I like to think of myself as a pretty snappy dresser. I try to look nice most days (though I’m always disappointed when I look nice and feel confident and then don’t see anyone all day). I try to incorporate hand knits and hand-made items into my daily wardrobe and sometimes I more or less successful at it.

I’m pretty pleased with today’s outfit, for example. I occasionally like to photograph the outfits I like best so I can remember them for later. I feel especially good about this one because most of my favorite clothes are in the dirty laundry, so I had to get a little creative:


I love it though! Here’s the breakdown:

Jeans: Old Navy, probably from a thrift store
Tank top: H&M
Shrug: This One from Fitted Knits in Cascade 220 (goodness my hair was shorter and redder then)
Shoes: Guess kitten heels, $3 at a yard sale
Earrings: Rue 21 outlet

Basically the only item I bought from a real store was the tank top, and even then it was in the clearance rack and only $3. Not only is this outfit super cute, it was also super cheap. Yay!