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I have returned from my week at the Outer Banks! It was super fun and I had a blast playing in the ocean, jet skiing, playing Scrabble and relaxing with the boyfriend. I unfortunately took almost no pictures (too busy playing!) and I did very little knitting. I did, however, get a lovely tan. Also, I did snap this shot of Joe when we went on a pedal boat ride:


I also did some shell hunting and seeing as I woke up at five this morning and was out of the house at 7:30, returning to Virginia Beach at 10:30, I had some crafting time. With a couple little shells, I whipped up some stitch markers.


I like this one because the stripes look like Nemo:


They’re quite small; the Nemo one is the size of my pinky fingernail. I don’t know how long they’ll last (the shell are not especially sturdy) but I’ll enjoy them while they do.


Warning: This is not crafty.

Yesterday, I wore my Girl Friday sweater. I packed away all of my pants, but I would have been comfortable in them. The high was like… 65. Maybe.

This is what I wore today:

I went to the beach. It was 87 degrees outside.

The weather in Virginia Beach, man. It’s crazy. The high on Sunday is 73. **shakes head**