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So as I mentioned a couple of days ago, I am participating in a Futurama-themed swap over on For those of you not familiar with the show… it’s awesome. It’s a cartoon that takes place in the year 3000 in the city of New New York, and it’s full of clever math and science humor. Hilarious. Anyway, there were an odd number of people in the swap, so I was part of a round-robin with myself, Tygermane, and the organizer, Staar84. I sent my package on Thursday, and here’s what I sent to her:

First: a brain slug, as she requested:


Pattern: My own, made up based on various pictures of knitted and crocheted brain slugs.
Yarn: Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed in Waterlily Leaves, left over from my Watermelon Cardigan.
Needles: 4/3.5 mm dpns
Hook (I know, how dare I combine both knitting and crochet!): G?

Cute, right? Super fast to make. The white part of the eye is quilt batting, and the black part is a button. I crocheted the tentacle/wavy bits because it’s easier to create odd shapes on the fly in crochet over knitting. It’s like, a round of single crochet, a round of double crochet, and a round of sc, hdc, 4dc, hdc, sc shells, which seemed to work pretty well. It sits flat and it’s nice and squishy. I finished it like, two weeks before I sent off for this swap and I’ve become kind of attached to it. Maybe I’ll make another one for myself. I have enough yarn left, I believe.

Next, a seven leaf clover necklace:


Pattern: Uh… none.
Yarn: Serendipity Tweed, same as above
Hook: The blue one? G? I don’t actually know about hook sizes.


I like how this came out a lot. : ) That’s really all I have to say about it.

Next: A coffee cozy!


Pattern: None, my own, but I can write up the chart if anyone’s interested.
Yarn: Undyed wool from a thrift store sweater and purple Lion Wool
Needle: US 7/4.5 mm


I loosely based the design for this off of a cozy I spied on staar84’s wists, but can no longer find. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to close it and I didn’t have any coffee shop sized cups to test it on, so I just made it adjustable with the ribbons.

ALSO, in case you were wondering, folded hems look fantastic but they are a PAIN IN THE ASS. The top and bottom do look all nice and neat though.

Lastly, I made a set of notecards:


Now, if you know anything about me, you know that drawing is NOT my forte. So you know that these were SO MUCH WORK and I am SO PROUD OF MYSELF. Seriously. I can’t draw a lick, but I’m pretty decent at looking at a picture and drawing it myself (a skill I probably picked up from my mother, who is also really good at it). I looked for pictures of the characters, studied them, and drew them on white paper. I am so unbelievably pleased with how the professor especially came out cause he ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE THE CHARACTER. Leela is also good, though not as good as the professor. I’ll admit I traced the clover cause I didn’t feel like fiddling with it. I’m not as pleased with that card, but I do like how I sandwiched the clover in clear tape, just like Fry does in the show. : )

All in all, I say a successful crafting venture. It’s always a good sign when you desperately want to keep the crafts you make for someone else in a swap, and I definitely acheived that here. God, I love those notecards. Maybe I’ll make some more for myself. Or maybe I won’t seeing as they took like four hours.


Thing number one: A chapstick cozy:


Pattern: Chapstick/Lip Balm Holder
Yarn: Lily Sugar N’ Cream, colorway was like, strawberry or somesuch.
Hook: F/3.75 mm
Mods: Probably? Added a loop to attach to my keychain.


It’s functional, and that’s great. Whee, always having chapstick! I’m totally addicted.

Thing number two: A spinning FO!


Fiber: Random wool I got with a spindle on Etsy. An ounce.
Weight: About sport, I think. 2 ply.
Yardage: About 88 yards to my rudimentary measurements.
Colorway: Raspberry


Probably this will become some sort of lacy cowl because I love lacy cowls. Probably with buttons so it doesn’t have to be wide enough to get over my head. The yarn actually came out quite soft, probably due to its SOAK bath. I bought the Ravelry edition from the minimart, and I LOVE the scent. Really, it’s great.

Thing number three: A WIP shawl:


I’m using some yarn I got in a swap (the Rainbow Swap if you recall). It’s a combo yarn with strands of cotton and silk. Here, look:


The true green is the silk, I think, and the white and the teal/blue are cotton.

The shawl is looking to be quite large, which I’m cool with. I want to do some lacy edging on the edge, but I haven’t found anything I like, so I might just have a boring triangle scarf. The yarn is the prettiest part anyway.

Coming soon: Probably the FO post for the shawl cause we all know I knit like the wind (Bulls-eye). Maybe those dino mittens. Maybe I’ll knit another hat. Who the hell knows. At this point, I’m thinking about my shawl and final projects. Classes are winding down for the semester, so I’ll be studying (sort of) for finals. Fun times. Don’t worry though: Crafting will happen. Plus there’s swap things. So stay tuned. : )

Or: The Surprise I’ve Been Mentioning/Promising My Readers

With cold and flu season upon us, it’s wise to carry tissues on your person at all times. If you don’t use them, at the very least, someone will ask you for one. For those of us with large purses, this usually means digging around for five minutes, only to come up with a handful of disintegrated tissue fragments, and no one wants to blow their nose on that.

This is where I come in! For your knitting pleasure, I’ve designed a cozy to hold your tissues in place for easy access and to avoid fragments. It holds either a small pocket-size package of tissue or 6-10 tissues that you fold yourself.


Well, yes, there are quite a few. What do those patterns have that mine doesn’t have anyway? Well, I’ll tell you. Seams. That’s right folks, my tissue cozy pattern is COMPLETELY SEAMLESS. No side seams at all. WIN.

And, out of the goodness of my heart, I’ve decided to offer this lovely pattern for the low, low price of FREE. That’s right, boys and girls, totally free! (Well, there’s copyright information and whatnot.)

I know, I know. GET ON WITH IT ALREADY. I’m getting.

A free pattern courtesy of Breeanna Sveum and The Adulterous Whores Club
(Ravel it here!)

You will need to know how to:

– Knit.
– Purl.
– Bind off (regular kind)
– Kitchener Stitch BO
– Figure 8 Cast On

Note: Excellent instructions for the figure eight cast on are here (scroll down a bit).


— Worsted weight yarn (~30-40 yards)
— Set of 5 US 7/4.5 mm dpns
— A stitch marker
— A button, any size really.


K – Knit
P – Purl
CO – Cast on
BO – Bind off


Using a figure eight cast on, CO 36 stitches, 18 on each needle. Knit one round and divide onto four dpns (9 stitches on each needle), marking the beginning of the round.

Knit eight rounds even.

K4, BO 10, K around.

Knit four rows in stockinette, back and forth (Purl across, turn, knit across, turn, purl across, turn, knit across.).

K4. Using a backwards loop, CO 10. K to the end of the round.

Work even for eight rounds.

Using the Kitchener stitch, BO all stitches.

Weave in ends. Sew button on one side of opening and make a button loop on the other side. Insert tissues and fasten closed.

How to fold tissues to fit:

— Fold in thirds hot dog style (long ways)
— Fold in half hamburger style (short ways)
–Alternatively, just get a pocket pack and stick that in there.

Copyright: Don’t be a jerk. Don’t sell the pattern, don’t claim you wrote the pattern, and please point people to the blog,, when showing people the pattern.

Don’t want to make your own? Probably these will be making an appearance in my Artfire studio (link on the right) soon. Shoot me a comment/email if you don’t want to wait!

Hi guys! This post is a little late in coming because I’m away, but here’s a little something regardless. : )

I claimed Craftster user Rangerbeth for fruit cozies and an eye pillow. Here’s what I came up with:


Pattern: This one from I think I’m gonna purl.
Yarn: Lily Sugar and Cream cotton
Needles: US 7/4.5 mm dpns
Mods: I made the blue one smaller to fit smaller applies, peaches, and plums.

They’re cute! If I ate apples with any regularity, I might make some for myself.

(Note: This picture is courtesy of Rangerbeth because I brilliantly forgot to photograph these.)

I also whipped up some eye/neck/back pillows. They’re filled with rice and a little bit of lavender soap and you can put them in the microwave or the freezer to heat or cool your aches and pains. I might make some for myself cause they were so easy and they’re perfect for using up small scraps of fabric (you could quilt them too). The rice is contained in a smaller bag inside the pretty fabric. I used t-shirt scraps because I didn’t want the rice to leak out all over.

I really LOVE how these came out and I think they’d also make great gifts, so I’ll definitely be making more. Plus, they’re top-stitched. Everything looks better with top stitching. ALSO, I bothered the iron the fabric, which was basically amazing. I love the iron.

I also got my package from the person that claimed me, but as it is at home and I am not, pictures of that will have to wait. I may have other FO’s coming up though, including a tank top.

At long last, the items for the Craft my Wish Swap on Craftster have been sent and received by the intended parties, and I have finally received my final package from sg1psychopath, which came all the way from Great Britain and somehow managed to do that is less time than it took for Nikimac’s package to get from Virginia to Washington. *shrug*

Anyway, here’s what I got from sg1psychopath:

Photobucket Photobucket

Sweet buttons (the red ones will probably go on my version of Lilith, which I think I’m just going to design myself), a phone holder, which I will make an honest effort to use, a bookmark, a little box with shells (which she didn’t make but had around) and a pillow cover, which doesn’t have a pillow in because she (understandably) wanted to save on shipping, and one of these days, I’ll just haul my ass to Michael’s to get my own pillow form.

And here is what I made for my partners:

For Nikimac:

A little itsy-bitsy sweater for her baby due in July:


I’m so excited I got to make this. : ) I used Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, US 10/6mm needles and the 5 Hour Baby Boy Sweater pattern. It’s so tiny and so cute! Now I want to make a ton of baby sweaters. : )

Also, this little earflap hat for her two-year-old son:


I freehanded the pattern top-down using US 7/4.5mm dpns, red Ella Rae Class wool, and blue Lion Wool. The earflaps were picked up after casting off, and there’s a border of single crochet around everything. I love this hat too because it’s cute and tiny.

And also this kickass apron:


Oh my God… This apron. It is my opus. Okay, not really. But it WAS extremely frustrating and turned out extremely AWESOME. I am kind of sad I don’t cook and therefore have absolutely NO use for any such thing because I really love it. Niki really loves it though, so that’s good. : )

I was going for a retro sort of look, and I think I got it. I found the fabric at Walmart on the day before send out (yep, I did this all the night before, as I do everything) for $1.50 a yard and bought a yard. And I used every inch. The white bits are pieces from various t-shirt scraps. The ruffle at the bottom was extremely frustrating and I did not enjoy sewing it on and poor Mary, my sewing machine, did not enjoy sewing it on either. She does not like knit fabric. Nor did she like this this, seersucker-ish fabric that the main bit of the apron is made of. But she pulled through like a champ, and it looks awesome. I am SO SO proud of this thing.

For JanelleJ:

Amigurumi Fruits and Veggies:


With faces! Cute. Had to put these off til the last minute because I lack food-colored yarn at school. Fail. I actually intended to make many more of these than I actually did, but I ran out of time and also desire. And food colored yarn. So I have a pear, a lemon (which I made up and did NOT use a pattern for, even though there’s one on Ravelry), and an orange which actually looks more like a peach and I guess it doesn’t matter which. Pretty basic patterns.

A stuffed elephant:


I improvised this design using Vanna’s Choice, left over from Talia way back. It’s based on the crochet elephants I used to make, and I definitely like the knit design much better. Mostly because I prefer knitting and find it’s much faster and much less annoying. *shrug* I think this little guy came out looking pretty cute though. : )

Headbands for her two-month-old:


Basically some elastic and some fabric scraps. These were definitely a last minute decision, and I, of course, made them Thursday night. I like how them came out though. They were very simple, and I would definitely make them again given an occasion.

Decorated Notebooks:


The smaller one I got in a previous swap but knew I would never use, so I slapped on a carrot (one of her desire themes/motifs) and called it a day. The other one I am MUCH more fond of, but I went through a couple different octopuses before settling on that one. I think that one is adorable though. The paper inside of it is the innards from a small notebook that was missing a cover. So I glued some black construction paper to the spine, slapped on an octopus, and called it a day.

And because I didn’t make anything large like the apron I made for Nikimac, I also threw in two skeins of Bernat Matrix and two spools of ribbon. You don’t need pictures of those.

I’ll be honest. I picked the Matrix because I wanted it out of the stash. I have no regrets.

I had a bit of sewing-related inspiration recently, so I sewed up a couple of things, one of which you can purchase and keep and own for yourself.

First: Coffee Cozy number one:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
(That last one is the backing fabric.)

There was a bit of trial and error involved in getting the pattern right, but I like how it came out. Two pieces of scrap fabric and a piece of cotton quilt batting, a hair tie, and a button. I wish I’d have sewn the button on before I sewed the whole thing together, but I love how this came out anyway. Also, it’s topstitched, and I love things with topstitching. Also, I love both of these fabrics, which I’ve had forever.

Second: Coffee Cozy number two:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Same pattern as the last one but I attempted to machine sew on the buttons (without a button foot). It came out… Interestingly. I like it a lot, actually, but unfortunately, my bobbin went a little screwy so the back is all messed up, so I can’t sell this extra one. : ( Also, I used a piece of a t-shirt scrap, part of a curtain I bought at the thrift store a while ago, and the quilt batting. And a hair tie (cut in half) and some buttons. : )

Third: Iron Maiden Tote Bag

And this is the item you can own for yourself! If you love Iron Maiden or if you know someone who does, this would be the perfect gift for them (or you):

Photobucket Photobucket

A Hot Topic tee I picked up at Rugged Wearhouse for like four dollars (in the kids’ section… win) and some stiff canvas-like fabric. The straps are from a roll of thick fabric ribbon that I got from Target after Christmas.

If you’d like this bag in your possession, you can pick it up here on Artfire.

Coming up soon: Swap things and perhaps the Button Me Up/Superman Sweater which now measures 12.5″. Why yes, I do knit almost constantly. : )

Greetings, all. A couple of knitterly things have been in the works lately. For one thing, I recently started the Cavern Cardigan in Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Lime (I had it on hand and have been meaning to make a light little summery/springy cardigan). I’m going to have a bit of trouble with the sizing because I’m small, and the size of the pattern is medium/36″ bust. I’m either going to have a lot of ease of a lot of fiddling. We’ll see. That’s being worked on.

Other things: I made a hat!


From a chart I found on Ravely. Unfortunately, it came out weird. My large gauge made the motif too wide and also I fucked up the chart a couple of times. Also, it was coming out too long, so I hurried with the decreases, making it really bunchy. It now looks like this:


Yep. But I made some other things too:


It’s the Zune/iPod Wallet found here on the Internets. I used Red Heart Strata in this blue color, which would have been a lot nicer if they hadn’t included the black and white bits. *shrug* I made one using the pattern exactly for my iPod and cast on a couple more and knit a couple extra rounds to make a similar one for my boyfriend’s Creative Zen mp3 player. It’s really a quite useful little cozy because it means I don’t have to search through my whole purse for my headphones and because the cord isn’t EVERYWHERE, the headphones will last longer. So that’s good.

Pictures of Hey Teach are… nonexistant yet. I’m waiting for the weather to warm up and stop being wet so I can take spring-type pictures in the sun. Patience, children. Also, I’m expecting a swap package some time in the realm of soon, so you have that post to look forward to also. : )