I made a sweater! It’s number 11 for the year. Only one more to get twelve and I have three months to do it (maybe I’ll finish the Star Trek dress I started). This one isn’t for me though. It’s for someone on the WWFY swap thread (no worries, I was fairly compensated with sock yarn and enough superwash wool to make Hetty).

Pattern: Rambling Rose from the Winter 06 IK
Yarn: Patons Silk Bamboo in Lotus, seven or eight skeins (I can’t remember the total number I was sent).
Needles: US 6/4 mm
Mods: Fewer yoke decreases for a boat neck and an extra row of Scallops for length, both requested mods. I also had to sew the buttonholes smaller since the button size called for in the pattern were WAY too small for the buttonholes in the pattern. This happens to me all the time and is really annoying. I need to learn a new buttonhole that will stay the size I want it to.

According to Ravelry, it took me just shy of a month to knit this thing. I figure that’s pretty good considering I was working on a bunch of other things at the time. This was a pretty fun knit though–it seemed to fly by. The lace patterning is pretty simple and I wasn’t glued to the chart at all. I tend not to make sweaters in pieces because I suck at seaming, but I think this one came out alright. The pieces did make it go faster though.

It’s a wee bit small on me, which is good since the person who will be wearing the sweater is smaller than me. It should fit her just fine. I probably won’t make this again for me because there are so many other sweater patterns out there I’d like to knit, but I did enjoy making this one.

In life news: I’m thinking about going to the Maryland Renaissance Faire in a couple weeks, on the 19th. A bunch of current and former fencers from UMW (where I went to school) are going up, so I’d go with them. I’m also kinda sorta considering going to Nekocon in Hampton at the beginning of November. It’s kind of a hike (though I could stay with my parents), but I’m not sure I have the spare cash. And I’ll be going to Florida with my folks for Christmas, provided I’m not otherwise employed and thus can’t go. This seems unlikely as, even though it’s two and a half months away, I haven’t really been looking. I like my job most of the time, I just wish I was paid better. I dunno. Meh, being an adult sucks. I say again: Why won’t anyone pay me to watch science fiction tv shows and make things (for me)?