I am currently typing this entry on the Amtrak train back to Virginia Beach because god of gods, this train has WIFI which probably explains why the ticket was $64 instead of $45. So you get a blog post! I’ve not been a very good blogger recently because I’ve been hanging out with my boyfriend and his folks for the long weekend. There was food, there was wine, there was exploring, there was Dr. Who (my latest TV obsession, but more on that later). And there was hiking!

Joe and I went to Great Falls National Park and hiked the Billy Goat Trail part B. It was super fun. There were pretty views across the canal:


There were mini-picnics:


There were lots of boulders and rocks to climb over:

There was general cuteness:


It was a lovely afternoon. After hiking, we came back and I took a nap. And I rarely nap.

I have been knitting, more of which will probably be discussed tomorrow/this week. I’ve made some progress on my Lacy Ribbons sweater and I’ve been working on spats and mittens for sale. I’ll try to have pictures for tomorrow.