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Day five, four posts, and four FOs. Aww yeah. Why yes, I have been knittin up a storm. I guess the logical thing to do would be to save some of these FOs so I’d have something to post if I run out of things to post near the end of November, but planning ahead has never really been my strong suit. Anyway.

 photo 001_zps63706d47.jpg

Pattern: My own Jurassic Mittens, the allosaur and the triceratops.
Yarn: Recycled. All recycled. Wool.
Needles: US 8/5 mm
Mods: None? I mean, it’s my pattern. It sorely needs an update.

I made these for an Etsy customer. It was nice to knit something other than sharks for Etsy, but then again, the sharks have fewer parts to be sewn on and I can make the teeth out of felt. And the base mitten pattern is exactly the same. Anyway.

 photo 004_zps0ee8942b.jpg

There isn’t a tremendous amount of stuff to say about these mittens, so here’s another picture.

 photo 008_zps1c668b56.jpg

Annnnd now, in fandom news: I am rereading Rogue Squadron (I say rereading–the first time it was read to me aloud, so I’m sort of reading it for the first time). It’s the best thing ever and I’m completely in love with it. Wedge is one of my favorite Star Wars characters (after Mara Jade obviously because Mara). I also started watching Once Upon a Time. OH MY GOD THIS SHOW. I completely adore it, OMG. It’s so good. I’m completely hooked on the plot. It doesn’t hurt that everyone is completely gorgeous (wow, how many times can I use the word “completely” in one paragraph?). And Emma and Mary Margaret have some really sweet knitted hats. Some of which, I’m sure, I will attempt to replicate. Anyway, I’m almost through season one and it’s SO GOOD. Netflix, ilu.


News first! After weeks of staring at the WP ad above my dashboard, I finally caved and purchased my very own domain name! I am now located at (though it might take a day or so to load), though you can still find me at the WordPress link. Yay! Now it’ll be much easier to pass out my website.

Now a finished thing that isn’t sharks or spats! It is, however, mittens.


Pattern: Jurassic Mittens
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride in Kiwi and some recycled sweater yarn for the mouth.
Needles: US 8/4mm
Mods: None, they’re my damn pattern.


The dinos were a nice change from the sharks I’ve been knitting as of late. I love Lamb’s Pride (it’s squooshy and soft) and I ought to get some for myself (not that I need any more yarn).

On my plate at the moment, I have another pair of dinos and two pairs of sharks. And then there’s that mohair pullover. And all the things I want to make for me. Later this week I’ll have another non-shark FO, so you can look forward to that.

Good luck to people knitting for Christmas. I’m not knitting for anyone this year, even my completely knit-worthy boyfriend. I bought his birthday present this year (albeit a couple weeks late since we’re celebrating in January). I’ll probably knit it next year, but this year I simply didn’t have the time between my Etsy store and my actual real job (which is completely awesome. I love teaching).

So I received in the mail today possibly the most awesome knitting-related thing ever:


It’s a book of stuffed dinosaur patterns. AND THEY ARE AWESOME. It includes a pattern for a 15-inch high Parasaurolophus:


I discovered the booklet while browsing for stuffed animal patterns to make for Sarah for her cousin. I put out a quick note on the ISO/Destash books forum and within a couple hours, I had a reply from someone who had a copy, so I bought it from them. And, to reiterate, it is AWESOME. Much dino knitting will be happening.

In other news, I’ve been knitting. As I mentioned before, I finished the first Lakeside sock:


I also started another swap project, a Ribbon Lace Scarf in Malabrigo Lace (which is hella soft and wonderful):


I’m also working on stuff for another swap, but I’ll tell you about that when it’s all finished. : )

The pattern for the Jurassic Mittens is available for purchase through Ravelry! (Ravelry account not required for download.)

Jurassic Mittens: US $6.50

Ravel it!

Included in the pattern are directions to make the following dino mittens:

– Triceratops
– Stegosaurus
– T-Rex

Sizes: Children’s S (Children’s L, Adult) Shown in Adult

Children’s S: Ages approx. 5-7, 5” palm circumference
Children’s L: Ages approx. 8-10, 6” palm circumference
Adult: Should fit most adult hands, measures approx. 8” around palm, length is to fit.

Finished measurements: 6” (7”, 8”) (palm circumference)

Gauge: 5 sts/7 rows per inch stockinette

Yarn Required:

MC: 150-200 yards worsted/aran weight yarn, green (sample used Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride)

CC: 20 yards worsted weight yarn, red (sample used Ella Rae Classic)

CC2: 10 yards worsted weight yarn, off-white (sample used reconned thrift store sweater yarn)

CC3: 4 yards worsted weight yarn, white (sample used Lily Sugar ‘N’ Cream)

You will also need:

-Set of 5 US 7/4.5 dpn’s
-Stitch marker
-Stitch holder or waste yarn


Pattern: My own, which will be available for sale… soonish. I need to knit a steg mitten.
Yarn: Lamb’s Pride in Kiwi, Ella Rae Classic in Red, scraps of white Sugar ‘N’ Cream
Needles: US 7/4.5 mm


So these are finally finished and gifted to the boyfriend for a birthday/early Christmas gift. They came out really well, I think, and he loves them. : ) I suspect there will be epic dino vs. shark battles this winter (especially since I might knit my sister a pair of one dino and one shark for Christmas).

As for the pattern: It’s mostly finished because the base mitten is the same as the sharks. Really, the only thing that’s holding it back from being done is that I have to knit up a stegasaurus both because I need to knit the plates to write up a pattern and because I want some pictures of a steg to put in the pattern.

So I’m sort of working on it. I suspect it’ll be available sometime in the next month (cause I’m home for winter break).

Coming up more immediately: Swap stuff. I’m spinning away. A couple of finished knits. You know.

The awesome new mittens I’ve been working on? They look like this:


That’s right, folks, dinosaurs! I’ll be selling the pattern for these as well and will have several options for different dinos. The Triceratops is all written up, and I’ve got to figure out how to do the T-Rex so it actually looks like a T-Rex. I’ve yet to muddle out the stegosaurus, but that’s happening too. If you’ve got suggestions or requests for other dinos, just let me know! I want to have as many options as possible for these guys.

Like the sharks, the pattern will be in both adult and child sizes. I hope to get it up before the month is out, resulting in a pattern that will make perfect holiday gifts–I did the actual knitting of these (disregarding fiddling and figuring time) in like, three days.

These ones, in an adult size, are for the boyfriend, who love dinos and I’m sure will be noming on people all the time once I figure out the T-Rex. : )

I’m also knitting for me:


That’s a Classic Elite pattern, A Slouch for All Seasons, done up in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes left over from the sweater vest. I should have enough yarn, but it’ll be close. I’d be more worried if I hadn’t cut out two pattern repeats and only cast on 80 instead of 100. This hat looks to be done tomorrowish.

I’ve thrown my hat back into the ring for the Ongoing Wish Swap and claimed someone for a knit hat, so that’s coming up on the radar. I’m not doing Christmas gifts this year (except for my sister, which is a story for a later date). Stay tuned!