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Sooo I’ve started swapping again. I signed up for an Alice in Wonderland swap and I’m doing ows again. I claimed A2K for some plarn and an ewok pin cushion.

Plarn is a portmanteau of plastic bag yarn. I used this tutorial to make yarn from the collection of plastic bags I’ve got kicking around.

 photo 001-2_zpsf7f7ea6e.jpg

I got a total of 202 yards in two skeins. I used my rotary cutter to slice the strips and it actually went pretty quickly. I keep forgetting to bring my reusable bags when I go grocery shopping, so I’ve got quite the collection of plastic bags. I might make some of this yarn myself and use it in weaving.

The other thing I made for the swap is an Ewok.

 photo 002-2_zps3f70fa7a.jpg

Pattern: Wicket the Ewok but I mostly just winged it
Yarn: Scraps. Cascade Eco and wool recycled from a sweater with a bit of colorwork.
Hook: 3.75 mm
Mods: I mostly made things up as I went, so there are a lot. Plus I used fabric for the hood and stitched it in place.

Once I finished all the pieces and stitched him together (mostly just the arms since I made the legs, body, and head all in one piece), I used a hand carder to brush out the yarn and make him fuzzy. He’s stuffed with yarn scraps from weaving, so he’s wool all the way through.

 photo 007-2_zpsa1bbe8e6.jpg

I’m particularly pleased with the hood. I played with the fabric and draping for a while before I stitched it down. I tried to crochet the hood, but I kept running out of whatever color I started it in. I guess it takes way more than I was allocating. Oh well. The fabric hood came out really nicely.

 photo 005-2_zps582c5583.jpg

There’s a good chance that by the time this posts, the little ewok and the plarn will have made it to their destination. I hope A2K likes them!


I am still knitting, I promise, but weaving is where it’s at these days. I love weaving. I’m weaving all the things and all the time.

 photo IMAG0169_zps5e2711fa.jpg

Yarns: Patons Soy Wool Solids and Noro Silk Garden, a little over a skein of each
Loom: Easy Weaver
Reed: The standard one for that loom. I think it’s 8 dpi.

 photo IMAG0171_zps5f6163c4.jpg

This scarf had tension issues out the wazoo, but I really love how it came out. It’s drapey and warm and super long–I can wrap it around my neck three times. The SWS is super soft and the Noro is colorful. It’s gorgeous.

It was, however, a gigantic pain in the ass to weave. As I said, tension issues. Plus the SWS is fuzzy as hell. The Noro, thankfully, behaved itself and there weren’t any knots.

 photo IMAG0174_zps334852b4.jpg

I wove this up mostly with the intention of A, practicing houndstooth and B, making something out of the fabric. Because I have a metric fuck ton of scarves and shawls and wraps and I honestly do not need any more. But it made such a great scarf that I left it as is. I have since woven up another length I used to make a bag (pictures soon). I’m really enjoying weaving up fabric yardage to turn into something else later. Mostly bags, probably, because my sewing skills aren’t that great.

In book/fannish news, Joe and I finished the Thrawn trilogy the other day and I have ALL THE FEELINGS. Mara is the best ever (obviously) and Karrde is adorable. And GAH. And THRAWN. GAH, I SAY. We have since started the Jedi Academy trilogy, which is good but not nearly as much as Thrawn (obviously). Zahn is amazing and I must read all the things. Speaking of Star things, I have also gotten back into watching Star Trek: Next Generation. You guys, season four is SO MUCH BETTER than the previous three. I love it. I’m working through it and will probably watch Deep Space Nine afterwards.

Sooo as I may have mentioned recently, I have fallen HARD into Star Wars fandom. I’m currently reading Wraith Squadron, which is obviously completely ripped off of Rogue Squadron but it’s so much fun that I don’t care. Related to that: I have recently started actually using Goodreads. You can find me here.

Anyway, I’m a big nerd and you know I make stuff when I fall into a fandom. So I made something. A cross stitch to be exact:


I used letter charting software available here and the blaster pattern from the original cross stitch here. I’m sort of in love with the result. It’s on, I believe, 14 count aida and mostly DMC floss.

The silver floss is metallic. Check it:


It was a huge pain in the ass to stitch with because it’s so slippery, but I made it work.

And now, about the hoop. I had a hoop that was the perfect size but I didn’t have the back. So I did some, um, construction of the part I had (I actually ended up breaking it so it’s rejoined into a circle with quite a bit of tape). I ran a line of stitching around the outside of the fabric and pulled to create a form for the hoop to sit it. Then I glued the fuck out of it.

Anyway, I love it. It’s sitting proudly up on my hoopla wall/door, which I finally got around to taking a picture of:


Every single one of those hoops is related to some fandom (Firefly, Angel, Avengers, BSG, Dr. Horrible, Rickroll (sort of!), Buffy) except for the one that says “Let there be love.” I’d say I need to stitch up some non-fandom hoops, but I really don’t. : )

Stay tuned for what I received from my Doctor Who swap because HOLY SHIT you will be jealous.

So I was wandering about the internet, when I came upon this through the sadly now-defunct Folding Trees. Click the link. Really. It’s super cool, and you’ll be glad I told you to do it. I’ll wait.

Back? IT’S AN ORIGAMI X-WING. I KNOW, RIGHT? Seeing as my boyfriend is completely Star Wars obsessed and I like making things for him (I’m given surprisingly few opportunities as my primary craft is knitting and he’s PRACTICALLY IMPERVIOUS TO COLD), I had to whip one up:


This is my first attempt. It’s a little sad. Clearly I wasn’t paying very close attention to it, and the folds kind of… suck.

My next attempt was much less sucky:

(It’s really much better than it looks here. Really.)

If you or someone you know likes Star Wars, you should totally make them an origami X-Wing. Some of the directions are a little bit vague and confusing, but if you’re good at origami, it should be a piece of cake. And if you’re not (*raises hand*) it’s still pretty easy. It says at the top, and I’ll tell you again here, be sure to make your folds precise, especially when folding over corners. They get pretty tiny at the end.

If you’ve not left already to rush off and make X-Wings, I’ll mention that I’m still working on my summer cardi reknit. I have about five or six more inches (yes, already. I knit in class and it’s worsted weight on 4.5 mm needles) and then I have to pick up for ribbing and whatnot. So that’s happening. FO soon, I wager.