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So I made a pair of crazy socks with some leftover sock yarn. Ravelry will tell you these took several weeks, but that’s mostly because I left them at some friends’ place for a couple weeks and didn’t get a chance to retreive them until recently. Anyway:


Not so crazy, you say? Yes, the colors do rather get along here. That is, until I take my shoes off:


Aww yeah, check that crazy sock action. I completely love them, even though they came out a little shorter than I thought they would. It’s great to have another pair for the sock drawer.


I knit them toe up with a wedge toe and afterthought heel. I like a flap and gusset heel best but the afterthought heel is rapidly gaining my favor.

I have a bunch of things on the needles and the loom as well. And I have a super brag thrift store find post coming soon. Crafting is definitely happening here, as well as reading. I’m on a manga kick lately thanks to Katsucon. I’m currently reading Ouran High School Host Club after being absolutely enchanted by the anime. And I’m still reading the Thrawn trilogy with Joe. We’re on the last book and surprising no one at all I’m sure, I completely adore Mara. Look for SW crafts here probably soon.