I finished another thing! This was going to be the last of my WWFY knits for CorgiHillFarm, buuuuut then we agreed on a couple more projects. So it isn’t. But it is a finished thing.

Pattern: Cafe Au Lait
Yarn: Cephalopod Yarns Traveller in Winter Garden, about half a skein
Needles: US 4/3.5 mm
Mods: 2×2 ribbing instead of 1×1, different thumb probably… Basically, I just threw the stitch pattern into a mitt of my own design. As you do.

These were super quick and fun to make. And the yarn is absolutely gorgeous–plump and squishy with lovely colors. I should make more fingerless mitts for myself. Course all of my long-sleeved shirts have extra long sleeves so I end up not needing them because the sleeves cover my palms, but still. I should make some for myself.

In life news, things are going pretty swimmingly. I’m hoping to trade up in jobs soon (waiting to hear back about one and there’s an opening in the office where I work currently that I’m going to apply for). I’m planning to move out of where I currently live in December, so I really need a better job in order to finance that move.

In fandom news, I was going to start watching MacGyver or Breaking Bad or Supernatural or a hundred other things and then Joe and I watched Children of the Gods and now I’m rewatching Stargate: SG1. What actually happened is that I put on the movie Stargate on a whim, decided I wanted to watch the SG1 pilot, and got sucked in. Sam Carter is simultaneously the more adorable and most badass thing ever, so you can understand how I was pulled in. LOVE HER. I probably won’t watch all ten seasons (and anyway, I’d be skipping the episodes that are terrible but there are SO MANY GOOD ONES in the first season, I don’t even) because of series rot, but still. Why can’t someone pay me $60k a year to watch science fiction tv shows and make things? That’s my real career goal right there.