So, I finished my Summer Cardi reknit, which I have named Seafoam, for the lace at the bottom:


Pattern: My own, which I have written and am getting test knitted. Will be available… sometime in April, maybe. Maybe not til May. Some time.
Yarn: Cascade Sierra, EXACTLY three skeins (like… less than a yard left over)
Needles: US 6/4 mm Knit Picks Options Circ and Susan Bates dpns.


So I like this sweater a lot. It’s very comfy and perfect for throwing on over a tank or cami if it’s not quiiiite warm enough. I also love my ribbon closure. I originally planned for an open front, but I didn’t really like how that looked, so I added the ribbon (which is actually bias tape, but it works). Also, I’ve raved about the yarn before, but I’ll tell you again: I love Cascade Sierra. I have a serious passion for the yarn, I’m not going to lie. Soft, comfy, sparkly in the right light… LOVE.

Here’s a close up of the lace bit of the sweater:


As I said, I’ve written up the pattern for this, and it’s currently with test knitters (the pictures will be better for the final pattern though, I promise). I mathed out seven different sizes (and I messed it up completely once but then I worked it out and it was HARD but now it WORKS), and I’m so pleased with myself.

I’m also working on various swap things, including an OWS claim and the Yarnie/Sewer swap. I’ve also started working on Featherweight again, so apart from the swap stuff, the next FO might be a while out (you know, unless I get seduced by a new project). I kind of just want to get through Featherweight though. I know it’ll be really useful in the coming months and it’s sooo wonderful and light and soft (wool/silk lace weight… YUM) but it’s sooooo boring and tedious to knit. I want the cardi though, and I’m not currently in the mood to knit anything I can’t use in the spring/summer, so we’ll say. Maybe I’ll actually just get through it.