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Pattern: Climbing Vines Pullover from the winter 2008 Interweave Knits
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Lake Ice Heather
Needles: US 6/4 mm and US 7/4.5 mm Knit Picks Options 24″ circular, also US 7 dpn’s.
Modifications: Knit in the round to the sleeves, sleeves done in the round, lead motif added to wrist of one of the sleeves, length probably added somewhere; I fiddled with the numbers a little.

I really like how this sweater came out. It fits me better than Elizabeth (much closer fit), and the leaves are really distinct and pretty. The sleeves are a little snug but not unwearable. I like it, and come winter I think I’ll wear it a lot.

About the yarn: I like it a lot. It’s quite soft and I am totally in love with this color. I love the subtle blue sections blending with the grey base… It’s lovely. And I love it. I think the yarn is a bit thin for a worsted weight, but it knit up well on the 7’s, so I’m not really complaining. My spit splice (well, I used water) resulted in a weird texture (kind of scraggly) so I’m not sure what the felted fabric would like, but with this sweater, I’m not really itching to find out.

Tomorrow: A swap package. Later: Another knitting FO, the tank top I referred to before. Stay tuned!


So my mother is a frequent yard sale shopper. I occasionally like to go with her, but this morning I had to work so I did not go. Fortunately, my mother kept me in mind and picked up a gallon-sized ziplock bag of buttons! (It wasn’t full, but still.) Many of them were the extra buttons you get with clothes with buttons, and while most of them were boring two or four hole flat buttons, there were a couple of really cool shank buttons, brass with vaguely nautical themes:


But my favorite of all the buttons is this tiny little heart-shaped one:


So now my button box is almost full! Here’s a gratuitous shot off all of my buttons:


And now for some actual knitting content. I have two projects on the needles currently, because you know, I thought I’d just keep the project orgy going. Yeah. Anyway, I have a DROPS cable bag and the Climbing Vines Pullover from the winter IK. Both are slow going because they’re either cables/ribs or require me to follow a chart. I prefer to knit on the pullover because, as I am using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, it is lovely to knit on, and the pattern is challenging and interesting (even though I hate charts). I am knitting the bag because I really would like to have the bag, not so much because I enjoy knitting it. I am using Red Heart Super Saver because I wanted something cheap and easy to wash, though in retrospect, I should have just sucked it up and gotten some Plymouth Encore or something. *shrug* I’m slogging through it, bolstered by the fact that it’s really cute and I have adorable pink lining fabric.

More details on those will come later, when I get a little further into the construction. I mostly just wanted to show off my buttons. : )

I finished my first pair of socks!



Pattern: Striped Footies from Lion Brand
Needles: US 5/3.25mm dpns
Yarn: Lion Wool in Purple and Vanna’s Choice in grey
Modifications: Didn’t do striped and just did the toe and heel in a different color. Other than that, I followed the pattern as written.


They fit properly, but the fabric made with the small needles is really thick and stiff, so I think for future socks, I’ll use a larger needle. They’ll wear out more quickly, but if I continue to use acrylic for the heel and toes, it shouldn’t be too bad. These would have only taken a day or two, but I was also working on Lime, the Cavern Cardi (pics to follow soon). They fit alright though, like I said, they’re pretty stiff and they look a little wonky, but I’ll wear them in boots or something where a little thickness might be a good thing.

I’m definitely planning to make more socks, though not with sock yarn since I just don’t have the patience. Maybe eventually, but for right now, I’m going to keep with the worsted weight.

I actually am working on this sock pattern (but in worsted weight, obviously). I finished one whole sock and just finished the toe increases for the other one. I am using Caron Simply Soft and US 6/4mm dpns (5) and though the fabric is still a little thick for my liking, they are coming out pretty well. Because I’m using acrylic, there’s very little stretch, so off of my foot, it looks huge and weird, but it fits nicely. Nice and squooshy. : )

Also, I’ve decided short row heel = ❤

Since Lime is done (as I said, pics to follow), I’ve also done a pair of fingerless mitts for my friend. But I need something bigger. Hmm…

I love mittens. I love making them and having them and wearing them… They can be simple, with a really nice yarn or with a really simple yarn and complex pattern. Fingerless or convertible, red or blue or green or yellow… I love them all. A mitten is the ultimate in small, portable projects. They can be made with almost any weight of yarn and they only take a couple of hours, unlike socks, which have (generally) small gauge and take a fair amount of time. I love mittens. In the last couple of days, I’ve made a couple of pairs:


(Red Fingerless mitts made with Caron Simply Soft Tweed and a bit of wool from a thrift store sweater to work on stranding for my friend Dalia who requested them.)

Photobucket Photobucket

(Grey Vanna’s Choice and a couple of yards of black Caron Simply Soft for a commission knit. : ) Was paid for these ones, which is lovely. Got to feed the stash somehow.)

And my favorite of my recently completed mittens:

Photobucket Photobucket

Owls! Or more specifically, Give a Hoot. I modified the pattern a bit, essentially just using my basic mitten pattern and putting the owl cable bit on the back of them. I also made the purl bits around the owl smaller–a selvage of two rows and stitches instead of four. They’re a little bit snug/short, but that’s not really enough to deter me.

Also, the eyes on these are little silver beads–actual silver. I have a bunch of these little beads and am not entirely sure what to do with them all. Maybe I’ll turn some of them into stitch markers. : )

Currently on the needles, I have the second sleeve of a sweater I’ve recently started. It’s the cabled cardigan from the Fall 2006 issue of Knit Simple, which I bought offline several weeks ago. The Ravelry page for the cardigan is here. I’m using Burgundy Vanna’s Choice and doing the sleeves in the round and the body as one piece to cut down on seaming, which I hate. I’m also working on/starting the Norwegian Star Earflap Hat (Rav link) because A, I love hats for the same reasons I love mittens and B, I want to work on colorwork. I’ve recently done Entrelac (just practice) and I can do cables and lace. It seems colorwork is my next big knitting adventure. : )

Hello all! I am officially back to the blog. *dance* Things on the old laptop are still clusterfuck-esque, but in the mean time, I have a small temp laptop which works just as well and (more importantly) will allow me to share pictures of crafty things. There are several things to post since I’ve last been at the pictures.

First: My Talia, finished a couple of weeks ago. I used about 2.5 skeins of Vanna Choice acrylic:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

It was a bit snug and in the future, I would make the small instead of the extra small. Because of this (and also a lack of buttons), I made a tie front using a length of croceted chain, and that’s working out just fine.

Next: My first pair of mittens made from a more or less improvised pattern using 4.5mm dpns and Ella Rae Classic wool (and a little Lion Wool for the contrast):


I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but one of the pair is considerable larger than the other, but I am still quite proud of them. I wore them to play in the snow, so the palms are a little felted, but I still adore them. : )

I also made my friend Jon a pair of fingerless mitts so he can have warm hands but be able to press buttons on his camera. They are made out of Vanna’s Choice, random blue acrylic, and my mitten pattern, just without the tops.

Photobucket Photobucket

He’s very silly. : )

Last but not least, I made myself a cold weather set out of the softest, most amazing yarn EVER. The yarn is Mirasol Miski, which is made from baby llama fur. It is SO SOFT AND SO WARM OH MY GOD.


The set consists of mittens and a cowl (which is just a seamed garter stitch rectangle) and will include a hat when I finish knitting it (just a basic beanie).

I’ve also cast on recently for a Corona (Ravelry link) which currently looks like this:


I’m using Vanna’s Choice again because it’s what I have. And it’s cheap. And I’m a cheap college student.

Soon, probably, I will also have secret swap pictures to show, but you’ll just have to wait. : )

After much time and much vacationing in Florida, I come bearing pictures of all the FO’s I did over winter break. I finished a ton of things, including two hats, two calorimetries, a shrug, and some other things. Pictures!

Hat number one: cable and rib hat of my own divising, based on the pattern from the cable and rib scarf which resembles the Irish Hiking scarf/hat, though that wasn’t intentional.


Bernat Softee Chunky, size 8 dpn’s and a circular, knitted rather loosely.

Two calorimetries, one of which is a gift, and one of which I may keep for myself or may be a gift.



Random blue acrylic from the stash and hand-dyed wool from a thrift store sweater. The pink, hand-dyed one was done using tie-dye, and I crocheted the buttons for both myself due to lack of buttons. I adore this pattern because it knits up, no joke, in two hours. Yay. I only cast on 80 for both, and that was plenty long enough. I repeated row 5 enough times to get 22 stitches on either side of the marker. On the blue one, I used a wrap and turn thing (s last stitch wyif, turn, s1 purlwise, p1, etc.) to make the holes smaller, which worked wonderfully.

Circular shrug:


Made with Caron Simply Soft and size 8’s. CO 200, which worked out fine. Made for my sister for Christmas. The damn thing took FOREVER to knit, and I was very much glad when it was finished. (It is totally finished, seaming and all, I just don’t quite have pictures of the finished project quite yet.

Another hat:


Random blue acrylic and blue Simply Soft, size 8 dpn’s and a circular. Made for my brother for Christmas. Just a simple stockinette with a roll brim.

Coffee Cozies:



Mostly various colors of Red Heart Super Saver in very small amounts I had in the stash. I started browsing a list of various stitches, and that’s how I did the checkerboard one, but I mostly just used variagated yarn or stripes to do my basic coffee cozy: CO 13 or 15 and keep a garter border for three stitches on each side, stockinette in the middle. Continue for nine inches or to fit, sew together. I don’t really know to whom these will go but, there is one that I know the recipient of:


That is my sad attempt at embroidery. It’s a dinosaur; can you tell? Well, I tried.

Currently on the needles, I have a scarf for a friend (which needs to be finished by Monday) and a ladder yarn scarf for my mother, but who knows when that will get finished. In the planning stages, I have a beret (the Meret, actually), a Talia vest (from Knitty) and various unbloggable (well, until much later anyway) things. Also, I bought a bunch of tees, so looks for some t-shirt tote bags on Etsy (and here) soon.

So I finished the body of my ballet-style sweater. It looks like this:


I started a sleeve, but I may have to rip it back because I don’t think it’s wide enough. In any case, I’m taking a break from that sweater because I dislike the large gauge, which is surprising for me since I hate small needles. *shrug*

I’m chugging along on my Mrs. Darcy Cardigan. I said I was putting it down because of the yarn thing, but I cast on for one of the front panels anyway. I probably won’t be able to finish it, but if I can, that would be awesome. I’m thinking I might make the sleeves out of some Simply Soft I’ve got in my stash. The blacks aren’t exactly the same, but oh well. I may also frog a never-finished afghan for the black Red Heart–that probably won’t be the most comfortable, but I’ll wash the sleeves to soften them before I sew them to the body. *shrug* We’ll see.

Despite having two sweaters on the needles already, I am seriously considered using some cream wool I recycled from a thrift store sweater to make this cardigan mostly because I love the collar. I’d probably try to make it close all the way though. Maybe more buttons. : )

Also, I have a FO:


They are the Irish Hiking Armwarmers and my first foray into cables (without a cable needle). Foray successful, despite teaching myself from my cell phone while walking in downtown Fredericksburg. They’re made from some light blue Red Heart (stash yarn) for Sarah’s Christmas present (she’s the model in a previous post). I’ll definitely be doing more with cables (and maybe even use a cable needle this time).