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I’ve been on something of a towel kick in my weaving these days. They’re useful and I have a lot of cotton yarn. Here are some quick ones I whipped up the other day on my 24″ LeClerc.


This was my first attempt. The tension was… Bad. Really, really bad. I wanted to get a longer towel but I had to take the whole project off the loom. I have the warp though. Maybe I’ll use it on the inkle loom.

The next set came out much better.


I must confess I don’t know what the blue is. Some cotton I got at a thrift store. There are warp stripes of green Sugar and Cream but I’m not sure how well you can see them. I ran out of the blue and finished the warp with a recycled cotton/acrylic. So that’s the green.

They’re finished off with a rolled hem, super simple.


The fabric is pretty squooshy and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of them. I’ve currently got a big towel warped up using just about the whole width of the loom. I think that one will take a bit longer to finish as I haven’t been working on it quite so dillgently.

Life things: leaving for Virginia Beach on Wednesday. Joe and I finished the first Jedi Academy book and have started the second. Still watching Star Trek. Totally bummed I missed megacon, a con in Orlando, by two weeks.

Oh, and this Saturday is the Uniquities Fiber Market in Vienna. There’s another event on Sunday about an hour away in Maryland that I might go to. And Maryland Sheep and Wool is in less than a month and a half and I am so going. And probably spending so much money. Buy all the fiber!



Pattern: My own! Which I am writing up and will be available for test knitting… soonish? Eventually.
Yarn: Cascade Pima Tencel (the longer 109 yarn skeins), three skeins (I know. It was close.)
Needles: US 5/3.75 mm


I love this tank. I basically made it up as I went along (I took notes though), and it’s got waist shaping, a slight A-line flare, and a deep v cut. Love it. I suspect it’s a shape that looks good on a lot of people, though the tiny straps might be too tiny for some. I find it’s super comfortable. I knit mine a little short (I was worried about the yarn I had) so I have to wear it over a tank top (otherwise it’s opaque enough to just wear a bra under).

I’ve written up the pattern and it’s currently undergoing test knitting, and I anticipate it being ready about the end of July. Which is a little late in the season, but it gets pretty hot many places in August and September, so it should still be appropriate knitting: cool fiber and no long sleeves to try on. I’ll keep you guys posted when it’s available, of course.

The pattern for my summer cardi reknit, Seafoam, is available for purchase through Ravelry!


Seafoam Cardigan: US $4.50

Ravel it!

3 (4, 4, 5, 5, 6) skeins Cascade Sierra (or approx. 600 (650, 725, 850, 950, 1075) yards worsted weight cotton or cotton blend)

US 6/4mm 32” Circular Needle

4 stitch markers
Waste yarn
Tapestry needle
Optional: button, clasp, or ribbon

4 sts/5.5 rows per inch stockinette

Bust size 31” (36”, 41” 46”, 51”, 56”, 61”)

Finished measurements:
31.5” (36.5”, 41.5” 46.5”, 51.5”, 56.5”, 61.5”)

All right guys, I finally finished and sent my swap package for the Yarnie vs. Sewists swap on Craftster. My partner was MissDolly, and we decided to craft each other’s lists (we each had five items). Here is everything I made for MissDolly (and warning–the last one is probably NSFW).


Pattern: None, it’s a top-down hat.
Yarn: Grants Knitting Worsted, the vintage wool I’m slowly working through.
Needles: US 7/4.5 mm

I like how this came out. It’s not overly complicated and the ears and a little crooked but it’s cute. And comfy.


Pattern: The Mary Jane Slippers I’ve made three pairs of now.
Hook: H8/5 mm
Yarn: Cascade 220 (grey) and Ella Rae Classic (blue)
Mods: None, I think. Crocheted as written.


Every time I make these, I like them more. One of these days I’ll make a pair for myself. In the mean time, I’ll continue making them for swap cause they’re SO FAST and they’re a great use of random wool or acrylic that I have lounging about in the stash. Also, great use for buttons I only have two of.

I did do something different for this pair though:


A while back, I picked up a couple of shelf liners/placemats (one of those things) at Goodwill. They’re kind of sticky, and I figured they’d be good for sewing to slipper bottoms so the slippers aren’t so dangerous and so they last longer (since pure wool crocheted loosely that gets stepped on a lot probably won’t last very long).


Pattern: Fetching by Cheryl Niamath, from Knitty
Yarn: Almost EXACTLY one skein of Knit Picks Comfy in Marlin (I had about three yards left)
Needles: US 6/4 mm Susan Bates dpns
Mods: None? Though next time I would do a little shaping and a different thumb. I hate afterthought thumbs.

I think these are cute. I REALLY love the cabled wrist, and I will definitely be working that into a future pair of fingerless (or fingered) mitts or gloves. It snugs up nicely and it’s quite pretty. I don’t especially care for the top (it flairs out a little) or, as I said, the lack of shaping (there’s not enough ribbing for that) and a regular mitten thumb (have I mentioned I dislike afterthought thumbs? Cause I do). I probably won’t make these for myself, but they were fun and fast to make for the swap, and I’m pleased I used up the last lingering ball of Comfy. (Now I have to order more.)


Pattern: My own; made it up as I went.
Yarn: Lamb’s Pride (in Kiwi), Lion Wool (in Purple), and some yarn from a thrift store sweater I frogged
Hook: Uh… G maybe? For amigurumi, I generally just use whatever hook I pull out first. I think I used a 3.75 mm hook.


Guys, I love this rabbit. LOVE. I was convinced it was going to come out horribly, and then I put it all together, and it’s AMAZING. I’m seriously considering making another for myself to sit on my desk and be cute and nerdy. His little glasses (scraps of jersey I glued on) are adorable. LOVE.

WARNING: This next one is NSFW or kids. Though you should expect this sort of thing from time to time since the name of my blog is “Adulterous Whores Club.” Just sayin’.

Pattern: Adult Lip Balm Cozy
Hook: Uh… 3.75 mm?
Yarn: Wool from a thrift store sweater.
Mods: Made adjustments for thicker yarn, stuffed it fully instead of leaving space for chapstick.

…Yeah. It was fun to make, and she wanted one, so I obliged. You know you want one too.

So, I finished my Summer Cardi reknit, which I have named Seafoam, for the lace at the bottom:


Pattern: My own, which I have written and am getting test knitted. Will be available… sometime in April, maybe. Maybe not til May. Some time.
Yarn: Cascade Sierra, EXACTLY three skeins (like… less than a yard left over)
Needles: US 6/4 mm Knit Picks Options Circ and Susan Bates dpns.


So I like this sweater a lot. It’s very comfy and perfect for throwing on over a tank or cami if it’s not quiiiite warm enough. I also love my ribbon closure. I originally planned for an open front, but I didn’t really like how that looked, so I added the ribbon (which is actually bias tape, but it works). Also, I’ve raved about the yarn before, but I’ll tell you again: I love Cascade Sierra. I have a serious passion for the yarn, I’m not going to lie. Soft, comfy, sparkly in the right light… LOVE.

Here’s a close up of the lace bit of the sweater:


As I said, I’ve written up the pattern for this, and it’s currently with test knitters (the pictures will be better for the final pattern though, I promise). I mathed out seven different sizes (and I messed it up completely once but then I worked it out and it was HARD but now it WORKS), and I’m so pleased with myself.

I’m also working on various swap things, including an OWS claim and the Yarnie/Sewer swap. I’ve also started working on Featherweight again, so apart from the swap stuff, the next FO might be a while out (you know, unless I get seduced by a new project). I kind of just want to get through Featherweight though. I know it’ll be really useful in the coming months and it’s sooo wonderful and light and soft (wool/silk lace weight… YUM) but it’s sooooo boring and tedious to knit. I want the cardi though, and I’m not currently in the mood to knit anything I can’t use in the spring/summer, so we’ll say. Maybe I’ll actually just get through it.

As anyone who knows me will attest to, I have a serious love for baby knits. They’re small and quick, they don’t take much time and they’re SO CUTE. So when my friend Sarah told me her cousin was having a baby (the shower being this weekend) and asked if I would be interested in a commission from her for several baby things, I jumped at the chance. Also cause it meant I got to buy nice sock yarn. : )

So here’s what I came up with:


Pattern: Top Down Bonnet with Anime Character
Yarn: Trekking XXL
Needles: US 3/3.25 mm (or whatever the metric is)
Mods: I followed the size for the child using a smaller yarn and needles, hoping it would come out about baby sized. I think I accomplished that. I also, obviously, left off the face features.


Pattern: Mostly an amalgamation of various baby sock patterns. Mostly I made it up. No idea when they’ll fit the kid but I imagine they will at some point. Also, I did one cuff down (I started with a pattern) then did the other toe up, as I prefer. Both have a wedge toe and short row heel.
Yarn: Trekking XXL
Needles: US 1


Pattern: Steggie Bib
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Lime
Needles: US 6/4 mm, which made for a super squishy and wonderful seed stitch.
Mods: Changed the icord ties to crochet chain/single crochet because it was faster that the icord would have been.

I totally love this bib. The pattern was fun, it’s super cute, and the cotton-ease is SO wonderful and squishy on the 4mm needles.

Anyway, I hope the parents-to-be like the things I made for Sarah to give to her cousin. At the very least, they were lots of fun to make.

Knitting that is. I’ve done few commissions over the last couple of weeks:


Bufanda Del Diablo
Pattern: It’s garter stitch. Seriously.
Yarn: Lion Brand Fancy Fur in “Bold Black”. Three skeins.
Needles: US 15/10 mm

So, yes, Bufada Del Diablo. The Devil’s Scarf. A, novelty yarn. B, two strands. C, apparently the two skeins I had in my stash weren’t enough, so I literally drove all around town today trying to hunt down more. I tried Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Michael’s, and two different Tuesday Mornings before I found a skein in a clearance bin in AC Moore. BAH.

Anyway, this scarf is for one of my mother’s friends at work. She’s paying me for it, so it’s not like I just make scarves and run all over town for random people my mother knows. I am giving her a cut rate deal though, mostly cause it helped get the damn yarn out of my stash.



Pattern: My own Shark mittens
Yarn: Cascade Eco and Ella Rae
Needles: US 6/4 mm and US 7/4.5 mm

These mittens are for a girl I know at school. I was in the post office at school before break, and I had my mittens on cause it was cold. She complimented them and asked where I got them. When I told her I made them, she asked if I do commissions. And I most certainly do. : )



Pattern: My Tissue Cozy.
Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘N’ Cream in Hot Pink, Strawberry, and Playtime
Needles: US 6/4 mm

I don’t actually have a recipient in mind for these, as I’m putting them up for sale on my Etsy and my Artfire. Or, I will. At some point. Yeah.

And last but not least, this cowl:


Pattern: None. It’s a garter stitch rectangle with buttons and button holes.
Yarn: A strand of vintage wool and a strand of acrylic
Needles: Uh… US 9 or 10? I don’t remember.


A big, chunky cowl to keep you warm for winter. : ) The buttons are hand-made by me out of Fimo (or similar brand; I don’t recall) clay. It’s super cozy, and I’d keep it for myself but I can only use so many cowls, ya know? Available on Etsy or Artfire.

Okay, so maybe I lied. Turns out I figured how to gain internet access, and that means you all get an early post! Whoo! Anyway, as I said, knitting has been happening:

(Sorry for ridiculous edited photos. The second one (the next one after this) has the most accurate color.)

Pattern: It’s a triangle with eyelets. Do you really need a pattern?
Yarn: Combo yarn I got in a swap. I believe it’s silk and cotton.
Needles: US 10/6 mm Knit Picks Options circular

(This is the most accurate shot of color.)

This came out exactly how I wanted it too: large and warm. It’s a lovely scarf. It’s cotton, so it’s not the best fiber for winter, but until I get around to knitting a wool triangle scarf, this will do. Plus I love the yarn. The light green strand, the silk, is shiny and soft and the cottons are nice too. The tweed bits are interesting (though I think I’d have preferred to leave them out).


So what else is going on? Well, Ongoing Wish Swap is happening. I’m expecting two packages hopefully in the next two weeks, otherwise I’ll have to wait until I get back to school after winter break. I’ve also finished a hat, which I’ll hopefully post on Monday. I’m also working on a pair of vanilla socks, as I mentioned yesterday, I think, and those will probably show up on Wednesday. After the socks, there might be another break in posting as it’s the last two weeks of the semester starting Monday (a week of classes and then a week of finals), and I have a ton of schoolwork to finish in that time. But I’ll give you a better update then. Stay tuned!

Thing number one: A chapstick cozy:


Pattern: Chapstick/Lip Balm Holder
Yarn: Lily Sugar N’ Cream, colorway was like, strawberry or somesuch.
Hook: F/3.75 mm
Mods: Probably? Added a loop to attach to my keychain.


It’s functional, and that’s great. Whee, always having chapstick! I’m totally addicted.

Thing number two: A spinning FO!


Fiber: Random wool I got with a spindle on Etsy. An ounce.
Weight: About sport, I think. 2 ply.
Yardage: About 88 yards to my rudimentary measurements.
Colorway: Raspberry


Probably this will become some sort of lacy cowl because I love lacy cowls. Probably with buttons so it doesn’t have to be wide enough to get over my head. The yarn actually came out quite soft, probably due to its SOAK bath. I bought the Ravelry edition from the minimart, and I LOVE the scent. Really, it’s great.

Thing number three: A WIP shawl:


I’m using some yarn I got in a swap (the Rainbow Swap if you recall). It’s a combo yarn with strands of cotton and silk. Here, look:


The true green is the silk, I think, and the white and the teal/blue are cotton.

The shawl is looking to be quite large, which I’m cool with. I want to do some lacy edging on the edge, but I haven’t found anything I like, so I might just have a boring triangle scarf. The yarn is the prettiest part anyway.

Coming soon: Probably the FO post for the shawl cause we all know I knit like the wind (Bulls-eye). Maybe those dino mittens. Maybe I’ll knit another hat. Who the hell knows. At this point, I’m thinking about my shawl and final projects. Classes are winding down for the semester, so I’ll be studying (sort of) for finals. Fun times. Don’t worry though: Crafting will happen. Plus there’s swap things. So stay tuned. : )

Okay, who remembers sweater number 12 of the knit-12-sweaters-in-a-year challenge? Anyone? Well, it looks like this:


Yes, Lilith. Well, I spent some time writing things out and getting things test-knitted, and now it’s a free pattern, for all to enjoy!

(Mini copyright notice: Don’t be a jerk. You didn’t write the pattern, so don’t say you did. Link people back to the blog if you want to share it. Don’t sell the pattern anywhere.)

(Ravel it here!)

An original design by Breeanna Sveum

1. This is less of a pattern and more of a general guideline. The sweater is basically a top-down raglan with some modifications for the wrap front.
2. Because of this, there are no sizes and there will not be row by row directions. Knit each section (like the arms) until it fits you.
3. All increases occur in right-side (knit) rows.

– Yarn. For a small, I used about 200 g of worsted weight (about four skeins of Knit Picks Comfy Worsted). For the short sleeves, the whole thing takes probably the same amount as a cami or tank top. Longer sleeves will require more yarn.
– US 7/4.5 mm 24” circular needle and dpns or size to achieve gauge you like.
– Four stitch markers
– Waste yarn
– Four 1” buttons plus one smaller one

CO: Cast on
K: Knit
P: Purl
pm: Place marker
kfb: Knit into the front and back, increasing by one
k2tog: Knit two together
p2tog: Purl two together
BO: Bind off
2×2 Ribbing: Knit 2, purl 2 across.


CO 61 stitches. (for a wider neckline, you may want to cast on a few more and adjust below)
K7, pm, K11, pm, K25, pm, K11, pm, K7
Purl across.
You will now begin the raglan increases for the sleeves. kfb before and after each marker on each right side row until the second section and the fourth sections (between markers one and two and between three and four) are large enough to fit around your arms.

AT THE SAME TIME: Increase one by lifting the bar between two stitches (m1) after the first stitch and right before the last stitch of the first right side row and every tenth row. For a wider front (for a larger bust), increase every eight or six rows.

When arm sections are long enough*, knit to first marker, remove marker, and place the next section of stitches (before the next marker) on scrap yarn. Remove the next marker. Knit across back to next marker. Remove it, then place next set of stitches on scrap yarn. Remove the last marker and knit to end of row, including any increases for the front that are necessary.

*Instead of trying to get the sleeve around your arm, you can measure it will GAUGE! Take your stitch gauge over four inches (we’ll say 12) and your arm measurement around your upper arm, including desired ease, (we’ll say 12” for simplicity) and multiply them (144), then divide by four (36). This will give you the number of stitches for your sleeve. When you have, say, 36 stitches in your sleeve sections, put them on scrap yarn and continue below.

Continue in stockinette, increasing at the beginning and end of each row every four rows (more often if you’re busty) until the fronts meet (it should be just under your bust).

Increase at the beginning and end of every other row until fronts overlap at least one inch. Continue in stockinette until desired length is reached.
Knit 1.5 inches of 2×2 ribbing. BO loosely.

Transfer stitches on scrap yarn to dpns, distributing as comfortable. Pick up and knit 3 to 5 stitches in the gap underneath the sleeve. Join in the round and knit one row in stockinette. Decrease one stitch (k2tog) per round until you have a multiple of four stitches (if you already have a multiple of four, decrease four stitches). Continue knitting in stockinette (knit every row) until sleeve reaches an inch above elbow.. Knit 1.5 inches of 2×2 ribbing and BO loosely. Repeat for other sleeve.

Neckline/Button band:
Starting at lower right corner of cardigan, pick up and knit stitches all the way up the front, around the back of the neck and down the other side of the left front. Pick up about four stitches for every five rows/stitches you see.

Knit two rows of 2×2 ribbing.
Knit in ribbing to last 28 stitches (where fronts overlap). K2, yo, p2tog, *K2, P2, K2, yo, p2tog, Repeat from * twice more (or more for more button holes). K2.
Knit two more rows of 2×2 ribbing.
BO loosely.

Block/wash if desired and sew on four larger buttons to match buttonholes. Sew on smaller button on inside of right front where fronts cross. The button should fit in the stitches to straighten out the overlap so the front left that’s underneath doesn’t fall/get wrinkled up.

Lilith pattern is protected by a Creative Commons copyright: You may print the pattern for personal use, but please do not sell the pattern or items made from the pattern without express, written permission from the author, Breeanna Sveum, who can be reached at Please do not pass off the pattern as your own. Print as many copies as you like, but the copywrite information, as well as contact information MUST appear on all copies. In other words, don’t be a jerk..