEELINGS. In life news, I have a semi-long-term nanny gig (for six months probably) but it’s still only part time and I need a real job at some point. So there’s that. How are y’all?

Sooo… hi guys. Sorry I abandoned the blog for… a month. I’ve been busy. I was out of town and then I was making a billion shark mittens and working a lot. Anyway.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S COOL? I’ll tell you: WEAVING IS COOL. It’s so cool. Like on a loom?



So yeah, I bought a loom from someone on Ravelry from whom I also bought um, a bit of fleece. Anyway. LOOM. I weave now. Weaving’s cool. /theDoctor It’s loads of fun and a great way of using up yarn quickly. I bought an awesome Intro Weaving class on Craftsy which has been SUPER HELPFUL in figuring out warping and stuff.

Course, as is my wont, when I first received the loom, I looked up a video on YouTube and dove right in because apparently I think waiting to understand what the hell I’m doing is overrated. I threw some yarn on there, practiced a little, then made a scarf. It’s how I do.


It’s a wee bit too short but it is soft and amazing and I love it.


You’re seeing right: THAT SUCKER SPARKLES. The warp is some recycled merino that I dyed the color of surgical waste. The weft is a sparkly angora/wool/glitz blend, also recycled (from a vest, actually. It’s better this way).


Your scarf wants to be this cool.

I then proceeded to whip up some towels/washcloths and THEN purchased and watched the Craftsy class. There’s another scarf on the loom now. But I haven’t taken pictures of either, so those will be another blog post (For real; I’m going to do it this time).

I am still knitting, much more in the last day because I AM DONE WITH SHARKS at least until someone decides to order a pair. But my slate is currently FUCKING CLEAR and I’m so excited to be knitting things for me. LIKE A BOSS.

In reading, Joe and I started the Thrawn trilogy with Heir to the Empire and OH MY GOD FEELINGS. I love it. I want awesome not-empire Outbound Flight!Thrawn back with his adorable relationship with Cardas. In non-reading, I’ve been watching Top Gear because I apparently don’t have enough obsessions. WHOO.

Hey, so remember when I had that blog and I updated it and told everyone about the stuff I was making? And then I apparently fell of a cliff and never got around to posting for like a month? Yeah. So hi. It’s my birthday today (I’m 23), so I guess you guys get the gift of a post today. I don’t know. Anyway.

I’ve been hella busy recently. I went up to visit the boyfriend’s paternal folks for Thanksgiving and as such spent several days in New York City. There are no pictures, but we played a lot of Scrabble and other tabletop games and also there was food or whatever. Every side of the boyfriend’s family is awesome and it’s totally not fair.

On the crafting front, I have been knitting like a madwoman, but almost entirely shark mittens for Etsy. And I still have like five open orders because I apparently hate knitting anything for myself ever. Anyway. One of the Etsy things I made was a matching set of mittens and hat. Stegosaurus versions! So have some pictures:


Pattern: Jurassic Mittens (Steggie version)
Yarn: Cotton/acrylic blend. Broke my sweater fast for the yarn.
Needles: US 8/5mm


So now that I’ve actually made the Steggie mittens, I’m going to update the Jurassic Mittens pattern with more pictures and fix everything up and what all.

Here’s the hat:


There’s no pattern cause I made it up as I went along, but I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. The boyfriend reminded me about the little spikes at the end of a Steg’s tail, so I included them on the hat. Perhaps I’ll write it up. I haven’t done any pattern writing in a while.

I’ll try to get back on the posting ball, but I’m mostly just making sharks here. And I rarely photograph them before I send them out. Plus I’m going down to Virginia Beach on the 19th and spending Christmas in Florida, so I’ll be busy. But I’ll try.

In book news: Joe and I read Outgoing Flight, which was AHH AMAZING and I totally worship at the church of Timothy Zahn. I’m currently reading Spinneret, a book of his I bought on Amazon’s black Friday sale. ALSO did you know that there are Stargate Atlantis books that follow the show cancellation? OF COURSE I bought those suckers. I finished the first one. For more book news, you can follow me on Goodreads here.