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As usual, I am in the middle of knitting about a billion shark mittens. I also have an order for spats, some dino mittens (!) and a marzipan cowl that someone on Etsy requested. So I’m sorry to say that the knitting front is not too interesting at the moment. Here’s some shark progress:


They’re a bit further along than that now.

In related news, I got some knitting books from my parents for my birthday:


Knitting on the Edge, which I’ve checked out from the library a ton and have been coveting forever, and Custom Knits 2. I have the first Custom Knits book, so between the two, I have no excuse for making a poorly-fitted sweater. And I’ve got plans for sweaters. Oh, do I have plans.

But more on that later. For now: sharks.


I’ve been someone remiss about blogging lately, mostly because all I’ve been knitting lately are shark mittens. I have an adult small mitten part done:


And I’ve started on some baby sharks:


I’ve also been unwinding sweaters like crazy using my new winder. I finished up a couple of sweaters I’ve had around for a bit including an 80/20 wool/nylon pullover that now looks like this:

I’ve also been working. Both for my Etsy shop for my real person grown-up job. I’ve officially subbed (for money even!) for two different classes and I have a fourth grade class on Monday and Tuesday. I think I’ll be trying to work a lot so I can make some money. And so I can afford to treat myself a little now and again. I went to Farm Fresh today to pick up some meds and I felt I deserved a pumpkin spice latte from the Starbuck’s for my new job. And it is delicious.

Yeah, yeah, bad pun. Anyway, since the start of fall, my Etsy shop, wherein I sell custom knit shark/dino mittens and spats and patterns, has been doing very well. My needles are pretty busy which is good cause I need the money. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been making lately for the shop:


A pair of baby sharks, going to Canada.


A single shark to be used as a puppet.


And some black spats. I’ll be mailing everything off tomorrow, and I just got two more orders for spats and an order for shark mittens. So get used to seeing those things for the time being.

The thing about suddenly working (or volunteering) a full-time job when you’re used to having the whole day for whatever is that I have waaaay less time for knitting. And I have shark mitten orders which means I’ve put knitting for myself on hold. : ( I currently have three orders outstanding (one is for two pairs of children’s mittens).


I have all the parts knit for the first two pairs, and I need to put them together. The next pair is a bit past the thumb gusset.

I’ve also been doing some unravelling. My mother found a big red cabled pullover that I’m working on (though it’s a little felted). I also recently found a tan cashmere sweater to felt for my blanket. Which I have enough sweaters to make decent-sized, I just need to get around to doing the sewing. And I’ll need a warmer blanket soon because the weather was in the 60s for the last couple days so I got to wear knits. : ) I much prefer fall to summer.

So it snowed last night, and I participated in a snowball fight and made a snowman. It was dark though, so there aren’t any pictures. We still had class today though, but I made my own snow day and spent the morning finishing up some shark mittens:


That’s three pairs. I still have like four more to make, plus four pairs of socks.

So yeah. Knitting.