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So I win at thrift store. I just do. Let me tell you why. The other day, after reading a bunch of posts in the unravelers Ravelry group, I decided to go to Unique to look at the sweaters. I found a bunch and then, thinking of my budget, thought I should leave maybe. But I thought I’d buzz through the crafts section, and there on the bottom shelf was this beauty:

That is a Harrisville Easy Weaver, which the Woolery sells for $90. That is the original warp that comes with the loom, meaning it was never used (or, barely; there was about an inch of weaving I cut out and replaced to even out the warp). I PAID FIVE DOLLARS.

I KNOW. Incredible. So you know I wove that right up. Found some recycled wool/nylon fingering and got to work. Couple days later, I had about ten feet of rainbow scarf. Cause there’s enough warp for two child-sized scarves, which explains why it felt like it was taking forever. I ran it through the sewing machine and got this:

Aww yeah. Simple weave, sewed two lengths side by side with a zig zag stitch. It’s lined with the same pink fabric I used to line the other two bags.


The string is from a sweater I got on that same shopping trip. It’s silk cashmere. So there’s no way this bag is leaving my hands. Plus the sewing is a little shoddy so there’s that.


Pretty rainbow.

I’m currently experimenting with houndstooth on this loom. It really is as easy as people say: two warp threads of each color and two picks of each color. I have a scarf warped up currently. On Vergere (yes, named for the Star Wars character cause that’s how I roll), I’ve been weaving just fabric and figuring out what to do with it later. Probably mostly project bags cause they’re fast and easy. And maybe I can put some in the shop. Whoo, weaving!


I like to think of myself as a pretty snappy dresser. I try to look nice most days (though I’m always disappointed when I look nice and feel confident and then don’t see anyone all day). I try to incorporate hand knits and hand-made items into my daily wardrobe and sometimes I more or less successful at it.

I’m pretty pleased with today’s outfit, for example. I occasionally like to photograph the outfits I like best so I can remember them for later. I feel especially good about this one because most of my favorite clothes are in the dirty laundry, so I had to get a little creative:


I love it though! Here’s the breakdown:

Jeans: Old Navy, probably from a thrift store
Tank top: H&M
Shrug: This One from Fitted Knits in Cascade 220 (goodness my hair was shorter and redder then)
Shoes: Guess kitten heels, $3 at a yard sale
Earrings: Rue 21 outlet

Basically the only item I bought from a real store was the tank top, and even then it was in the clearance rack and only $3. Not only is this outfit super cute, it was also super cheap. Yay!

So, yesterday I had to run some errands around Fredericksburg (return some library books, buy a frying pan, locate part of my sister’s birthday present), and I swung by a thrift store I had not previously been to. Not only did I locate what I needed for my sister (a small photo album I’m going to turn into a ticket album–more on that later), but I also scored big in the craft department:

First, I found this lovely tan shrug from The Limited I’m going to frog.


Oh, why did I pick up this lovely little shrug?


That’s right– wool, angora, and CASHMERE. This is totally going to become a cozy cowl (and other things). Oh, and how much did I pay for this beauty?


BAM! A dollar, sucka!


I also picked up this mostly-felted argyle sweater (made of Shetland wool, as the tag says) that was also a dollar. I’m going to felt it further and turn it into a bag that I’ll either keep or sell. We’ll see how it turns out. : )


I also picked up ALL THIS FABRIC for under ten dollars. I KNOW. There’s a couple of fair sized pieces of canvas (I’d estimate about a quarter of a yard), some quarter-yard pieces of cotton fabric, and several yards of thin stretch knit that will probably become a dress at some point. There’s ALSO about a yard of the blue canvas-ish stuff, about a yard of veggie/garden fabric, and a couple yards of a pretty green sheerish fabric that will become a floaty summer skirt. And something else, cause there’s a fair amount. The best buy, in my opinion, was the two-ish yards of brown brocade-ish fabric. Not sure what I’ll do with that, but there’s enough for something substantial.

Yes. All of that for under ten bucks. I’m THRILLED. : )