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I am still knitting, I promise, but weaving is where it’s at these days. I love weaving. I’m weaving all the things and all the time.

 photo IMAG0169_zps5e2711fa.jpg

Yarns: Patons Soy Wool Solids and Noro Silk Garden, a little over a skein of each
Loom: Easy Weaver
Reed: The standard one for that loom. I think it’s 8 dpi.

 photo IMAG0171_zps5f6163c4.jpg

This scarf had tension issues out the wazoo, but I really love how it came out. It’s drapey and warm and super long–I can wrap it around my neck three times. The SWS is super soft and the Noro is colorful. It’s gorgeous.

It was, however, a gigantic pain in the ass to weave. As I said, tension issues. Plus the SWS is fuzzy as hell. The Noro, thankfully, behaved itself and there weren’t any knots.

 photo IMAG0174_zps334852b4.jpg

I wove this up mostly with the intention of A, practicing houndstooth and B, making something out of the fabric. Because I have a metric fuck ton of scarves and shawls and wraps and I honestly do not need any more. But it made such a great scarf that I left it as is. I have since woven up another length I used to make a bag (pictures soon). I’m really enjoying weaving up fabric yardage to turn into something else later. Mostly bags, probably, because my sewing skills aren’t that great.

In book/fannish news, Joe and I finished the Thrawn trilogy the other day and I have ALL THE FEELINGS. Mara is the best ever (obviously) and Karrde is adorable. And GAH. And THRAWN. GAH, I SAY. We have since started the Jedi Academy trilogy, which is good but not nearly as much as Thrawn (obviously). Zahn is amazing and I must read all the things. Speaking of Star things, I have also gotten back into watching Star Trek: Next Generation. You guys, season four is SO MUCH BETTER than the previous three. I love it. I’m working through it and will probably watch Deep Space Nine afterwards.


So I made a pair of crazy socks with some leftover sock yarn. Ravelry will tell you these took several weeks, but that’s mostly because I left them at some friends’ place for a couple weeks and didn’t get a chance to retreive them until recently. Anyway:


Not so crazy, you say? Yes, the colors do rather get along here. That is, until I take my shoes off:


Aww yeah, check that crazy sock action. I completely love them, even though they came out a little shorter than I thought they would. It’s great to have another pair for the sock drawer.


I knit them toe up with a wedge toe and afterthought heel. I like a flap and gusset heel best but the afterthought heel is rapidly gaining my favor.

I have a bunch of things on the needles and the loom as well. And I have a super brag thrift store find post coming soon. Crafting is definitely happening here, as well as reading. I’m on a manga kick lately thanks to Katsucon. I’m currently reading Ouran High School Host Club after being absolutely enchanted by the anime. And I’m still reading the Thrawn trilogy with Joe. We’re on the last book and surprising no one at all I’m sure, I completely adore Mara. Look for SW crafts here probably soon.

So I recently participated in a Sherlock swap on Craftster. The swap was for one large item and partners were secret, so no one had any idea who they were receiving from and we couldn’t ask questions except through the organizer. I finished the thing I made at the last minute due to a billion shark mittens, but I’m going to wait until its been received before I show it here. (Partially because I finished it when it was dark outside and couldn’t find my camera so my only pics are crappy cell pics and I’m hoping the recipient will take some better ones).

Anyway, I ended up receiving from CDEeeek, who is amazing. This is what she sent me:


Isn’t it just the cutest little Baker Street door?! The poster and wreath are removeable. The bricks look so realistic. Just OMG. Love it. I need to hang it up (I haven’t yet cause mostly Joe does the nailing and he’s out of town).

BUT ALSO I received this TOTALLY SWEET card:


The wallpaper! And the smiley face! And presents on the couch! And sparkly tinsel! AHH I LOVE IT. It’s going up on the wall too.

In knitting news, I’m still knitting sharks nonstop, but I have like four more to go so I think the end is in sight. In book news, I recently finished Spinneret by Timothy Zahn and OH it is good. Perfect mix of science and fiction, interesting aliens and fascinating plot. LOVE IT. I’m currently reading The Lost, the second book in the Stargate Atlantis Legacy series, wherein McKay thinks he’s a wraith and I can’t even. So yeah.

Hopefully more different crafts soon. I’m rapidly getting sick of shark mittens. At least they’re fast.

I am knitting a pair of vanilla socks in a blotchy yarn. I’m not too concerned with how they look since I like making socks and I like wearing handknit socks. They look like this so far:


I have also started reading a knitting related book:


It’s about that woman that knitted Mary Tudor (the sweater) and wrote about it. I’m not that far in yet, but Adrienne Martini has a great voice, making her book very interesting (plus I like knitting).

I must confess I haven’t been doing a tremendous amount of knitting lately, mostly because my job leaves me exhausted and I need to be working on my Whedonverse swap package (one more thing and some finishing touches). I have a bit of time before that though.