In between some swap knitting and fanatical reading over the last couple of days (I just finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo; it was fantastic) I whipped up a quick cross stitch for no reason other than I like to cross stitch. Also, Firefly:


I made up the pattern for Mal based on some pixel art of him and of Riley (from the Buffy set) to get the proportions right. I quite like how it came out. It’s up on my art/craft/geek wall:


Ignore the blur in the corner; the room is technically my sister’s and some of her posters and things are still up.

I’ve been making steady progress on the Hexagon Petal Tee. It’s going pretty quickly now that I’ve figured out how to follow the damn pattern.

In life news, my brother upgraded his computer and I got his old one. I ordered a graphics card which arrived today, so basically my life is going to be X FILES BIOSHOCK PORTAL BIOSHOCK PORTAL PORTAL Maybe a little knitting. So yeah. : )