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I finished spinning the Romney I’d been working on. It was a fun, quick spin. The original roving looked like this:

And with my heavy spindle (I really only have two; I should get some more mid-weight ones) I turned it into this:


Aww yeah. Here’s some specs:

Fiber: Romney
Weight: Sportish
Yardage: 176 yards
Ply: Two plies

I have honestly no idea what I’ll make with it.


I love it though. It’s very well balanced after a soak and a good thwack. The good thing about the warm weather is that when I wash yarn and leave it outside to dry it’s done in a couple hours.

I like spinning. Must do more spinning.


AWW YEAH day one of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week! Today’s post is all about COLORS. I like them. Especially jewel tones cause I’m a slob and it’s harder to stain dark colors. My stash would support this statement and so would my projects. Out of all the things I’ve made for me, there are only a handful made in light colors. There’s this:

and some other things. But my favorite knits are darker colors. Like my Girl Friday, my favorite sweater ever:

It’s kind of hard to tell judging from my projects what colors I tend towards because so many of them were for swaps where I didn’t choose the color. So going to my stash, for which I apparently did not select actual colors, there’s a lot of undyed/white/ecru/natural. That is because the vast majority of my stash is recycled yarn because I’m poor (and it’s fun) and that’s the most common color of sweater I find.

If I could get my stash to filter correctly, I would show you this pictorally buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I can’t. Possibly I should start adding the color family names when I upload new stash.

This is sort of a lame post but I got home yesterday and I had to work today and I can’t find my camera charger. So forgive me. At some point I’ll have pictures of the Hexagon Petal Tee, which is finished, and the Whedonverse swap package I received. At some point. And there are some KCBW posts and stuff.

I’m gonna go back to marathoning the X Files (I’m on season five and OH GOD I LOVE THIS BUT THE UST I AM DYING) and knitting. I’ll see you tomorrow.

For the storage it is supposed to occupy, anyway. I did a bunch of unraveling stash sweaters and photographing yarn to add to my Ravelry stash. Here are some recent additions:


60/40 linen/cotton. GORGE, seriously. It’s such a happy color.


Mercerized cotton from a Calvin Klein sweater. Weird seaming but gorgeous yarn. About fingering. I’m thinking dress.


So I bought a vest at a yard sale, attempted to wear it, and it looked horrid on me. So I raveled it. It’s some kind of wool, I think merino. It was handknit so I suspect it’s a commercially available yarn. Maybe Malabrigo. It’s suuuuuper soft and the colors are so pretty.


I don’t remember the exact blend of this, but it’s lambswool/angora/nylon. The original color was light blue and I threw it in a dyepot to soak up some extra dye a while ago. Pretty.


Light blue silk yarn + black RIT dye = shiny shiny silver yarn that I am completely besotted with. Seriously. It’s so pretty. I have a lot more blue silk from the Nordstrom cardigan it came from, and I’ll probably overdye the rest. The silver is so pretty. It looks tiny but I think it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 50g.

I’m also knitting things. Sharks (of course) and a scarf for me and a sweater for WWFY. Hopefully it will be before a week from now that I actually talk about those things.

I’ve been someone remiss about blogging lately, mostly because all I’ve been knitting lately are shark mittens. I have an adult small mitten part done:


And I’ve started on some baby sharks:


I’ve also been unwinding sweaters like crazy using my new winder. I finished up a couple of sweaters I’ve had around for a bit including an 80/20 wool/nylon pullover that now looks like this:

I’ve also been working. Both for my Etsy shop for my real person grown-up job. I’ve officially subbed (for money even!) for two different classes and I have a fourth grade class on Monday and Tuesday. I think I’ll be trying to work a lot so I can make some money. And so I can afford to treat myself a little now and again. I went to Farm Fresh today to pick up some meds and I felt I deserved a pumpkin spice latte from the Starbuck’s for my new job. And it is delicious.

When I was in NoVa this past week, my mother emailed me an ad from Craig’s List. I emailed the poster regarding the item in question. She replied; we arranged to meet up when we were both in town. I am now the proud owner of this beauty:


Ohhhhhh yeah. Antique skein winder that I bought for $30. It’s kinda beat up but it spins just fine. I’ve already done like four hanks on it and it’s way faster than the niddy noddy. I can even chain ply as I wind on it if I spin the wheel with my foot.

I’d have some knitting to show you today as well, but I once again finished commissions, packaged them, and sent them without photographing them. Sorry. There were some brown spats and some shark mittens. Speaking of shark mittens, I was working on an outstanding order on my way back from NoVa and I think I left a mostly finished mitten (just the grey parts) on the train. Now I have to make two more. : (

In less depressing news, I am officially employed! I am currently working as a substitute teacher and I worked my first official day in the classroom where I’ve been volunteering the last couple of months. I might go in again tomorrow and I’m subbing for fourth grade on Monday and Tuesday. Fortunately it is at the elementary school where myself and my siblings went to school and where my mother works, so I’m pretty familiar with a lot of the staff and the layout of the school. Hopefully I can do most of my subbing there, though I’m available to sub at several other schools.

So yes. Employment and knitting and yarn winding. Yay.

This post is a little late, but it’s still today, so it still counts. I may have started another project.


It’s Aviatrix in some delightful handspun. At this moment, it’s quite a bit further along (I have four full repeats done), but this is the picture I have. More tomorrow probably.

Also, apropos of nothing, this week was the boyfriend and my third anniversary. We’ve been together three years which is totally bitchin. We celebrated today with Mexican food and later this week with a movie date. So yay! Boyfriend!

It’s getting darkish and I’m in the middle of a bunch of knitting projects, so I’ll show you this sweater my mother found at the thrift for me:


It’s Shetland wool, fingering weight. Pretty sticky cause it’s Shetland, but I bed it would make good outerwear.

I’ll also say that within 12 hours of posting about my sewing machine and mannquin, I had two offers for both. I get rid of some stuff and I get some money woot!

I’ll get back to knitting so I have something more interesting for you tomorrow.

I am Brinn’s utter lack of impulse control.

Went to the thrift yesterday (Thrift Store City if you’re from Hampton Roads. It’s the best thrift basically ever). Because the one thing I need is more yarn, I bought some sweaters (and also a cocktail glass).

An Express merino sweater:


An aran scarf (that is annoyingly knit on a double bed machine)


Aaaaaand four cashmere sweaters:


I am completely incapable of leaving cashmere on the rack. Not sure if I’ll felt or frog it, but ohh, I can’t pass it up. It’s so soft.

I also found this hot mess of fug:


It looks like someone ran over a fox and glued it to a sweater. IDEK.

ETA: Dear Ani: This is for you:

So Monday’s Halloween but people celebrate on the weekend cause they have jobs and stuff. Unfortunately, I’m doing nothing for Halloween. Well, I’ll be knitting. And watching science fiction tv (finishing up Charmed and starting Torchwood next I think). And drinking. Cause I’m a grown up, that’s why.

So I’m bummed that all my friends are three hours away so I have no one to celebrate with. Maybe I’ll wear cat ears and sit on the porch with some candy. Maybe I’ll dress young and go trick or treating. *shrug*

Anyway, things are going slowly on the knitting front because I’ve been volunteering full time. I have substitute orientation on Tuesday, so after that I’ll be actually getting paid for all the work I’ve been doing. Which will be the exact same time commitment but I’ll have some money. Which I’m going to need if I’m going to move next year (and I am).

Here are some things I’m working on:


Lace Ribbons Pullover in mohair for WWFY. Possibly a long-term project.


Fingerless mitts which I’m sure I’ll finish up quickly. Also for WWFY and in EL Silky Wool.


And this sweater. My mother picked it up at the thrift store today for me to unravel, which I’ve started doing. It’s a very loosely spun thick/thin single in a nice blue. Some of it will probably get knit into an Urchin hat, but much of it I think I will attempt to respin into a thinner more even yarn. It’s a ton of yarn as-is and would probably end up as twice as much of an even 2-ply dk. So that’ll be nice.

Do you guys have any plans for Halloween? Tell me in the comments so I can live vicariously through you.

So I do not have any FO’s at the moment (though I have shark mittens that just need teeth). I did, however, sign up for two more WWFY swaps (with the same person) because apparently I just like hoarding yarn and not actually knitting anything for myself. I figure I’ll stock up now so I’ll have lots to knit when I’m desperately poor and need the money for rent and groceries and whatnot.

Anyway, so I’m knitting Lacy Ribbons in Douceur et Soie (basically Cracksilk Haze). It’s pretty:


In return, I got six skeins Noro Aurora, which is SPARKLY. Seriously, I love it:



I’m also knitting fingerless mitts, but that yarn was just sent today, so more on that later.