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I like to think of myself as a pretty snappy dresser. I try to look nice most days (though I’m always disappointed when I look nice and feel confident and then don’t see anyone all day). I try to incorporate hand knits and hand-made items into my daily wardrobe and sometimes I more or less successful at it.

I’m pretty pleased with today’s outfit, for example. I occasionally like to photograph the outfits I like best so I can remember them for later. I feel especially good about this one because most of my favorite clothes are in the dirty laundry, so I had to get a little creative:


I love it though! Here’s the breakdown:

Jeans: Old Navy, probably from a thrift store
Tank top: H&M
Shrug: This One from Fitted Knits in Cascade 220 (goodness my hair was shorter and redder then)
Shoes: Guess kitten heels, $3 at a yard sale
Earrings: Rue 21 outlet

Basically the only item I bought from a real store was the tank top, and even then it was in the clearance rack and only $3. Not only is this outfit super cute, it was also super cheap. Yay!


I sewed a thing! It’s wonderful.

(Please do excuse the mess in the background.)

It’s a circle skirt I made from some fabric I got in a swap this past summer. It’s breezy and light and not at all appropriate for February, even though I wore it yesterday anyway with a long sleeved t-shirt and long socks (as you can see). It would have been nice with tall boots, but I wore purple mary jane style wedges instead.It’s also super swingy, it being a circle skirt.


I expect to get a lot of wear out of it when the weather warms up. I also intend to make a lot more cause I love wearing this type of skirt (though I’ll have to get some more fabric). The waistband is a little messed up (it’s a little large) cause I cut it a little big and my elastic wasn’t as stretchy as I’d have liked. The hemming took like an hour (partly cause I pressed it first), and I was very pleased when it was finished.


In knitting news, I am still working on those knee socks, but they are flying along. I’m on the eighth stripe of the 16 that make up the leg (and each one gets smaller around). I hope to do some more sewing soon (I want to get to the fabric store to get some tulle cause I want to make a crinoline), but for now, I do enjoy knitting.

And I’m still working on Leyburn, so instead you get a bad self-photo of what I’m wearing today!


Sweater: Owls, knit in Cascade Ecological Wool
Shirt: Hand-me-down from my sister, who is both larger and younger than me. It does not appear to have a brand tag.
Jeans: Thrift store, pegged by me for wearing in boots.
Boots: Steve and Barry’s, before they went out of business. $9. Hell yes.
Jewelry: Two Disney rings from my grandmother (that I always wear), blue Pocohontas-ish necklace that was a gift from the boyfriend.

No worries, I don’t anticipate making this a regular feature of the blog. Unless you want me to. Mostly I am all about the swaps and the finished knits and sewing projects and whatnot. Tomorrow will probably be more sock. Or something. Later this month I plan to do a tutorial on grafting (Kitchener stitch) in pattern (like seed stitch or cables or something). I need to write it up though. Along with the pattern for my Halloween cape.

So yes. NaBloPoMo!