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This post is a little late, but it’s still today, so it still counts. I may have started another project.


It’s Aviatrix in some delightful handspun. At this moment, it’s quite a bit further along (I have four full repeats done), but this is the picture I have. More tomorrow probably.

Also, apropos of nothing, this week was the boyfriend and my third anniversary. We’ve been together three years which is totally bitchin. We celebrated today with Mexican food and later this week with a movie date. So yay! Boyfriend!


Pattern: My own, which will be available for sale… soonish. I need to knit a steg mitten.
Yarn: Lamb’s Pride in Kiwi, Ella Rae Classic in Red, scraps of white Sugar ‘N’ Cream
Needles: US 7/4.5 mm


So these are finally finished and gifted to the boyfriend for a birthday/early Christmas gift. They came out really well, I think, and he loves them. : ) I suspect there will be epic dino vs. shark battles this winter (especially since I might knit my sister a pair of one dino and one shark for Christmas).

As for the pattern: It’s mostly finished because the base mitten is the same as the sharks. Really, the only thing that’s holding it back from being done is that I have to knit up a stegasaurus both because I need to knit the plates to write up a pattern and because I want some pictures of a steg to put in the pattern.

So I’m sort of working on it. I suspect it’ll be available sometime in the next month (cause I’m home for winter break).

Coming up more immediately: Swap stuff. I’m spinning away. A couple of finished knits. You know.