That’s how long the boyfriend and I have been together. Tomorrow is our official anniversary, but since he’s going home tomorrow to take the GRE, we’re celebrating tonight with dinner and a movie (followed by an unrelated party with our friends). The morning of our celebratory today was alright quite lovely–we slept in til noon, woke up slowly, had a quick breakfast then went for a walk (in the middle of which I obtained a delicious white chocolate mocha + extra shot of espresso).

Speaking of the boy, I have been working on his birthday sweater somewhat off and on. I finished the body up to the armpit and have started a sleeve:


That’s 15.5 of the 22 inches I’m going to need for the sleeve and almost an entire ball of Comfy Bulky. I have two balls left to do the rest of this sleeve plus a whole other sleeve and about 3/4 of a ball attached to the body for the top part of the body of the sweater. I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m going to need more yarn. I think I’ll put a post up on the Ravelry DS/ISO board today.

Happy Saturday all!