I finished another project for Anna-Marie of Corgi Hill Farm. I’m pretty chuffed with it and I’m kind of sad to be sending it away:

Pattern: Faberge by Laura Aylor
Yarn: Plymouth Alpaca Prima, about 2/3 a skein of the blue and almost a full skein of the grey
Needles: US 6/4 mm
Mods: None, knit as written

So this shawl? Super mega fun to knit. You start with the ruffle because, as the designer correctly notes, that way you get the boring part out of the way while you’re still excited about knitting it. You guys, this is 110 percent accurate. The ruffle rows seem to go on FOREVER, but once they’re (finally) done, it’s smooth cruising all the way. The overlay section is super fun (two rows out of six you’re only knitting about half the stitches per row) and the eyelet section has the benefit of getting smaller and smaller as you go. AMAZING.

I am definitely 100 percent knitting one of these for me. I have no idea what yarn I’ll use (something bright and colorful. I’m thinking a solid and a variegated), but it’s happening. The yarn I used for this one is super fuzzy and hairy and I had alpaca hairs all over everything, so I’d definitely like to use a smoother yarn. That being said, the alpaca in this one drapes really nicely.

When I started this one, I was worried the overlay color wouldn’t show up very well on the grey background. As you can see, there was no need to worry and the pattern is perfectly clear, even from a bit of a distance. I’d still like more contrast in mine, but the shawl is quite pretty either way.

It’s kind of difficult to tell from these pictures, but it’s also pretty big. The wingspan is about five feet (well, it’s my wingspan almost exactly and I’m just over five feet tall, so I extrapolated). It’s definitely big enough to tie behind one’s back shrug style, as I often wear my larger shawls. Despite this, it was a pretty quick knit–I made the whole thing in just over a week.

I’m not sure when I’ll get making my own because, as I said last time, it’s shark season and much of my knitting time will be spent there. But it’s definitely on the list. Maybe I’ll make it in some recycled cashmere….