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What’s this? More knitting? AWW YEAH. Just finished up some scrap socks made with leftovers from other sock projects.

 photo IMAG0626_zpsf73e17f6.jpg

Pattern: Top down sock, flap and gusset heel, wedge toe
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Handpainted in Tea Party (the majority of the socks), Red Heart Heart and Sole
Needles: US 1. Whatever that mm is. 1.25 I think?
Mods: None, it’s a sock

 photo IMAG0629_zpsf379f8ca.jpg

They fit pretty well. They get a little wavy where I changed yarns but that isn’t so obvious when they’re on and it doesn’t affect the fit any.

They’re socks so there isn’t a tremendous amount to say about them. I like socks. I have another pair on the needles (also using scrap yarn). The Ravelry project page is called “Scrap Socks 3: The Scrapening”.

In life news: Still in Florida. Which, by the way, is driving me completely bonkers owing to my completely fucking insane/idiot family members, the weather, and the spotty internet connection. Oh, and my phone that doesn’t work because I’m dumb. I think I can fix it (eventually), but still. UGH. So there’s knitting and I’m rewatching the Avengers in ten minutes bursts. I need to catch up a whole bunch of Geek and Sundry YouTube content as well as Castle, Doctor Who, and Game of Thrones. DON’T SPOIL ME.


So I made a pair of crazy socks with some leftover sock yarn. Ravelry will tell you these took several weeks, but that’s mostly because I left them at some friends’ place for a couple weeks and didn’t get a chance to retreive them until recently. Anyway:


Not so crazy, you say? Yes, the colors do rather get along here. That is, until I take my shoes off:


Aww yeah, check that crazy sock action. I completely love them, even though they came out a little shorter than I thought they would. It’s great to have another pair for the sock drawer.


I knit them toe up with a wedge toe and afterthought heel. I like a flap and gusset heel best but the afterthought heel is rapidly gaining my favor.

I have a bunch of things on the needles and the loom as well. And I have a super brag thrift store find post coming soon. Crafting is definitely happening here, as well as reading. I’m on a manga kick lately thanks to Katsucon. I’m currently reading Ouran High School Host Club after being absolutely enchanted by the anime. And I’m still reading the Thrawn trilogy with Joe. We’re on the last book and surprising no one at all I’m sure, I completely adore Mara. Look for SW crafts here probably soon.

Sooooo I finished knitting up that new design I was talking about the other day! And it is way too hot for modeled shots, so enjoy these pictures on my yarn-themed mannequin head.


Pattern: Slip Stitch Hat, currently in testing. Needs a new name. Suggestions?
Yarn: Cascade Eco (light grey), Plymouth Galway (dark grey), recycled wool (cream), recycled wool hand-dye (pink), Valley Northampton (purple), and KP Wool of the Andes (light purple cast off row). Basically, scraps.
Needles: US 6/4 mm dpns and circular


So I’m pretty pleased with how these hats came out, especially the grey one. The pink/purple one is just a tick too short (I ran out of yarn and couldn’t make it any longer), so I will have to find a recipient with a smaller head than mine (shouldn’t be too hard; my head is 22″ around). The grey one fits perfectly and I adore it. ADORE.


I was flipping through a stitch dictionary the other day and found one called “Joyous Stripes”, which I’ve adapted to this hat here. And let me tell you, it is PERFECT for using up scraps. I may make another with rainbow colors provided I can find some more of some colors (maybe I’ll just dye some). Also, super warm. The stitch pattern makes the hat pretty dense so it should keep the wind out.

In other knitting news, I am thisclose to finishing the Ivy sockettes, which means I am thisclose to starting a new pair of socks (Skew, I think). I’m also plugging away on my Box 96 pullover, which I hope I can finish in time to wear in warm weather (I should; you know I knit like the wind). I keep meaning to pull out my sewing again so I can work on my blankets but I don’t really have a good place to put the machine, so it’s mostly knitting here.