When I was in NoVa this past week, my mother emailed me an ad from Craig’s List. I emailed the poster regarding the item in question. She replied; we arranged to meet up when we were both in town. I am now the proud owner of this beauty:


Ohhhhhh yeah. Antique skein winder that I bought for $30. It’s kinda beat up but it spins just fine. I’ve already done like four hanks on it and it’s way faster than the niddy noddy. I can even chain ply as I wind on it if I spin the wheel with my foot.

I’d have some knitting to show you today as well, but I once again finished commissions, packaged them, and sent them without photographing them. Sorry. There were some brown spats and some shark mittens. Speaking of shark mittens, I was working on an outstanding order on my way back from NoVa and I think I left a mostly finished mitten (just the grey parts) on the train. Now I have to make two more. : (

In less depressing news, I am officially employed! I am currently working as a substitute teacher and I worked my first official day in the classroom where I’ve been volunteering the last couple of months. I might go in again tomorrow and I’m subbing for fourth grade on Monday and Tuesday. Fortunately it is at the elementary school where myself and my siblings went to school and where my mother works, so I’m pretty familiar with a lot of the staff and the layout of the school. Hopefully I can do most of my subbing there, though I’m available to sub at several other schools.

So yes. Employment and knitting and yarn winding. Yay.