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So remember how I said I was going to be back with a FO the other day? I totally meant to. And then there was a huge storm and most of my evening looked like this:

Yeah. So. Here I am today! I did some cross stitching the other evening and ended up with this sweet hoop:


I used the pattern from Wee Little Stitches. I left out Hank and Jan, obviously. I wanted to do the Hulk too but I didn’t feel like making one up, so I just went with the three boys.


It was a super fun, fast stitch. I have no idea what count aida cloth I used and most of the colors were DMC but that’s because I got most of them from a kit I got from my grandmother and the colors were labeled. Most of my thread is thrift store or yard sale stock so I don’t keep track of the color numbers. I use what looks good.


Here’s a close-up of little Thor, who was the most complicated because he has about eight billion different colors. But he’s so cute! I love this hoop. LOVE.

I wanted to include a pic of it on my hoop… door, but it’s not up yet. Another time, certainly.