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Ravelry tells me I started these gloves in January. It’s May and I just recently finished them, so they’ve been on the needles a while. I’d say they’re a little out of season for mid May but it’s still frequently in the sixties and my hands get chilly.


Pattern: Phalangees, from a recent Knitty. With full fingers, obviously.
Yarn: Recycled cashmere and Navajo plied recycled silk
Needles: US 2/whatever that is in mm
Mods: Full fingers, no colorwork, and I fucked up the thumb, so that’s different.


I quite like this method for fingers. I had significantly less gapping than usual. I should have followed the rest of the pattern a little less though. They’re a bit long for my hands, but that’s probably more to do with my row gauge (which I didn’t check) than the pattern.


The yarn is, of course, recycled and I have a ton more of it. Maybe I’ll make some matching accessories. I’ll probably make this pattern again for gloves buy with half fingers and a removable mitten top, since mittens are supposed to be warmer than gloves.


I have a couple of WIPs I’ve been working on at amusement parks and such. Knitting’s a great way to pass the time in long lines for rides, but I’ve also been putting the project bag on my wrist or tied to a belt loop and knitting while we walk around (especially since at parks like Animal Kingdom and Busch Gardens, there’s a lot more walking and less ride-going-on thanks to the zoo portions). Here’s what I’m working on:

 photo SOCKS_zps9a86325e.jpg

Scrap Socks 3: The Scrapening. No lie, this is about four days of knitting. Each of the color blocks was completed in about a day. I have a couple more gusset decreases before I cruise down the foot and finish. Fast socks are the best socks.

 photo IMAG0695_1_zps613bc7a1.jpg

Gloves I’ve had on the needles for a couple months. The yarn is a strand of cashmere and a strand of navajo-plied silk. I’m using the Phalangees finger method. Bit out of season now, but winter will come again.

I’ve also been working on inkle bands. I have a finished one on which I practiced some pick up techniques. I’ll have to get some pictures of that soon.

So my boyfriend has a 13-year-old cousin who is, as is typical, really into guns. As sort of a joint design effort between him and his mother, they requested mittens that look like finger guns. Six months went by and he still really wanted them, so I went ahead and made them:


Pattern: None. I might write it up but it involves intarsia in the round.
Yarn: A recycled wool (tan) and a recycled wool/acrylic (black). I’d have liked to use acrylic for a teenaged boy but I didn’t have any in a flesh color.
Needles: US 6/4 mm


They were sort of a pain in the ass what with the intarsia and whatall, but I still think they came out pretty well. The triggers are only on one side but I knit the thumbs so each glove can go on either side. The trigger and trigger guard are just a bit of embroidery.


I might still add a band of orange around the tip of each finger/barrel (since these are clearly not actual firearms and law requires toy guns have that stripe) but I’m calling them done for now. I hope they fit. I think they should. I based the sizing on my own hand but made the fingers longer. So they should fit at some point.

In any case, it’ll probably be at least a couple of weeks before they make it to their recipient.

I recently finished another OWS claim:


Pattern: None, but I think I’ll write it up.
Yarn: Let’s see… From bottom to top, Cascade 220 Superwash, chain plied wool from a thrift store sweater, Soy Wool Solids, and vintage wool I bought at the thrift store.
Needles: US 6/4 mm dpns


So these came out a little big for me, which is fine because I have small hands and I realize normal people have larger hands than me. Regardless, I really like them. I love the garter stitch cuff and the overlap (onto which I’ll probably sew a button when I get around to re-knitting them for myself and also so I can write down the pattern this time) and the fingers. I’ll knit my finger cuffs a little shorter so my fingers don’t feel quite so squished cause my fingers feel a little squished in worsted weight knit cuffs.

Currently on the needles is something I’ve been planning for a while (it’s one of the first designs on the knitting design page of my notebook (used for sketching/school notes/fiction/poetry scribblings), and I think you guys are gonna like it when I show you pictures. It’s not my usual style–instead of chunky and whimsical, it’s more dainty and feminine, but still. I think you’ll like it. : )


Pattern: None. Started with Broad Street from Knitty, but that come out huge, so I made up my own, fingers down.
Yarn: Regia 4-ply in color 2004
Needles: US 3/3.25 mm


So I have this pair of machine-knit glittens that I got from Kohl’s and I love them to death. But I, being a knitter, decided I must make my own fingerless gloves as a foray into fingering yarn that isn’t knitted on giant needles into lace. I’d had a million pairs of fingerless mitts, but I decided my new gloves must have fingers, and patterns for those are somewhat harder to find. I love how these came out though, once I figured out what the hell I was doing.

And the figuring out took some time. The first glove i made was too big in the hand (I didn’t decrease enough after the fingers), the thumb was in a weird place, and the cuff, which I made while following Broad Street and didn’t want to frog, was grafted to the hand of the glove. Except the stitch numbers were uneven, so there was random decreasing and whatnot.

The second glove was much better. The thumb was still in an odd place and the ribbing started a bit late, but it’s a good, sturdy glove.

The third glove has a proper thumb, fit snugly, and has late ribbing to match the second. I’ll be keeping the last two, and the first one was… destroyed. I didn’t frog it, really, because I still had a fair amount of yarn left after knitting the next two. I did, however, chop the cuff off of it in order to knit the fingers of the third one.


In other knitting news: Owls is done and pictures were taken, so look for that soon. I also started a new project (socks) and will be starting a new sweater soon. So stay tuned. : )

This weekend is fall break at my school and I also have Friday off due to midterms for those classes being earlier in the week. Which means I have FIVE WHOLE DAYS to my weekend, which means lots of time for knitting! For example, I’m knitting these fingerless gloves:


(Even though I’ll probably finish them tomorrow or something ridiculous.)

Funny story about those gloves, which I will tell you in the FO post. For now, just know the first glove was a pain in the ass, and the second one is going much more smoothly (I say, as though I’ve actually done more than two and a half fingers).

Also, I’ve finished owls, and it’s blocking nicely on my bed. And in case you didn’t know, bulky wool takes FOREVER to dry. I’m hoping FO pictures of that can happen over Fall Break as well.

My plan is to start one of several things once my gloves are done: a triangle shawl, a lace scarf, or a lace-weight cardigan a la Featherweight (which I’ll either make up because I’m cheap as hell or give in and just buy the damn pattern and actually make Featherweight). Basically, I’m working with lace weight next. Thoughts?


(Modeled by my sister. more pictures can be found on this project’s Ravelry Page.)

Pattern: None, really. I read over Cigar from Knitty, but glove construction is pretty simple. I used my basic mitten pattern for the base, then when I got to the fingers, I used four stitches from the hand for each finger, plus two that I cast on and three that I picked up from the previous finger (more or less). It’s the basic construction used in Cigar, but I did a bunch of things different and I never referred to the pattern.
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool in Purple
Needles: US 7/4.5 mm dpn’s.


I like these a lot, actually. I called them Snowball Fight because they will be perfect for hurling snowballs (if it ever freakin’ snows) at school in Fredericksburg. I had mittens this past winter, but I think gloves will work better (plus they allow for laced fingers with that special someone). They fit quite well too. The gauge is pretty loose, but they’re wool so they should be plenty warm. I don’t find I have a lot of friction when I’m wearing gloves so they shouldn’t wear out too quickly either.

I’m not sure how much I like making gloves though. I much prefer mittens; I know that. Much faster to just go around and around. Knitting the individual fingers is a bit tedious. Regardless, I’m glad I made these because like I said, I think I’ll get a fair bit of use out of them come winter.

I recently participated in a swap on Craftster, the theme of which is naughty words. Awesome, yeah? Well, both my partner and myself have received, so here I will provide you with pictures of all the swear-y goodness.

From me (and these are her pictures because… well, my camera, my laptop, my hard drive, and I don’t really get along that well):



A coffee cozy (Red Heart acrylic on eights, knit flat and seamed. Says Fuck), a pair of fingerless mittens with very crude embroidery/duplicate stitched “fuck!” and “shit!”, a little pouch (with a snap! And a wristband!), and the most awesome bag I’ve ever made. The lettering was a bit tedious, but if anyone wants a bag like this, let me know. I’m more than happy to commission another one cause it was quite fun to make. Also: other words. : )

Anyway, here is my totally bitchin’ package from my partner:

A door sign which is currently on my bookshelf:


Note cards for wishing someone “Whore!” or “Cunt!”:


A kickass box, in which to store my stitch markers:


Many of which she made me:


(As a side-note, I fucking LOVE stitch markers and would like to horde some awesome ones. I’m planning like 47 more swaps, expressly for this purpose.)

And this FUCKING AWESOME embroidery, which is currently residing on my printer:


It was an awesome swap! If you want to see more swear-y, crafty awesome, the swap gallery is located here.

I recently completed a swap with the theme of all things Chuck Palahniuk–Fight Club, Choke, Invisible Monsters, and the like. I made some awesome things and I recieved some awesome things. Here be the pics:

Things I made:

This awesome Fight Club scarf:

Coasters with the symbols from the front of Choke:

A kickass notebook which I made from an old notebook. I redid the covers and drew on the bird from the front of Lullaby:

And my favorite thing, these fingerless gloves, so you can wear Tyler’s kiss without the lye. I believe I will be making more for my Etsy shop because they were such a hit. I’ll be sure to post a link here when I list them.
Photobucket Photobucket
The glove bit of these is crocheted, and the wrist bit is knitted. The lip bit has about half a bottle of fray check on it because of the fabric I used.

I also colored her a card:

She also sent me some really cool things:

This cool shirt, which I will be wearing soonish over long sleeves:

A keychain for my keys:

A notebook to store my favorite Chuck quotes:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And some cool fridge magnets:

Plus a bunch of random gag gifts, as required by the swap:

It’s basically the best swap ever. I love everything I received. In case you want to check out more crafty Chuck goodness, the Craftster gallery is here.