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YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS! I received for my Doctor Who swap and it is the BEST THING EVER and you should all be jealous. SERIOUSLY.


!!!!!! Tiny Ten!!!!


He stands on his own! His glasses are removable! He has shoes! AND LOOK AT THAT HAIR. He has the most adorable little cowlick thing that Tennant rocks. I made some ridiculous noises when I pulled this out, let me tell you.

But also there were stitch markers! That are adipose!


Also, remember that Weeping Angel I crocheted?


I’ll make a proper TARDIS one of these days but for now, the note card was a perfect stand in.

So basically, I incredibly love dragonflyducky/Kerstin, and she is the best ever. (Seriously, did you see his little hair?)

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