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I received my package for the Whedonverse swap (on Craftster) from FiberAlchemist today! It’s the best thing ever and she’s great! Seriously people, have your wisting fingers in the upright and read position.

She sent me magnets!


Dollhouse! Bufffy! PUPPET ANGEL.

She sent me a hooped embroidery!


This is my favorite thing Cordelia Chase has EVER said in all seven seasons of Buffy and five seasons of Angel. She says it in the Buffy pilot.

She sent me paintings of the Scooby Gang!


They look amazing! Just like the characters! AMAZING.

And finally she sent me the best swap thing I have ever been sent EVER:


It’s a pillow! With Wash! And so many tiny stitches! And so many words! And SHADING. And soft soft dinosaur fabric.
So basically, FiberAlchemist is the best thing ever! Hence all the exclamation marks! YAY.