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So the other day I wasn’t in the mood to knit (mostly because the hours and days I’ve been knitting as of late put something of a strain on my metacarpals and thumb) but as you probably know, I’m not content to sit and watch SG1 (which is what I’ve been doing lately) with no craft projects. So I dug out some embroidery. A couple of hours later, I had a finished piece, stitched, ironed and framed:


It’s mostly backstitch and some french knots cause that’s what I know how to do. The lettering is kind of wonky since it’s just stitched in my handwriting (I just wrote the words with a disappearing ink pen and stitched over them). This frame came with a piece of glass, so I had the brilliant idea of wrapping the cloth around the glass and fitting it inside the frame with the cardboard backing instead of using a separate piece of cardboard. It worked quite well if I do say so myself.

The punnerific statement and elephant design is based on a similar embroidery piece I found and pinned onto Pinterest:

I appear to have regained my knit mojo, so I’m back at it, but rest assured, I’ll be doing another punnerific embroidery soon. This one and the “alot” one I made before have very similar frames and style, and I have a couple of similar frames. I’m thinking of doing a set and hanging them together (y’know, when I have a place of my own to hang them in), so if you have any suggestions for further pieces in the same vein, do let me know.

Also, you know I’m gonna embroidery something SG1/Stargate-related when I’m through the series cause I’m totally hooked. Especially on McKay. Ohh, I love McKay. (I watched Stargate: Atlantis first and quickly became enamored of him and squealed ridiculously when I came upon an SG1 ep he’s in.)