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I made another set of towels/dishcloths. They’re pretty fast and easy so I can see myself making a lot of them. Plus it’s a great way to use up cotton yarn.


Yarn: Bernat Handcrafter Cotton and Sugar and Cream. Plus a little bit of recycled cotton tape yarn.
Loom: Vergere (the Bergere loom, named Vergere cause I’m a big nerd)
Dent: my 5.5 dpi reed


These are finished with a really simple hem. I just zigzagged the raw edges, folded then over and zigzagged them down, and ran a straight seam across the fold. Easy peasy. I did have some serious tensioning issues though and I had to do a bunch of them more than once.

After hemming, most of these came out shorter than I wanted. Next time I’ll do a longer warp and think beforehand how long I want them to be before just cutting the fabric in half. I’m still very new at weaving, but this is more to do with my impatience as a sewer. (Sewist? I’m certainly not a sewer.) I need to work on that, especially since I want to work on getting better at sewig. Probably not garment making, but certainly garment fixing. I’d like to be able to make a corset.

But that’s neither here nor there. I’ve got a fair amount of cotton odds and ends to make into towels and cotton s generally what I see the most of in thrift store sweaters to unravel. So more towels will be made. The goal is to get away from paper towels when it comes to cleaning up stuff.that isn’t too icky. I’m not cleaning up anyone’s bodily fluids with them, but spilled juice.or whatever is fine. And I’m more likely to use them if I have enough so I do.t have to wash them every day. So I’m saving the environment or whatever. Or possibly just saving money on paper towels and sponges.


For my Grandmother for Christmas, I made her two dishcloths:

Photobucket Photobucket

I used Lily cotton and size 8 needles. I think they probably should have been done with 6’s or 7’s to tighten them up, but I like how they came out, especially after blocking.

I also finished a hat for myself because my ears were cold in the Fredericksburg winter:


I used Bernat Alpaca Blends and 8’s (I think) I knitted it flat, sewed it up into a tube and pulled the top tight. It didn’t close all the way, so I crocheted a circle on the inside so cold air wouldn’t get in. I crocheted the earflaps and sewed them on. It’s very cozy and very soft.

I also made a pair of birds (lovebirds), one for Jon and one for Sarah. They’re cutesy and such, so I call them “lovebirds”. They were extremely amused by their gift. : )

Photobucket Photobucket

I used a G hook and Lily cotton, plus a scrap of orange Red Heart for the beaks. I used actual safety eyes also. I love how they turned out.

No pictures in this post, sorry. Haven’t gotten around to taking any. But a couple of updates:

1. I finished the garter striped scarf, which is good cause I was getting tired of knitting it.

2. My cabled scarf is coming along nicely and is probably about 60 percent finished.

3. I started making coffee cup cozies, a couple for coffee shop cups and a couple for mugs. Lots of people will be getting them for Christmas.

4. I’ve decided to work up some dishcloths in some Sugar and Cream I’ve got in my stash. There are a bunch in my Ravelry queue. They will probably be for my mother’s birthday and my Grandmother’s Christmas present. Though there is a Transformers one that is just bitchin’ that I’ll make for myself, though probably not until after the holidays.

5. Still have no idea what to make for the boys in my life. Possibly scarves. The brother will be difficult to knit for though.