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I did a swap! I don’t do a whole lot of them these days, but I did do an Alice in Wonderland themed swap. It was pretty fun. Here’s what I received from my partner:

 photo 013-1_zps33f1c935.jpg

Fabulous wall art based on the suits from SyFy’s Alice (which is fabulous by the way).

 photo 011_zps9245332f.jpg

Minitote! Inside the minitote was Disney’s Alice tea. I don’t drink tea, but Joe likes it. So yay.

Here’s what I made for my partner:

 photo 008-3_zps0e3e5b05.jpg

I cross stitched the first stanza from the Jabberwocky. It came out super awesome, but let me tell you, I probably unstitched this sucker as much or more than I stitched it. I made a lot of mistakes. It did come out super great though. Even the back looks good:

 photo 009-1_zpsc1b40102.jpg

I glued some felt to the back to make it all neat.

I also made a card:


I drew it by hand. Outline is sharpie pen and the colors are Crayola colored pencils. It came out SO WELL. I don’t draw really, but I can look at a picture and copy it pretty well, which is what I did here.

I hope my partner likes the things I made. This swap was pretty fun to craft for. And now, back to my knitting.


So I recently participated in a Sherlock swap on Craftster. The swap was for one large item and partners were secret, so no one had any idea who they were receiving from and we couldn’t ask questions except through the organizer. I finished the thing I made at the last minute due to a billion shark mittens, but I’m going to wait until its been received before I show it here. (Partially because I finished it when it was dark outside and couldn’t find my camera so my only pics are crappy cell pics and I’m hoping the recipient will take some better ones).

Anyway, I ended up receiving from CDEeeek, who is amazing. This is what she sent me:


Isn’t it just the cutest little Baker Street door?! The poster and wreath are removeable. The bricks look so realistic. Just OMG. Love it. I need to hang it up (I haven’t yet cause mostly Joe does the nailing and he’s out of town).

BUT ALSO I received this TOTALLY SWEET card:


The wallpaper! And the smiley face! And presents on the couch! And sparkly tinsel! AHH I LOVE IT. It’s going up on the wall too.

In knitting news, I’m still knitting sharks nonstop, but I have like four more to go so I think the end is in sight. In book news, I recently finished Spinneret by Timothy Zahn and OH it is good. Perfect mix of science and fiction, interesting aliens and fascinating plot. LOVE IT. I’m currently reading The Lost, the second book in the Stargate Atlantis Legacy series, wherein McKay thinks he’s a wraith and I can’t even. So yeah.

Hopefully more different crafts soon. I’m rapidly getting sick of shark mittens. At least they’re fast.

OMG. YOU GUYS. My Doctor Who swap package. PREPARE TO BE AMAZED AND JEALOUS. Behold, my awesome haul from stafaniegk:


AHH WALL HANGING I LOVE IT. Check out this GQMF, Donna:



AHH A CLOCK. We so needed a clock. And of course I will tell people it’s half past David Tennent. BECAUSE YES.


CHECK OUT THESE BOXES. I love boxes. This are covered with Doctor Who goodness. The one on the right is entirely pictures from The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. YAY. The boxes are from IKEA and I had to assemble them (which was… interesting). I’m highly amused that there’s a rivet that had to go through Rose’s temple:



All the doctors! I am going to store all the things. Inside this fab box was this:


Basically a billion cards (with envelopes!) all with Who quotes. SO MANY QUOTES. Inspiration for my next embroidery project. Will be sending cards to everyone I know. : )


Laminated copies of this pic. ADORABLE. Hello, new bookmarks.

And the best thing of all:


YOU GUYS, STEFANIE MADE ME GUESS WHO. IT’S GUESS DOCTOR WHO. AHH. I love it. Look at the little character cards:


And as if that wasn’t enough (which, Christ), she sent everything in this totally awesome box covered with Who pictures:





So yeah. All the things. I can’t even word you guys. I’m just stunned and so very grateful for the awesome people I get to swap with. Just… OMG.

I AM TERRIBLE AT POSTING. What is this having a job nonsense? Don’t people know I’m supposed to be knitting and telling people on the internet about it? Anyway. As I mentioned, like a week ago, I received a while ago from the Yarnie vs. Hooper swap. And what I got was AMAZING and FABULOUS. AHH.

First, this fannish hoop:


Ahh, Doctor Horrible! I love it. Who watched the premiere on the CW yesterday? I don’t have tv so I didn’t, but I am fixing to watch it on Netflix. Bonus: My awesome partner dyed the muslin yellow.

Also, can we just talk about this satin stitch? Because damn. I hate satin stitch, but this is so PERFECT and so EVEN and I’m amazed. FOUR FOR YOU FELICIASLAYDCRG, YOU GO FELICIASLAYDCRG.

Aaaaand the second fabulous hoop:


I’m sooooort of obsessed with the Rickroll, especially in physical media like this. I LOVE IT. And look at the little stitched Astley! He’s so cute! The stitches are so little and even! AHH. My hoop wall/door is getting awesome. I love it.

I actually did some cross stitching myself, so I have to photograph that so I can show you. I will tell you that the fandom (because OF COURSE there’s a fandom) is Star Wars. My boyfriend got me in to the EU starting with Rogue Squadron and now I’m all obsessive.

I also received for the Doctor Who swap and OMG. Need pictures though. Plus all the stuff I’m knitting. Must blog more.

You guuuuuuuuuys I got my package from the Whedonverse swap last week and I need to show you the awesome things I received from FaerieCyn.


This TOTALLY SWEET mug. It says “Love isn’t brains, children, it’s blood” around the bottom, one of my favorite Spike quotes. I’m not sure how it’ll stand up to washing so I haven’t been using it for coffee, it’s just up on the shelf.


Willow Rosenberg


You guys probably know about my desperate love for Willow. And vamp Willow. So yeah. Yay. Both embroideries are up on my nerd/art wall.


And finally, this TOTALLY BITCHIN Serenity hoodie. Ignore my face and the cat hair. You know I can’t resist a good kitty snuggle, pictures be damned.

So yeah. Yay!

I received a package from my Futurama swap today! It is completely awesome and you should all be totally jealous.


Bender-inspired chapstick cozy!


With bonus chapstick! How did she know I am completely and hopelessly addicted to chapstick?


Two AMAZING ATCs. One has Fry’s/the Devil’s opera written on it (part of it anyway) and the other has URL and “Mama said Spock you out” which is one of my favorite lines and I keep meaning to cross stitch it.


Hypnotoad painting! Ahh, I love it! It’s already up on my wall, so Hynotoad can silently judge me while I’m hanging out in my room.


And finally, a completely bitchin’ cross stitch of the crew. Clearly we were on the same brain page with the xstitching. : ) Here’s a closer picture:


It’s completely awesome and I have it set up on a book case. My room is seriously not big enough for all the fantastic art I want to display.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TWISTEDTRUTH. You rock. You completely rock.

YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS! I received for my Doctor Who swap and it is the BEST THING EVER and you should all be jealous. SERIOUSLY.


!!!!!! Tiny Ten!!!!


He stands on his own! His glasses are removable! He has shoes! AND LOOK AT THAT HAIR. He has the most adorable little cowlick thing that Tennant rocks. I made some ridiculous noises when I pulled this out, let me tell you.

But also there were stitch markers! That are adipose!


Also, remember that Weeping Angel I crocheted?


I’ll make a proper TARDIS one of these days but for now, the note card was a perfect stand in.

So basically, I incredibly love dragonflyducky/Kerstin, and she is the best ever. (Seriously, did you see his little hair?)

For more Who crafts, the gallery is here.

First thing’s first: Announcement! Etsy has finally allowed one-time shop name changes, which I took advantage of to overwrite the silly name I picked in high school. You can now find my Etsy store at The old url will still redirect to the new one, so don’t worry about links (mine or yours).

Second thing: I won an award!

The person who awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award is Renee of Confessions of a Yarn Addict., who is completely delightful. Thank you!

By accepting the Versatile Blogger award, I have agreed to the following:
1. Thank the blogger who presented it to me and link back to their page.
2. Share 7 things about myself.
3. Pass this award to some newly discovered blogs.

Alrighty then, seven things about myself (some of which you probably already know):

1. Having just recently graduated from college, I am unemployed and live with my parents. It is cheap but not always pleasant.

2. I love cats. LOVE. We have four here, two of which like to snuggle up on the bed. One of the others is outside most of the time and the last is usually in the living room, knocking things over so he can sleep where he wants.

3. My room has scary bugs, so I moved into my sister’s while she is at college. She will probably be upset at the changes when she gets home (YES, I did tell her).

4. If I had the space, time, and money, I’d do every craft. All of time. Glasswork, pottery, book-making, beading, quilting… I can’t think of a craft I don’t want to do. If it has a board on Craftster, I want to do it.

5. I suffer from depression (well controlled) and anxiety (working on controlling) as well as mild OCD. If you are suffering, GET HELP. I waited until my senior year of college and I shudder to think of all the things I could have done and been if I had gotten things together way earlier. Seriously, go to your local Community Services Board or Dept. of Health or non-profit hospital. You CAN afford it and you DO deserve the help.

6. I am a huge nerd. Which shouldn’t be a surprise. I love grammar and BSG and the Whedonverse and sci fi and biology and astronomy and comic book movies (and I would take up comics if I could afford it) and video games (when I can afford it, I want to buy a dedicated gaming tower. My MacBook can’t really run graphics-intense games and that makes me sad. I’ve never even played Portal! How sad it that?

7. I am completely (possibly weirdly so) obsessed with Rodney McKay from Stargate: Atlantis. Every time I think about it or see an actor from it elsewhere, I am utterly dejected all over again that it’s done and there really isn’t a movie coming. (Also, McShep. Yes.)

Okay! There’s seven things about me you probably already knew or didn’t want to know about me. Here are some blogs I’m awarding Versatile Blogger to.

1. Finny Knits In addition to having 101 hobbies (as she says), she is also completely hilarious. Um, also, she swears a lot (not that I care, but you might have sensitive eyes).

2. Wool and Cotton Muchly knitting but also gorgeous pictures of Greece, where she lives. I wish to go to Greece.

3. Odessa Knits She knits with pretty yarn. And works at (owns?) a yarn shop, so I am jealous.

4. Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts Nessa is completely delightful, very friendly, and does some nice crafts. Her blog is a lovely blend of crafts and life and other stuff.

5. Aunt Peaches She does many different crafts and has a delightfully quirky sense of humor. I always look forward to her posts!

6. Mich L. in LA Mich’s blog is one of my favorites, full of quirky and cute jewelry tutorials and giveaways and contests.

7. Kitschy Coo Sewing, fabric, Scotland, snark, kids, and daily life. Also hilarity.

I think seven is good. I follow a lot of blogs (I have 213 in my Google Reader account. Some are no longer active or are updated infrequently, but I usually have about 80 posts a day to sift through) so I forget which ones were added when. If you haven’t already (I think I linked Finny during the last blog week?) please do click through and add some delightful blogs to your reading list.

I received my package for the Whedonverse swap (on Craftster) from FiberAlchemist today! It’s the best thing ever and she’s great! Seriously people, have your wisting fingers in the upright and read position.

She sent me magnets!


Dollhouse! Bufffy! PUPPET ANGEL.

She sent me a hooped embroidery!


This is my favorite thing Cordelia Chase has EVER said in all seven seasons of Buffy and five seasons of Angel. She says it in the Buffy pilot.

She sent me paintings of the Scooby Gang!


They look amazing! Just like the characters! AMAZING.

And finally she sent me the best swap thing I have ever been sent EVER:


It’s a pillow! With Wash! And so many tiny stitches! And so many words! And SHADING. And soft soft dinosaur fabric.
So basically, FiberAlchemist is the best thing ever! Hence all the exclamation marks! YAY.

I recently participated in a frugal themed swap–saving money through resuable items. I received my package from my partner today, and it was full of wonderful things:


She sent me a great laptop sleeve, yarn made from t-shirts (which I’ll probably crochet into a rug), a bunch of cloth napkins, and some nommy bath stuff:


Some sugar scrub, a soap, and a tub of chapstick, which I love and is fantastic. I have a serious addiction to chapstick, and this one is peppermint flavored and it makes my lips tingly. : )

I sent my swap package out this morning, so after my partner receives, I can show what I sent. And I still have to take pictures of the Improvisation Mitts, which I hope to do tomorrow.

Another NaBloPoMo day accomplished.