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I made some towels. Plain weave cause that’s how I do.

 photo 005-2_zpsce629160.jpg

Yarn: Recycled cotton/acrylic. And there’s some recycled mercerized cotton in there too.
Loom: Vergere
Reed: 5.5 dpi

Super simple. Zigzagged the edges and sewed them down, just like the previous set. I love the color combination. There are three total. I really ought to start making them in lighter weights, but I just have so much worsted/dk weight cotton and I want to use it up. Eventually I’ll make some lighter ones. Maybe. Worsted weight is just so fast

 photo 007-2_zpsc75f29eb.jpg

Whoo, towels.


I made another set of towels/dishcloths. They’re pretty fast and easy so I can see myself making a lot of them. Plus it’s a great way to use up cotton yarn.


Yarn: Bernat Handcrafter Cotton and Sugar and Cream. Plus a little bit of recycled cotton tape yarn.
Loom: Vergere (the Bergere loom, named Vergere cause I’m a big nerd)
Dent: my 5.5 dpi reed


These are finished with a really simple hem. I just zigzagged the raw edges, folded then over and zigzagged them down, and ran a straight seam across the fold. Easy peasy. I did have some serious tensioning issues though and I had to do a bunch of them more than once.

After hemming, most of these came out shorter than I wanted. Next time I’ll do a longer warp and think beforehand how long I want them to be before just cutting the fabric in half. I’m still very new at weaving, but this is more to do with my impatience as a sewer. (Sewist? I’m certainly not a sewer.) I need to work on that, especially since I want to work on getting better at sewig. Probably not garment making, but certainly garment fixing. I’d like to be able to make a corset.

But that’s neither here nor there. I’ve got a fair amount of cotton odds and ends to make into towels and cotton s generally what I see the most of in thrift store sweaters to unravel. So more towels will be made. The goal is to get away from paper towels when it comes to cleaning up stuff.that isn’t too icky. I’m not cleaning up anyone’s bodily fluids with them, but spilled juice.or whatever is fine. And I’m more likely to use them if I have enough so I do.t have to wash them every day. So I’m saving the environment or whatever. Or possibly just saving money on paper towels and sponges.

I’ve been on something of a towel kick in my weaving these days. They’re useful and I have a lot of cotton yarn. Here are some quick ones I whipped up the other day on my 24″ LeClerc.


This was my first attempt. The tension was… Bad. Really, really bad. I wanted to get a longer towel but I had to take the whole project off the loom. I have the warp though. Maybe I’ll use it on the inkle loom.

The next set came out much better.


I must confess I don’t know what the blue is. Some cotton I got at a thrift store. There are warp stripes of green Sugar and Cream but I’m not sure how well you can see them. I ran out of the blue and finished the warp with a recycled cotton/acrylic. So that’s the green.

They’re finished off with a rolled hem, super simple.


The fabric is pretty squooshy and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of them. I’ve currently got a big towel warped up using just about the whole width of the loom. I think that one will take a bit longer to finish as I haven’t been working on it quite so dillgently.

Life things: leaving for Virginia Beach on Wednesday. Joe and I finished the first Jedi Academy book and have started the second. Still watching Star Trek. Totally bummed I missed megacon, a con in Orlando, by two weeks.

Oh, and this Saturday is the Uniquities Fiber Market in Vienna. There’s another event on Sunday about an hour away in Maryland that I might go to. And Maryland Sheep and Wool is in less than a month and a half and I am so going. And probably spending so much money. Buy all the fiber!

It’s more weaving! I warped the loom with a long length of linen/cotton then made some dishcloths. Whoo!

The weft for all of them is various scraps of Sugar and Cream and Peaches and Cream and other random cotton bits.

I left spaces between each piece, but the fringes were really difficult to tie on the middle ones, so next time I’ll leave a longer spacer.

They were mostly to practice and to use up some cotton scraps, but I think I’ll hang up one of the longer ones in the bathroom to use for a hand towel. Not sure about the others. They were mostly just fun to weave.

My selvages are, of course, awful, especially on the ones where I carried the stripe yarns up the side when I wasn’t using them. I’m not sure how to do that so it doesn’t look terrible, but this was a learning experience, so I’m not all that bothered.

Currently on the loom is some fabric for a bag I’m working on. In knitting news, I’m going back and finishing some WIPs. I frogged the Carousel socks (not enough yarn), though I definitely be making them again in a different yarn. I’m almost finished with Danish Summer, an errant test knit. Once that’s finished, I’m going to finish up the sleeves and collar on my self-designed Diamonds sweater. Then cast on for ALL THE THINGS. I’m feeling like a sweater kind of year. Though I need to make some more mittens/gloves cause I don’t have that many.

In reading news: Joe and I are reading Heir to the Empire. OH MAN MY FEELINGS. In life news, I have a semi-long-term nanny gig (for six months probably) but it’s still only part time and I need a real job at some point. So there’s that. How are y’all?