What’s this? More knitting? AWW YEAH. Just finished up some scrap socks made with leftovers from other sock projects.

 photo IMAG0626_zpsf73e17f6.jpg

Pattern: Top down sock, flap and gusset heel, wedge toe
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Handpainted in Tea Party (the majority of the socks), Red Heart Heart and Sole
Needles: US 1. Whatever that mm is. 1.25 I think?
Mods: None, it’s a sock

 photo IMAG0629_zpsf379f8ca.jpg

They fit pretty well. They get a little wavy where I changed yarns but that isn’t so obvious when they’re on and it doesn’t affect the fit any.

They’re socks so there isn’t a tremendous amount to say about them. I like socks. I have another pair on the needles (also using scrap yarn). The Ravelry project page is called “Scrap Socks 3: The Scrapening”.

In life news: Still in Florida. Which, by the way, is driving me completely bonkers owing to my completely fucking insane/idiot family members, the weather, and the spotty internet connection. Oh, and my phone that doesn’t work because I’m dumb. I think I can fix it (eventually), but still. UGH. So there’s knitting and I’m rewatching the Avengers in ten minutes bursts. I need to catch up a whole bunch of Geek and Sundry YouTube content as well as Castle, Doctor Who, and Game of Thrones. DON’T SPOIL ME.