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So I talk about my boyfriend fairly frequently on this here blog of mine. His name is Joe. He looks like this:

So he’s pretty amazing. He has a blog now! It’s muchly about music (orchestral and film in particular). He’s delightful and witty and humorous (and I’m not just saying that because I’m with him). Seriously, he’s great. Go read the blog. Be amused.

Blog blog!


I am currently typing this entry on the Amtrak train back to Virginia Beach because god of gods, this train has WIFI which probably explains why the ticket was $64 instead of $45. So you get a blog post! I’ve not been a very good blogger recently because I’ve been hanging out with my boyfriend and his folks for the long weekend. There was food, there was wine, there was exploring, there was Dr. Who (my latest TV obsession, but more on that later). And there was hiking!

Joe and I went to Great Falls National Park and hiked the Billy Goat Trail part B. It was super fun. There were pretty views across the canal:


There were mini-picnics:


There were lots of boulders and rocks to climb over:

There was general cuteness:


It was a lovely afternoon. After hiking, we came back and I took a nap. And I rarely nap.

I have been knitting, more of which will probably be discussed tomorrow/this week. I’ve made some progress on my Lacy Ribbons sweater and I’ve been working on spats and mittens for sale. I’ll try to have pictures for tomorrow.

This post is a little late, but it’s still today, so it still counts. I may have started another project.


It’s Aviatrix in some delightful handspun. At this moment, it’s quite a bit further along (I have four full repeats done), but this is the picture I have. More tomorrow probably.

Also, apropos of nothing, this week was the boyfriend and my third anniversary. We’ve been together three years which is totally bitchin. We celebrated today with Mexican food and later this week with a movie date. So yay! Boyfriend!

I have returned from my week at the Outer Banks! It was super fun and I had a blast playing in the ocean, jet skiing, playing Scrabble and relaxing with the boyfriend. I unfortunately took almost no pictures (too busy playing!) and I did very little knitting. I did, however, get a lovely tan. Also, I did snap this shot of Joe when we went on a pedal boat ride:


I also did some shell hunting and seeing as I woke up at five this morning and was out of the house at 7:30, returning to Virginia Beach at 10:30, I had some crafting time. With a couple little shells, I whipped up some stitch markers.


I like this one because the stripes look like Nemo:


They’re quite small; the Nemo one is the size of my pinky fingernail. I don’t know how long they’ll last (the shell are not especially sturdy) but I’ll enjoy them while they do.

Heeeey, remember that sweater I was making for my boyfriend’s birthday? Well, I finally finished and photographed it. Over a month after it was supposed to be done (the boy’s birthday was December 9). But now it is done!


Pattern: EZ’s Seamless Hybrid
Yarn: Six skeins of Knit Picks Comfy Bulky plus a skein of Comfy sport and half a skein of Comfy fingering, all in Planetarium.
Needles: US 9/5.5 mm
Mods: It’s a very basic sweater pattern. None.


So this sweater… it was an adventure. I started out with high hopes. “It’s in bulky weight!” I thought in October. “It’ll take no time at all!”

And then I ran out of yarn. Six skeins is apparently not enough for a man-sized sweater. So I contacted Knit Picks, the ISO forums, mentioned it in-blog. Nothing. One person had half a skein, which wasn’t gonna cut it. Knit Picks apparently DISCONTINUED the Planetarium line of Comfy Bulky. IDEK. I ended up ordering a skein of Comfy Fingering and two skeins of Comfy sport and using half of it to finish the sweater. Fortunately, the gauge is very similar.

It turns out, though, that six skeins might have been enough after all. It’s a bit too big on Joe, as you can possibly see. I think it’ll shrink in the wash (it’s mostly cotton) and it’ll fit, but I originally knit the sleeves way too long and there was a lot of waste as I picked out the cast on edge and tried to ravel up (apparently decreases will NOT frog in either direction and will, in fact, make you cry sad, sad tears).

Overall, though, despite all the struggles with this sweater, I think it came out well. Joe likes it, and that’s what matters to me, really. He loves cotton, and the sweater is indeed very soft and smooth. Knit Picks Comfy is a pretty good line of yarn–I have a sweater made out of the worsted weight. The first sweater, I actually ever designed, Lilith, which I still wear pretty often.

Anyway, a very happy (belated) birthday to my love, Joe. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to knitting a hundred pairs of shark mittens (I got a ton more orders yesterday).

That’s how long the boyfriend and I have been together. Tomorrow is our official anniversary, but since he’s going home tomorrow to take the GRE, we’re celebrating tonight with dinner and a movie (followed by an unrelated party with our friends). The morning of our celebratory today was alright quite lovely–we slept in til noon, woke up slowly, had a quick breakfast then went for a walk (in the middle of which I obtained a delicious white chocolate mocha + extra shot of espresso).

Speaking of the boy, I have been working on his birthday sweater somewhat off and on. I finished the body up to the armpit and have started a sleeve:


That’s 15.5 of the 22 inches I’m going to need for the sleeve and almost an entire ball of Comfy Bulky. I have two balls left to do the rest of this sleeve plus a whole other sleeve and about 3/4 of a ball attached to the body for the top part of the body of the sweater. I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m going to need more yarn. I think I’ll put a post up on the Ravelry DS/ISO board today.

Happy Saturday all!