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Sooo as I may have mentioned recently, I have fallen HARD into Star Wars fandom. I’m currently reading Wraith Squadron, which is obviously completely ripped off of Rogue Squadron but it’s so much fun that I don’t care. Related to that: I have recently started actually using Goodreads. You can find me here.

Anyway, I’m a big nerd and you know I make stuff when I fall into a fandom. So I made something. A cross stitch to be exact:


I used letter charting software available here and the blaster pattern from the original cross stitch here. I’m sort of in love with the result. It’s on, I believe, 14 count aida and mostly DMC floss.

The silver floss is metallic. Check it:


It was a huge pain in the ass to stitch with because it’s so slippery, but I made it work.

And now, about the hoop. I had a hoop that was the perfect size but I didn’t have the back. So I did some, um, construction of the part I had (I actually ended up breaking it so it’s rejoined into a circle with quite a bit of tape). I ran a line of stitching around the outside of the fabric and pulled to create a form for the hoop to sit it. Then I glued the fuck out of it.

Anyway, I love it. It’s sitting proudly up on my hoopla wall/door, which I finally got around to taking a picture of:


Every single one of those hoops is related to some fandom (Firefly, Angel, Avengers, BSG, Dr. Horrible, Rickroll (sort of!), Buffy) except for the one that says “Let there be love.” I’d say I need to stitch up some non-fandom hoops, but I really don’t. : )

Stay tuned for what I received from my Doctor Who swap because HOLY SHIT you will be jealous.


I AM TERRIBLE AT POSTING. What is this having a job nonsense? Don’t people know I’m supposed to be knitting and telling people on the internet about it? Anyway. As I mentioned, like a week ago, I received a while ago from the Yarnie vs. Hooper swap. And what I got was AMAZING and FABULOUS. AHH.

First, this fannish hoop:


Ahh, Doctor Horrible! I love it. Who watched the premiere on the CW yesterday? I don’t have tv so I didn’t, but I am fixing to watch it on Netflix. Bonus: My awesome partner dyed the muslin yellow.

Also, can we just talk about this satin stitch? Because damn. I hate satin stitch, but this is so PERFECT and so EVEN and I’m amazed. FOUR FOR YOU FELICIASLAYDCRG, YOU GO FELICIASLAYDCRG.

Aaaaand the second fabulous hoop:


I’m sooooort of obsessed with the Rickroll, especially in physical media like this. I LOVE IT. And look at the little stitched Astley! He’s so cute! The stitches are so little and even! AHH. My hoop wall/door is getting awesome. I love it.

I actually did some cross stitching myself, so I have to photograph that so I can show you. I will tell you that the fandom (because OF COURSE there’s a fandom) is Star Wars. My boyfriend got me in to the EU starting with Rogue Squadron and now I’m all obsessive.

I also received for the Doctor Who swap and OMG. Need pictures though. Plus all the stuff I’m knitting. Must blog more.

So remember how I said I was going to be back with a FO the other day? I totally meant to. And then there was a huge storm and most of my evening looked like this:

Yeah. So. Here I am today! I did some cross stitching the other evening and ended up with this sweet hoop:


I used the pattern from Wee Little Stitches. I left out Hank and Jan, obviously. I wanted to do the Hulk too but I didn’t feel like making one up, so I just went with the three boys.


It was a super fun, fast stitch. I have no idea what count aida cloth I used and most of the colors were DMC but that’s because I got most of them from a kit I got from my grandmother and the colors were labeled. Most of my thread is thrift store or yard sale stock so I don’t keep track of the color numbers. I use what looks good.


Here’s a close-up of little Thor, who was the most complicated because he has about eight billion different colors. But he’s so cute! I love this hoop. LOVE.

I wanted to include a pic of it on my hoop… door, but it’s not up yet. Another time, certainly.

In between some swap knitting and fanatical reading over the last couple of days (I just finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo; it was fantastic) I whipped up a quick cross stitch for no reason other than I like to cross stitch. Also, Firefly:


I made up the pattern for Mal based on some pixel art of him and of Riley (from the Buffy set) to get the proportions right. I quite like how it came out. It’s up on my art/craft/geek wall:


Ignore the blur in the corner; the room is technically my sister’s and some of her posters and things are still up.

I’ve been making steady progress on the Hexagon Petal Tee. It’s going pretty quickly now that I’ve figured out how to follow the damn pattern.

In life news, my brother upgraded his computer and I got his old one. I ordered a graphics card which arrived today, so basically my life is going to be X FILES BIOSHOCK PORTAL BIOSHOCK PORTAL PORTAL Maybe a little knitting. So yeah. : )

This is not a knitted thing! Well, I mean, I have a finished knitted thing, but we’ll talk about that tomorrow or something. Anyway, I embroidered a thing:


Just a tiny hoop, took me about an hour to stitch (please ignore the disappearing ink marks that haven’t quite disappeared yet). It’s stitched on some linen from a thrift store skirt, which was annoyingly paneled. Fortunately, the panels are the perfect width for tiny hoops like this.

The line, in addition to be a nice sentiment, is from an Oasis song I really like of the same name. Here’s a video for you:


A: I am a huge nerd.
B: I really hate satin stitch.

So the other day I wasn’t in the mood to knit (mostly because the hours and days I’ve been knitting as of late put something of a strain on my metacarpals and thumb) but as you probably know, I’m not content to sit and watch SG1 (which is what I’ve been doing lately) with no craft projects. So I dug out some embroidery. A couple of hours later, I had a finished piece, stitched, ironed and framed:


It’s mostly backstitch and some french knots cause that’s what I know how to do. The lettering is kind of wonky since it’s just stitched in my handwriting (I just wrote the words with a disappearing ink pen and stitched over them). This frame came with a piece of glass, so I had the brilliant idea of wrapping the cloth around the glass and fitting it inside the frame with the cardboard backing instead of using a separate piece of cardboard. It worked quite well if I do say so myself.

The punnerific statement and elephant design is based on a similar embroidery piece I found and pinned onto Pinterest:

I appear to have regained my knit mojo, so I’m back at it, but rest assured, I’ll be doing another punnerific embroidery soon. This one and the “alot” one I made before have very similar frames and style, and I have a couple of similar frames. I’m thinking of doing a set and hanging them together (y’know, when I have a place of my own to hang them in), so if you have any suggestions for further pieces in the same vein, do let me know.

Also, you know I’m gonna embroidery something SG1/Stargate-related when I’m through the series cause I’m totally hooked. Especially on McKay. Ohh, I love McKay. (I watched Stargate: Atlantis first and quickly became enamored of him and squealed ridiculously when I came upon an SG1 ep he’s in.)

Everyone, right now, regardless of if you’re familiar with it or not, read this blog post from Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half. It’s hilarious and great. I’ll wait.

Everyone back?

Now, if you don’t know me, I’m sort of obsessed with grammar and punctuation. So when people misspell “a lot” as “alot”, I have to take Allie’s advice and picture an alot (so my blood pressure doesn’t skyrocket and I have a stroke or something).

So it was fitting, when I was bored with my knitting the other day, that I embroider up my own alot.


I used mostly back stitch and a couple of french knots (cause that’s how I do) in two colors of DMC floss with a tiny bit of crayon shading. I found the frame yesterday at the thrift and picked it up along with a couple others, similar vintage and size, for future embroidery projects.

I love this alot. And I like his face:


So remember people. It’s “a lot”. Unless it’s “alot”.

The above courtesy of my favorite thing on the internet, Teen Girl Squad, episode 12, I think. It’s basically the best thing ever.

So today is Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day! Not that I need a special commercialized holiday to celebrate my love for my SO, but I did anyway, in the form of presents! I posted a teaser a couple days ago, and here’s the finished embroidery piece:


It’s stretched around some cardboard, framed, and everything. I think it came out super well and my boyfriend loved it. : ) The quote is from a They Might Be Giants song called “Birdhouse” and it’s completely adorable, and you should listen to it:

CUTE. Here’s a close up of my bird:


I also made Joe a pretty pretty card:


It’s frilly and lacy cause that’s what I like, damn it!

Joe wrote me a jazz ballad for Valentine’s Day, cause he does that, and it’s wonderful and romantic and pretty. It also uses rhythms and melodies from the Valentine’s Teen Girl Squad, which I linked above (and you should have watched already, but I’ll wait while you do so now) and I wish I could share it with you, but I can’t. But know that it’s great. : )

So yes. Happy Valentine’s Day! Go forth and say lovely things to people you love.

Sorry I’ve been rather quiet on the blog front recently. I’m still working on the red socks from the last post (except now they’re just twisted rib socks because I apparently can’t read directions). I’m also making shark mittens. Nothing that fascinating.

I did recently finish a thing, but I can’t show you yet because it’s a Valentine’s gift for my boyfriend and it’s meant to be a surprise and he reads my blog sometimes. I can, however, show you a couple teaser pics cause he knows the general category of thing that it is. I’m super proud of it, but more on that after the 14th.