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Sooo as I may have mentioned recently, I have fallen HARD into Star Wars fandom. I’m currently reading Wraith Squadron, which is obviously completely ripped off of Rogue Squadron but it’s so much fun that I don’t care. Related to that: I have recently started actually using Goodreads. You can find me here.

Anyway, I’m a big nerd and you know I make stuff when I fall into a fandom. So I made something. A cross stitch to be exact:


I used letter charting software available here and the blaster pattern from the original cross stitch here. I’m sort of in love with the result. It’s on, I believe, 14 count aida and mostly DMC floss.

The silver floss is metallic. Check it:


It was a huge pain in the ass to stitch with because it’s so slippery, but I made it work.

And now, about the hoop. I had a hoop that was the perfect size but I didn’t have the back. So I did some, um, construction of the part I had (I actually ended up breaking it so it’s rejoined into a circle with quite a bit of tape). I ran a line of stitching around the outside of the fabric and pulled to create a form for the hoop to sit it. Then I glued the fuck out of it.

Anyway, I love it. It’s sitting proudly up on my hoopla wall/door, which I finally got around to taking a picture of:


Every single one of those hoops is related to some fandom (Firefly, Angel, Avengers, BSG, Dr. Horrible, Rickroll (sort of!), Buffy) except for the one that says “Let there be love.” I’d say I need to stitch up some non-fandom hoops, but I really don’t. : )

Stay tuned for what I received from my Doctor Who swap because HOLY SHIT you will be jealous.


So remember how I said I was going to be back with a FO the other day? I totally meant to. And then there was a huge storm and most of my evening looked like this:

Yeah. So. Here I am today! I did some cross stitching the other evening and ended up with this sweet hoop:


I used the pattern from Wee Little Stitches. I left out Hank and Jan, obviously. I wanted to do the Hulk too but I didn’t feel like making one up, so I just went with the three boys.


It was a super fun, fast stitch. I have no idea what count aida cloth I used and most of the colors were DMC but that’s because I got most of them from a kit I got from my grandmother and the colors were labeled. Most of my thread is thrift store or yard sale stock so I don’t keep track of the color numbers. I use what looks good.


Here’s a close-up of little Thor, who was the most complicated because he has about eight billion different colors. But he’s so cute! I love this hoop. LOVE.

I wanted to include a pic of it on my hoop… door, but it’s not up yet. Another time, certainly.