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I am Brinn’s utter lack of impulse control.

Went to the thrift yesterday (Thrift Store City if you’re from Hampton Roads. It’s the best thrift basically ever). Because the one thing I need is more yarn, I bought some sweaters (and also a cocktail glass).

An Express merino sweater:


An aran scarf (that is annoyingly knit on a double bed machine)


Aaaaaand four cashmere sweaters:


I am completely incapable of leaving cashmere on the rack. Not sure if I’ll felt or frog it, but ohh, I can’t pass it up. It’s so soft.

I also found this hot mess of fug:


It looks like someone ran over a fox and glued it to a sweater. IDEK.

ETA: Dear Ani: This is for you:


So Monday’s Halloween but people celebrate on the weekend cause they have jobs and stuff. Unfortunately, I’m doing nothing for Halloween. Well, I’ll be knitting. And watching science fiction tv (finishing up Charmed and starting Torchwood next I think). And drinking. Cause I’m a grown up, that’s why.

So I’m bummed that all my friends are three hours away so I have no one to celebrate with. Maybe I’ll wear cat ears and sit on the porch with some candy. Maybe I’ll dress young and go trick or treating. *shrug*

Anyway, things are going slowly on the knitting front because I’ve been volunteering full time. I have substitute orientation on Tuesday, so after that I’ll be actually getting paid for all the work I’ve been doing. Which will be the exact same time commitment but I’ll have some money. Which I’m going to need if I’m going to move next year (and I am).

Here are some things I’m working on:


Lace Ribbons Pullover in mohair for WWFY. Possibly a long-term project.


Fingerless mitts which I’m sure I’ll finish up quickly. Also for WWFY and in EL Silky Wool.


And this sweater. My mother picked it up at the thrift store today for me to unravel, which I’ve started doing. It’s a very loosely spun thick/thin single in a nice blue. Some of it will probably get knit into an Urchin hat, but much of it I think I will attempt to respin into a thinner more even yarn. It’s a ton of yarn as-is and would probably end up as twice as much of an even 2-ply dk. So that’ll be nice.

Do you guys have any plans for Halloween? Tell me in the comments so I can live vicariously through you.

First thing’s first: The winner of the fish earrings!


Congratulations to comment number one: Siobhan! I’ll be emailing you for your address!

Now for some thrift scoring. I went to the Goodwill Outlet this morning with my mother and for a grand total on NINE DOLLARS, I scored all of the following sweaters:


Three are lamb’s wool, one’s wool and angora, one’s cotton and linen and one (the green one) is cotton and silk. The cotton ones will probably become tank tops of some sort, though I’ll probably over dye the yarn. The green one with blue to get teal because although it’s a lovely color, my Green Leaves tank is in almost the exact same shade of green. The wool ones I may dye and either sell or have another giveaway on the blog because while I do love yarn (especially cheap yarn), I am running out of room to store it.