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Man, the parade of FOs just never stops around here. I made some mitts for Anna-Marie!

Pattern: Susie’s Reading Mitts by Susie Rodgers
Yarn: Blue Moon Socks that Rock Medium Weight in Rare Gems Fire
Needles: US 5/3.75mm
Mods: I used a provisional cast on instead of sewing up the bottom hem. As usual, I mostly just threw the stitch pattern in to my basic mitts pattern

So these knit up super quick. The yarn is a bit light for what’s called for, but I think this worked out okay. Both Anna-Marie and I have tiny hands, so the small gauge means they fit really well. I’ve had this pattern in my queue for a while and I got a chance to knit it up here. I probably won’t make them again, but they are cute. I like the picot hem. But then I love a good turned hem.

The yarn was an absolute delight to work with. It’s a very round, dense yarn, which I really love with fingerless gloves. And hats. And everything. The color’s nice too, although I don’t usually tend toward red for myself (recent sweater project notwithstanding). There’s a considerable amount of the yarn left. I can’t recall if Anna-Marie wants it back, but if she doesn’t, it’ll make a lovely hat. (It will make a lovely hat regardless, but you know what I mean.)

In only tangentally related news, I think I’m out of FOs for the moment. I have several works in progress, so expect tomorrow’s post to be something that isn’t finished yet. Imagine that–you guys can see something I’m making it before it’s finished. Remember when I used to do WIP posts? It’ll be just like old times.


Wow, two days and I’ve already failed at NaBloPoMo. In NaNo, if you miss a day, you can always make it up by writing more the next day. Unfortunately, that isn’t really the case here unless I post twice in the same day. Which I suppose I could, but still. Anyway, I’m going to continue trying to post every day. Maybe that’ll be the only day I skip (ha, like that’ll happen).

Anyway, you’re not here for meta blog talks; you’re here for posts about knitting. So here’s some knitting:

Pattern: Veyla by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Cephalopod Yarns Skinny Bugga in Strawberry Crab, a negligible amount of the skein (seriously, there’s 90g left).
Needles: US 3/3.25 mm double points
Mods: None; knit exactly as written (shocking, I know)

Sooo these are completely gorgeous and I never want to give them up. I will, of course, because they’re for AnnaMarie, but I completely love them. The yarn is gorgeous, the pattern is gorgeous, the buttons match perfectly… Sigh. I do have a pair of these mitts I made myself (in some lovely cashmere no less), but oh, these mitts. I’ll pine for these mitts. (Okay, I probably won’t, but they are seriously pretty.)

I’m pretty sure these won’t be my last pair of Veyla. I knit these up in two days (of course, that was pretty constantly knitting) and I adore the pattern. Course, when I make some for me, I’ll have to use a slightly less gorgeous yarn, but I’ll aim for a nice deep jewel tone. My Veylas are lavender, which is fine and all, but like, did you see these mitts in this yarn?

*fans self* Oh my.

Happy Halloween, folks! I’m pretty sure I have no plans (some friends had a party last weekend; I was Little Red Riding Hood–I’ll take any excuse to wear my capelet), but there’s knitting to show off!

Pattern: Nalu Mitts by Leila Raabe
Yarn: Cephalopod Yarns Traveller in Kalamazoo, about half a skein
Needles: US 4/3.75 mm
Mods: I did my plug&play mitts as usual, although I did use the cast on number from the pattern

I made some mitts! They were super quick and the pattern was easy to follow. I don’t usually care to knit 1×1 twisted ribbing, but I liked how the cables flow from the ribbing in the pattern, so I went with it. It looks stunning in this yarn, y’all. So glad I went with it.

These came out a little bigger than I would have liked. The pattern calls for casting on 46, which is just a bit too much, I think, for Anna-Marie’s hands (and mine as well) I usually cast on about 40 for dk weight yarn and US 4 needles for our tiny hands, which works out pretty perfectly. Not that I’ll make these again because there are too many other fun mitt patterns to try, but still.

I really love this yarn, y’all. It’s so pretty. It was SO lovely to work with. Cephalopod (and before them Sanguine Gryphon) has such gorgeous colors. Love them.

Next in the never-ending line of FOs from chez Stitch Brinn Stitch is a cowl I made for Anna-Marie of CorgiHillFarm (seriously, go buy her stuff, it’s amazing; I have, ahem, several braids).

Pattern: Pretty Thing by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Superior, about half a skein
Needle: US 6/4 mm (that’s bigger than called for but I don’t have a 16″ US 4 and I knit tightly)
Mod: None, knit as written

I would definitely classify this as a smoke ring. It’s just a soft little wisp of a thing, but it’s so soft. The yarn is mostly cashmere, and it feels like wearing a kitten (so says Anna-Marie). It’s a gorgeous pattern and so simple to knit: only 119 stitches around and 61 rows. It knits up in no time.

(ignore my face please)

It would have been completely easy street knitting except for the yarn. Knit up, the yarn is gorgeous and soft and warm and lovely and just so nice. All those words. During the knitting, though? Oh, the knitting. It’s stringy, splitty, and a tiny little barely-there strand that made knitting k2togs a PITA. It was Not Fun to work with, especially for the first couple rows before there’s anything there to pull the knitting down.

Once I was about a centimeter in to the knitting, it was much better. If I got annoyed with it, I just stopped knitting and petted it for a while. And it is only 61 rows. I highlighted each row as I was working it, and that let me keep track of where I was really easily. I don’t often work from printed patterns (I usually just bring them up on a computer or phone or something and work from there; it doesn’t help that I don’t have a printer at home), but I do like it for charts.

I will almost certainly make another of these for me. I won’t use lace weight (I’ve learned that lesson), but I think it would be really nice in something with some body. Something to make it stand up a little instead of pooling around the throat (which is fine, just not generally what I want in a cowl). Maybe I’ll combine some cashmere and some silk or a cashmere/wool blend and knit it out of that. I have about half a skein of the Superior left. Maybe I’ll hold it together with something sturdier and let the cashmere halo make it soft like kittens.

In the mean time, it’s shark central over here and I’m knitting a bunch more things for Anna-Marie. I also had time to knit a separate thing for me, but you’ll hear more about that later. I’m planning to participate in NaBloPoMo again this year, wherein I attempt to post every day for the month of November. I’ve attempted it for the last couple of years, but I’ve yet to be successful. Maybe this year.

In fandom news, I’ve finished my rewatch of SG1. Sam Carter is still my favorite person ever, but Vala is a pretty close second. I’ve since started watching the Justice League, which is delightful. My feelings about the Justice League can pretty much be summed up thusly: If you don’t love Hawkgirl, you’re wrong. I watched Batman: Year One and Justice League: Doom the other day and then last night I watched an episode of Justice League that had Cheetah, but she wasn’t voiced by Claudia Black, which was super disappointing. Incidentally, Nathan Fillian makes the best Green Lantern ever, and he should be Green Lantern in all the things. In general, I prefer Marvel heroes to DC, but I do love what a great job DC does with continuity in the Animated Universe. If you’re interested in hearing (reading) me geek out over Justice League and other nerdery, my Twitter account is a good place to go. And yes, we’re still reading I, Jedi. Joe’s got a pretty terrible cold, so that’s kind of put a damper on the reading. We’ll finish it one day.

I finished another project for Anna-Marie of Corgi Hill Farm. I’m pretty chuffed with it and I’m kind of sad to be sending it away:

Pattern: Faberge by Laura Aylor
Yarn: Plymouth Alpaca Prima, about 2/3 a skein of the blue and almost a full skein of the grey
Needles: US 6/4 mm
Mods: None, knit as written

So this shawl? Super mega fun to knit. You start with the ruffle because, as the designer correctly notes, that way you get the boring part out of the way while you’re still excited about knitting it. You guys, this is 110 percent accurate. The ruffle rows seem to go on FOREVER, but once they’re (finally) done, it’s smooth cruising all the way. The overlay section is super fun (two rows out of six you’re only knitting about half the stitches per row) and the eyelet section has the benefit of getting smaller and smaller as you go. AMAZING.

I am definitely 100 percent knitting one of these for me. I have no idea what yarn I’ll use (something bright and colorful. I’m thinking a solid and a variegated), but it’s happening. The yarn I used for this one is super fuzzy and hairy and I had alpaca hairs all over everything, so I’d definitely like to use a smoother yarn. That being said, the alpaca in this one drapes really nicely.

When I started this one, I was worried the overlay color wouldn’t show up very well on the grey background. As you can see, there was no need to worry and the pattern is perfectly clear, even from a bit of a distance. I’d still like more contrast in mine, but the shawl is quite pretty either way.

It’s kind of difficult to tell from these pictures, but it’s also pretty big. The wingspan is about five feet (well, it’s my wingspan almost exactly and I’m just over five feet tall, so I extrapolated). It’s definitely big enough to tie behind one’s back shrug style, as I often wear my larger shawls. Despite this, it was a pretty quick knit–I made the whole thing in just over a week.

I’m not sure when I’ll get making my own because, as I said last time, it’s shark season and much of my knitting time will be spent there. But it’s definitely on the list. Maybe I’ll make it in some recycled cashmere….

I made a sweater! It’s number 11 for the year. Only one more to get twelve and I have three months to do it (maybe I’ll finish the Star Trek dress I started). This one isn’t for me though. It’s for someone on the WWFY swap thread (no worries, I was fairly compensated with sock yarn and enough superwash wool to make Hetty).

Pattern: Rambling Rose from the Winter 06 IK
Yarn: Patons Silk Bamboo in Lotus, seven or eight skeins (I can’t remember the total number I was sent).
Needles: US 6/4 mm
Mods: Fewer yoke decreases for a boat neck and an extra row of Scallops for length, both requested mods. I also had to sew the buttonholes smaller since the button size called for in the pattern were WAY too small for the buttonholes in the pattern. This happens to me all the time and is really annoying. I need to learn a new buttonhole that will stay the size I want it to.

According to Ravelry, it took me just shy of a month to knit this thing. I figure that’s pretty good considering I was working on a bunch of other things at the time. This was a pretty fun knit though–it seemed to fly by. The lace patterning is pretty simple and I wasn’t glued to the chart at all. I tend not to make sweaters in pieces because I suck at seaming, but I think this one came out alright. The pieces did make it go faster though.

It’s a wee bit small on me, which is good since the person who will be wearing the sweater is smaller than me. It should fit her just fine. I probably won’t make this again for me because there are so many other sweater patterns out there I’d like to knit, but I did enjoy making this one.

In life news: I’m thinking about going to the Maryland Renaissance Faire in a couple weeks, on the 19th. A bunch of current and former fencers from UMW (where I went to school) are going up, so I’d go with them. I’m also kinda sorta considering going to Nekocon in Hampton at the beginning of November. It’s kind of a hike (though I could stay with my parents), but I’m not sure I have the spare cash. And I’ll be going to Florida with my folks for Christmas, provided I’m not otherwise employed and thus can’t go. This seems unlikely as, even though it’s two and a half months away, I haven’t really been looking. I like my job most of the time, I just wish I was paid better. I dunno. Meh, being an adult sucks. I say again: Why won’t anyone pay me to watch science fiction tv shows and make things (for me)?

Next in a line of finished objects for Anna-Marie of CorgiHillFarm (BUY ALL THE THINGS) is a completely scrumptious cowl:

Pattern: Zuzu’s Petals by Carina Spenser
Yarn: Cephalopod Traveller in Kalamazoo, about half a skein.
Needles: US 9/5.5 mm
Mods: None; knit as written

This was a super quick, fun knit, and I will definitely be making it again for me. The lace is fairly intuitive when you get the hang of it, and it would be super easy to add more repeats for a bigger cowl. The yarn, one which I’ve worked with several times now, is wonderful, as always. A squishy, soft base with an incredible depth of color.

The yarn is just a wee bit dark to really be able to see the pattern in the cowl. I think the original cowl, knit by the designer in a gradient yarn, is fabulous, and I’d love to make one of my own in a gradient. But the one I made is squishy and lovely, and I’m sad to have to give it up. But I know its owner will enjoy it immensely, so there’s that.

In life/fandom news: Still reading I, Jedi and still rewatching SG1. I got caught up on Castle (omg, feels) and I started watching Agents of SHIELD. OMG SHIELD. First of all, Gunn and Shepard Book were in the first episode, so hella squee there. And then there’s Coulson, who is completely perfect and UGH THIS SHOW. I love it to bits. It’s witty and snarky and I’m sure it has flaws, but I’m not seeing them right at the mo. It’s clearly going to get pretty episodic, but I’m mostly okay with that. Castle is super episodic, and I’m still completely enamored with that. Oh SHIELD. Because I needed another fandom. (Okay, it’s kinda technically in the Marvel/Avengers fandom BUT STILL.)

I finished another thing! This was going to be the last of my WWFY knits for CorgiHillFarm, buuuuut then we agreed on a couple more projects. So it isn’t. But it is a finished thing.

Pattern: Cafe Au Lait
Yarn: Cephalopod Yarns Traveller in Winter Garden, about half a skein
Needles: US 4/3.5 mm
Mods: 2×2 ribbing instead of 1×1, different thumb probably… Basically, I just threw the stitch pattern into a mitt of my own design. As you do.

These were super quick and fun to make. And the yarn is absolutely gorgeous–plump and squishy with lovely colors. I should make more fingerless mitts for myself. Course all of my long-sleeved shirts have extra long sleeves so I end up not needing them because the sleeves cover my palms, but still. I should make some for myself.

In life news, things are going pretty swimmingly. I’m hoping to trade up in jobs soon (waiting to hear back about one and there’s an opening in the office where I work currently that I’m going to apply for). I’m planning to move out of where I currently live in December, so I really need a better job in order to finance that move.

In fandom news, I was going to start watching MacGyver or Breaking Bad or Supernatural or a hundred other things and then Joe and I watched Children of the Gods and now I’m rewatching Stargate: SG1. What actually happened is that I put on the movie Stargate on a whim, decided I wanted to watch the SG1 pilot, and got sucked in. Sam Carter is simultaneously the more adorable and most badass thing ever, so you can understand how I was pulled in. LOVE HER. I probably won’t watch all ten seasons (and anyway, I’d be skipping the episodes that are terrible but there are SO MANY GOOD ONES in the first season, I don’t even) because of series rot, but still. Why can’t someone pay me $60k a year to watch science fiction tv shows and make things? That’s my real career goal right there.

I have been really bad about blogging, y’all. Not that I haven’t been making stuff–cause I definitely have. I’ve been super busy though. This past weekend was Anime USA, an anime convention in DC that I help with. It was a ton of fun, I cosplayed Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket and Amy Pond from Doctor Who and took absolutely no pictures.

Anyway, I finished a thing.

Pattern: Balm to the Soul Shawlette
Yarn: Art Yarns Cashmere Sock, two skeins
Needles: US 6/4 mm
Mods: I added an extra texture repeat

I made this for a WWFY swap for CorgiHillFarms. She’s a dyer and you should go buy her stuff because it is absolutely stunning. It is neither the first nor last thing I’ll be making for her cause she’s completely awesome to work with.

The shawl was super fun to make. Just the right amount of texture and simplicity. I’ll probably make one for myself (though a LOT bigger. This thing is TINY). The yarn was lovely as well–mostly cashmere with some wool and nylon. It’s pretty splitty though. There’s a two ply that’s tightly plied and then there are two other plies which aren’t twisted at all, either to each other or to the whole yarn. I have tons of experience knitting with loosely plied yarn (holla, recycled sweater yarn), but if you were used to a tight ply, it would be super annoying.

In life news: You guys, having a full time job makes finding time for photos and blogging HARD. And I’m not keen on it. I know this is what being an adult is like and blah blah blah whine, but still. In fandom news, I’m sort of between shows at the moment. I recently (last week) finished watching through the Magic School Bus, which was AWESOME and TOTALLY WORTH IT. And now I want to cosplay Ms. Frizzle. Have the red wig I can style; I just need to make a dress and knit a Liz. The latter will be happening regardless and the former just needs some crazy printed quilting cotton from JoAnn’s. It’s a plan.

Soo I made some socks for a swap. I mentioned them in my recent WIP Party post, so you may have seen one in progress. They’re basic acrylic house socks, but I did get some (always desperately needed) grey wool in return (and also a pattern I’ve had my eye on). I made three pairs, all fairly quickly.

Pair one!

 photo 006_zps6361c886.jpg

Pattern: It’s a top-down sock. Wedge toe, flap and gusset heel.
Yarn: Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted in Parfait
Needles: US 4/3.5 mm

 photo 005_zpsb1090901.jpg

Socks! They worked up pretty quickly. They are sized for a six-year-old foot with a cuff that can be folded over. Sorry they’re not modeled; I don’t know any six-year-olds whose feet I can borrow. I mostly knit on these at work, where I’m lucky enough to have a wee bit of knitting time.

Pair two!

 photo 003_zps48356a9c.jpg

Pattern: Top-down sock. Wedge toe. Afterthought heel.
Yarn: Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted in and some recycled cotton/acrylic from my stash for the heel and toe.
Needles: US 4/3.5 mm

 photo 001_zps457eacbb.jpg

More socks! Same as the first pair, but with a different heel. Also, these are a little bigger. Plus I knit the feet too long the first time and had to snip it out and reattach the toe. It was an excellent way to practice kitchener in the round. And by perfect, I mean soul-sucking.

Pair three!

Pattern: Say it with me now: Top-down sock. Wedge Toe. Flap and Gusset heel. Whoo!
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Blue Mint and Passion
Needles: Yep, US 4/3.5 mm

Even more socks! These ones have non-yarn-patterned stripes and contrast heels and toes. They are bigger still, about a women’s size 7. They took a bit longer to make, but were pretty quick nonetheless. I made the toe of the first one too long, but I just reknit the toe onto the partially frogged foot. That actually ended up being faster.