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The parade of FOs continues! I knit a sweater.

 photo 010_zps8b035c25.jpg

Pattern: Betty’s Tee from the Summer 2010 Interweave Knits
Yarn: Recycled cotton/wool/nylon, which I bought solely for the buttons and was pleasently surprised by the fiber content
Needles: US 8/5 mm
Mods: Added two extra body blocks so the top would be long enough and replaced the knit armhole and bottom edging with crochet. Oh, and I added a drawstring around the neck made out of a twisted cord

I’m pretty pleased with this top. I wore it to work the other day over a black and white polka dot dress. Pretty snappy. The bottom edge is a little tight (not because of the crochet but because of my cast on) so it poofs out a little and makes my tummy look bigger than it actually is. If you make this, you should definitely use a super loose cast on. I was worried, judging from the CO number, that it would be too small, but it fits really well everywhere else.

 photo 011_zps2bc6f7cd.jpg

It was a really fun knit. As it is with entrelac, before you have a chance to get bored with the section you’re on, you have to do something different. I knit this in two weeks (exactly according to Ravelry). I wouldn’t necessarily make it again, but I’d definitely like to make another entrelac top.\

For those playing along at home, this is sweater number nine, making me two months ahead of the sweater-a-month challenge. The fingering weight cardigan plods along. I would say that’ll be ten, but let’s be realistic: I’m gonna make at least one more whole sweater before that sucker’s finished.

 photo 008_zpsd866ed5f.jpg


I have made seven sweaters so far this year. That’s kind of ridiculous seeing as I already have too many clothes, but I do like making sweaters. Here’s number seven:

 photo 027_zps2a39e7b9.jpg
I am completely ridiculous. Just go with it.

Pattern: Paradise Beach Cover-Up from Custom Knits
Yarn: Recycled cotton/tencel blend
Needles: US 10/6 mm
Modifications: Didn’t go down a size for the ribbing and I probably changed the length, but I mostly knit as written. Oh, and I used a crochet chain instead of twisted cord for the tie.

 photo 024_zpsed38d0de.jpg

I had wanted to finish this in time to wear it while I was at the beach a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t finish it in time. Instead I wore it to a pool party last weekend. It was perfect for that too–just the right amount of warmth for a cool summer night.

I don’t do a lot of beach or pool going these days because of where I live, but I think this works pretty well as a top, as I’m wearing it in these pictures. I have to wear a tank under it because of the lace and large gauge, but it’s super comfortable as a shirt.

I’m also quite pleased with the tie I made:

 photo 030_zpse44d02f6.jpg

The beads add just the right amount of weight to the tie. And I think the colors are pretty summery next to the gold, especially the turquoise.

In other knitting news, I am still working on that fingering weight sweater I mentioned before. It’s pretty slow going. I’m using the contiguous sleeve method and I need about an inch and a half more sleeve width before I separate them out. I also cast on a Liesl so I could have a quicker sweater in the works. I’ve already separated the sleeves for that. I’ve also been spinning a lot, mostly that fleece I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. It’s going pretty quickly, actually.

Fannish news is pretty much the same as the last time I mentioned it. I’m currently watching season seven of Psych. I stopped watching after season five and I really love the show, so I’m getting back into it. Oh, and I got the receptionist job! It’s apparently only part time til August (bleh, I need the money), but it’s better than nothing I guess. I start on Monday. Fingers crossed everything goes well.

So I didn’t finish my Sakura Tee in time to wear Saturday. If I hadn’t gone out with some friends Friday night I probably would have made it, but oh well. As it happens, I finished it Monday.

 photo 012-2_zpsec955ef9.jpg

Pattern: Sakura Tee from the summer 2012 Interweave Knits
Yarn: recycled cotton/acrylic blend
Needles: us 6/4 mm throughout
Mods: none really. Skipped switching needle sizes.

I’m pretty pleased with the way it came out. I wish I could have worn it Saturday, but oh well. It fits pretty well and it’s comfortable.

 photo 006-4_zps4251dcf1.jpg

The directions were super simple to follow. The only trouble I ran into is that the front ends up a fair amount longer than the back. That’s easy enough to get around–just cast on more stitches for the back than instructed, but I wish I would have known that before I made it. I did not cast on extra stitches and I wish I would have. I just blocked the hell of out of it with a hot steam iron. The acrylic content of the yarn should keep the blocked length even after washing, which will happen in the machine.

 photo 011_zps46a88f1c.jpg

For those playing at home, this is my fourth sweater of the year, which means I’m sorta kinda on track for 12 in a year. My next one will be a super simple, quick pullover out of some recycled wool/nylon/cashmere/angora (kitchen sink yarn, as I refer to it). Big yarn, big needles (like tens) and a slightly oversized/slouchy fit. Done from the top down probably with contiguous sleeves. Til then.

Sooo back in October, I apparently decided I had the time to do a test knit of a sweater knit in fingering yarn. Because why the hell not. Cut to several weeks (and several shark mittens) later and I’ve finally had the time to finish it up. And now I have a finished object that is also my first sweater of the year (cause of course I’m doing thatagain):


Pattern: Sort of Danish Summer but then I just made up the top as I went.
Yarn: Recycled cotton/wool/nylon
Needles: US 4/3.5mm and maybe 5/3.75mm?
Mods: Totally changed the top to what I felt like. I also added little sleeves.


Appreciate my sleeves here, people, because after I finished crocheted around each one, I had about a foot of yarn left. I’ve got more of the yarn, obviously (it came from a gigantic American Eagle sweater), but I didn’t want to wind a whole other skein for a couple yards. And I just made it. HELL YEAH.


I’m not sure how I feel about the bottom lace part. It sits kind of funny. It is, however, super comfy, so I suspect I’ll get a lot of wear out of it when the weather warms up again. Which will be nice, but I am enjoying some cozy sweaters. (But no snow because the weather hates me)

I do really love the cut of the front and the back though. I modeled it on the original pattern, I just didn’t follow the directions as given (I left out a twisty bit and finished all edges with single crochet).


The back isn’t as deep as it appears here, but it is way too cold to take a picture of a short-sleeved top on me. So Elizabeth II it is. Yay.

Sooooo hi there. It’s been a while. In my defense, I went to the Outer Banks with my boyfriend and his folks for a week and didn’t really have time for blog posting. There was way too much beaching and knitting and swimming and Scrabble-playing for blogging. BUUUT I did finish my Ravelympics Ravellenic project. Just barely, just under the wire.



Pattern: Counterpane Blouse, from the Summer 2010 Interweave Knits
Yarn: 65/35 linen/cotton recycled yarn
Needles: US 4/3.5 mm
Mods: Skipped some of the skirt decreases and my pick up for the skirt was uneven to say the least so I just sort of winged it.


WHOOOO. I just finished the crochet edging around 7pm EST which is about midnight BST, the end of the Olympic Closing Ceremonies (ope, hope I don’t get sued). So just in time. It was close. I finished the main knitting in the car on the way back from the beach but didn’t have a crochet hook so I had to hurry and finish the edging once I got home.

In case anyone is keeping up with my 12 in 12 sweater challenge, I am up to eight. So I’m right on track. WHOO.

I finished knitting around three that afternoon so of course I had to start another project, rather then work on one already started. That project is about 80% done now thanks to two hour-long metro rides today. But more on that later. : )

YOU GUYS YOU GUYS IT’S THAT TIME. Where I challenge myself to knit a sweater and apparently five other things in two weeks! Whoo! I hear there’s some sports or something happening, but NBC apparently doesn’t want me to actually see them seeing as I don’t have cable. (Bootleg online tv is another story, however. Don’t tell the ass hats at NBC. Or do. Whatever.)

ANYWAY I’m knitting a sweater. Well, a top at any rate. I’m knitting Counterpane out of some recycled linen/cotton in a GORGEOUS teal. Here’s where I was earlier (I have since knitted a fair bit more):


I’m knitting for Team Unravelers, where we are using recycled yarn. Whoo!

I also had to knit a Betta fish for an Etsy customer, so I guess I medaled in Toy Toss but I never actually got a picture of it before I put in in the mailbox this morning. I also had a impromptu Frogging Trampoline entry where I frogged my Lelah as it is too small. Plus side: Two skeins of my beloved Cascade Sierra to play with.

More sweater updates as they happen. I’m planning to see if I can squeeze some fingerless mitts in before the end.

Sooo I made sweater number seven for the year:

Photobucket (I’m cool)

Pattern: Accidentally on Purpose Drop Stitch Tank from Stitch and Bitch Nation. Sort of.
Yarn: Lion Brand Incredible, exactly three skeins
Needles: US 10/6mm
Mods: All of them. Based on this version in Incredible.

I quite like how this top came out. It fits well and gives me SHAPES. Like, check out that hourglass action happening there.


Yeah. I knit this up really quickly (about two days). I intended to follow the pattern sort of, but I ended up just making it up as I went along. This resulted in a much higher neckline than intended, but I like it. Very racer back-shaped. Lovely. Have to wear a tank underneath because of the dropped stitches (which were super fun) but no matter.

Since completing this top, it’s been cast-on mania around here. I currently have seven WIPs, including two spinning projects. Also, the EFKA Ravelympics (Ravelenic WHATEVER FUCK YOU USOC) starts tomorrow, so that’ll be another thing cast on. Look for posts on that soon. I’m looking to complete a summer top (Counterpane to be exact), so we’ll see how that goes.

You guys, packing is stressful. I have to cull everything I own until I can fit it all in a minivan, and I have a lot of stuff. A LOT of stuff. Mostly yarn and clothes. I have four plastic bins and a cardboard box full of yarn, plus I have yarn or unravels-in-progress stuffed in every tiny nook and cranny of the rest of the bags and boxes and bins. Probably 80% of my stuff is either craft supplies or clothes, both of which are things I enjoy frequently and can get for very cheap. The other 20% is books. Maybe there’s 1% “other stuff”. Mostly clothes and books and craft supplies and books. I like books.

ANYWAY, I made a sweater. It looks like this:


(Do ignore my blurry arm meat there.)

Pattern: My own. Thinking about writing it up.
Yarn: Recycled mercerized cotton from a Ralph Lauren pullover (I have lots left)
Needles: US 3/2.75mm straights and a US 5/3.25 circular for the ruffles

Please appreciate that it is approximately five hundred degrees outside, into which I ventured to get pictures of this sweater. (The actual temperature is like 97 but at a certain point it all just feels HOT.) I jumped into the pool right after (I changed first) but still. HOT.


I really like knitting summer sweaters and tanks. They’re fast and I can wear them pretty much year round (though with a shirt under for the winter), unlike a sweater, which is really only good when it’s cold enough.

So I love this thing. I knit it in a strip like the Carousel socks from Knitty that I made a couple weeks ago. I do love the strip construction. It keeps my attention for the whole project so I never get bored like I do with things that are just long rows of stockinette.


In further life news, if I have no said exactly so yet, I will be moving to Fairfax on Tuesday. You might not hear from me for a little while after that while I settle in/job hunt. I’ll almost certainly be on Twitter frequently though, so feel free to drop me a line. I almost always respond on Twitter. I love Twitter.

Happy Independence Day, Americans! I’m safely back in Virginia Beach for the week and am knitting again. I only have two things on the needles and they happen to be red, white, and blue!

There’s the Roundabout sweater:


I’m just over the bust at this point so I’ll need to figure out how I want to do sleeves/straps.

Then there’s my TARDIS socks, which are half done:


I haven’t yet cast on for the second sock, so I guess these aren’t really OTN per se, but I’ll get the other one on there soon.

In life news: Much of this week will be spent packing. I’m hoping to have an actual moving date of Monday for when I’m going up to Northern Virginia to move in with my boyfriend. I’ll keep you posted on the job status but for right now, my only income is my Ravelry pattern store. I’ll start looking in depth when I get up there.

But today’s for drinking and knitting and fireworks and whatall. And watching Independence Day, natch.

I knitted a sweater so quickly I didn’t even have time to tell you I’d started. Ravelry tells me I started it on May 3rd. So that’s a five day top. Aww yeah.


Pattern: Frock Camisole From the spring 2008 IK (and also free online)
Yarn: Recycled Cotton/Ramie
Needles: US 7/4.5mm
Mods: Surprisingly, knit exactly as written for the smallest size.

I’m not completely happy with the fit, but I like it well enough. And it’s certainly comfortable. Probably a great top for lounging about in. Not too sure how long it’ll stay this white, but you never know.

In case you were wondering, this is my fourth completed sweater this year. If I can crank out one more by the end of May, I’ll be back on track for 12. Not that I need 12 sweaters. Although two so far were for other people.


This was a pretty simple knit although if I were to make it again (which I probably won’t), I’d make the skirt part slimmer, maybe a little fitted. I like the rouching at the top.

I’ve already cast on for sweater number five, an Ophelia tank I’m going to knit in the round. Also, there are socks. I love knitting socks.