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Sooooo this past weekend was Katsucon, an anime convention I attended in National Harbor. It was super mega awesome fun though I completely neglected to take any pictures. I did, however, dress up in costume because that’s how I roll. I recently watched and read the anime/manga Fruits Basket, so one of the days I dressed up as Tohru Honda. There are no pictures, but I basically just wore a cute dress. But I also make a cat-form Kyo to carry around.


Pattern: none, made up as I went along
Yarn: merino singles, a skein and a half almost exactly.
Needles: US 2/1.75 mm


I’m pretty pleased with the way he came out. He is super cuddly and a perfect use of yarn that’s been kicking around my stash for a while. I will have to cosplay Tohru again so I can carry him around some more. Maybe I can sew or appromimate Tohru’s school uniform for next time.


Speaking of Katsu and Fruits Basket, as a result, I’ve been on quite the anime/manga kick lately. I just watched Ouran Highschool Host Club and I got the manga from the library. I’m currently reading the Library Wars manga.

And speaking of cosplay, here is a bonus picture of me in a red wig I bought for cosplaying Amy Pond, Mara Jade, Ariel, and other redheads.



Dear blog:

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last entry. Clearly I failed terribly at NaBloPoMo but in my defense, my boyfriend was in town and now I’m up with him, doing relatively little knitting and certainly not taking any pictures.

I could show you this yarn I dyed last week for a WWFY swap:


It’s Sanguine Gryffon Bugga Skinny and I used black RIT dye. As an aside, I’ve never seen yarn suck up dye so fast. I usually dye wool and it takes a good 30 minutes. With this, I dunked it in the bucket for 30 seconds and it was already darker than I would have liked.

I could show you the haircut I got last week, which is super short and pixie-like:

Or I could show you a picture of a kitty:

None of which happened in the last five days or so. But I am knitting some things (spats and sharks for Etsy) and I’ve been finishing things (my garter belt, which works with thick knit socks but I need to find a better holding mechanism for lighter ones).

Hopefully I’ll be back for more posts this week (I’m going hiking at some point and I should definitely take pictures of that).

So I finished up that second pair of Baby Fan Mitts. They look exactly the same as the first pair:


I believe I’ll be mailing them today. I also finished up the grey mitten part of some sharks, so I rewarded myself by casting on for a new project (more on that later).

GPoY stands for Gratuitous Picture of Yourself. GPoC stands for Gratuitous Picture of Cat (says me). I think I introduced Stretch a week or so ago. This is why he’s called that:


He sleeps on his back, spread-eagled. Frequently in the middle of my bed, making it awkward for me to get into. I’ll let him though since he usually sleeps snuggled up next to me, and that is super cute.

Still no finished objects to report (I’m working on a baby sweater for OWS and knee socks for the trade), so instead, here’s a picture of my sleepy cat:


Happy friday, all.