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I did a swap! I don’t do a whole lot of them these days, but I did do an Alice in Wonderland themed swap. It was pretty fun. Here’s what I received from my partner:

 photo 013-1_zps33f1c935.jpg

Fabulous wall art based on the suits from SyFy’s Alice (which is fabulous by the way).

 photo 011_zps9245332f.jpg

Minitote! Inside the minitote was Disney’s Alice tea. I don’t drink tea, but Joe likes it. So yay.

Here’s what I made for my partner:

 photo 008-3_zps0e3e5b05.jpg

I cross stitched the first stanza from the Jabberwocky. It came out super awesome, but let me tell you, I probably unstitched this sucker as much or more than I stitched it. I made a lot of mistakes. It did come out super great though. Even the back looks good:

 photo 009-1_zpsc1b40102.jpg

I glued some felt to the back to make it all neat.

I also made a card:


I drew it by hand. Outline is sharpie pen and the colors are Crayola colored pencils. It came out SO WELL. I don’t draw really, but I can look at a picture and copy it pretty well, which is what I did here.

I hope my partner likes the things I made. This swap was pretty fun to craft for. And now, back to my knitting.


As promised, here’s what I made for the Doctor Who Swap on Craftster I participated in:


Pattern: TARDIS socks
Yarn: Lion Brand Sock Ease and some white and black scraps
Needles: US 1/2.25mm
Modifications: Well, they’re mitts and not socks soo….

I’m pretty chuffed with how they came out. They were a bit large for my hands, but I have small hands.


I made this zipper pouch, the fabric of which you will recognize from the drawstring bag I made myself.


This drawing of the Doctor’s name from his cot in “A Good Man Goes to War” (the second part; can’t remember what that one’s called). I actually traced it from my computer screen, though I did sketch it out more fully on my own.


I painted a notebook to look like River’s spoiler journal and coated it with mod podge. I drew this on the inside front cover:


It says “Spoilers” in circular Galifreyan. I love it.

I also made a card, but I don’t have a picture of it. I signed my name in circular Galifreyan thought. : ) My package should arrive sometime next week (excite) and I will definitely show that off.

Next time: What I received in the yarnies vs. hoopers swap. Because it’s awesome.

My partner, TwistedTruth, received her package yesterday so I can FINALLY post about the completely awesome things I made her. I have been DYING to show you guys this stuff since I started. I am completely thrilled with everything I made. So here’s what I made:

First, the card:


Paper cut out, gold cardstock and black sharpie, covered with mod podge. Seriously, you guys. I need to do this paper cut out/pod podge delio more often because I really enjoy it and the results are usually pretty good.

Then a cross stitch bookmark:


I used the pattern that’s located here for the Professor then sewed some red felt on the back. My partner does a lot of ATC swaps, so I figure this could be a fabric ATC if she wanted.

Then I did some drawings, which isn’t a thing I usually do because I generally consider myself non-artistic. But I can copy an image pretty well:


Colored pencil and sharpie on card stock. My partner said she likes Pazzuzzu, the professor’s gargoyle. I thought this was a cute scene to sketch. I left the color testing on the side because I find that sort of thing interested, but she can trim it off if she likes.

Next is a somewhat more ambitious art piece:


Sharpie on card stock. Based on this toadily (yes, I went there) bitchin’ image here which is, of course, based on this iconic Obama poster. I am completely, utterly thrilled with how this came out and I am considering making another for myself. Because seriously, I’m toadily (yes, again) chuffed with it.

Last and not least (greatest, actually) is the pis de resistance, this fantastic stuffie:


It’s a knitted Robot Devil! Made in recycled wool. A pattern I made up as I went and which is probably entirely too complicated for me to want to write up. He has cardboard in the larger shapes and 18 gauge wire in the limbs so they can be posed. He doesn’t sit up very well but I think it’s a pretty good likeness.

Look at his little fingers!


I can’t wait to see what my partner makes for me but I’m so excited about the things that I made that getting stuff in return is just icing on my crafting cake.