Okay, so maybe I lied. Turns out I figured how to gain internet access, and that means you all get an early post! Whoo! Anyway, as I said, knitting has been happening:

(Sorry for ridiculous edited photos. The second one (the next one after this) has the most accurate color.)

Pattern: It’s a triangle with eyelets. Do you really need a pattern?
Yarn: Combo yarn I got in a swap. I believe it’s silk and cotton.
Needles: US 10/6 mm Knit Picks Options circular

(This is the most accurate shot of color.)

This came out exactly how I wanted it too: large and warm. It’s a lovely scarf. It’s cotton, so it’s not the best fiber for winter, but until I get around to knitting a wool triangle scarf, this will do. Plus I love the yarn. The light green strand, the silk, is shiny and soft and the cottons are nice too. The tweed bits are interesting (though I think I’d have preferred to leave them out).


So what else is going on? Well, Ongoing Wish Swap is happening. I’m expecting two packages hopefully in the next two weeks, otherwise I’ll have to wait until I get back to school after winter break. I’ve also finished a hat, which I’ll hopefully post on Monday. I’m also working on a pair of vanilla socks, as I mentioned yesterday, I think, and those will probably show up on Wednesday. After the socks, there might be another break in posting as it’s the last two weeks of the semester starting Monday (a week of classes and then a week of finals), and I have a ton of schoolwork to finish in that time. But I’ll give you a better update then. Stay tuned!