So I was wandering about the internet, when I came upon this through the sadly now-defunct Folding Trees. Click the link. Really. It’s super cool, and you’ll be glad I told you to do it. I’ll wait.

Back? IT’S AN ORIGAMI X-WING. I KNOW, RIGHT? Seeing as my boyfriend is completely Star Wars obsessed and I like making things for him (I’m given surprisingly few opportunities as my primary craft is knitting and he’s PRACTICALLY IMPERVIOUS TO COLD), I had to whip one up:


This is my first attempt. It’s a little sad. Clearly I wasn’t paying very close attention to it, and the folds kind of… suck.

My next attempt was much less sucky:

(It’s really much better than it looks here. Really.)

If you or someone you know likes Star Wars, you should totally make them an origami X-Wing. Some of the directions are a little bit vague and confusing, but if you’re good at origami, it should be a piece of cake. And if you’re not (*raises hand*) it’s still pretty easy. It says at the top, and I’ll tell you again here, be sure to make your folds precise, especially when folding over corners. They get pretty tiny at the end.

If you’ve not left already to rush off and make X-Wings, I’ll mention that I’m still working on my summer cardi reknit. I have about five or six more inches (yes, already. I knit in class and it’s worsted weight on 4.5 mm needles) and then I have to pick up for ribbing and whatnot. So that’s happening. FO soon, I wager.