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I am still knitting, I promise, but weaving is where it’s at these days. I love weaving. I’m weaving all the things and all the time.

 photo IMAG0169_zps5e2711fa.jpg

Yarns: Patons Soy Wool Solids and Noro Silk Garden, a little over a skein of each
Loom: Easy Weaver
Reed: The standard one for that loom. I think it’s 8 dpi.

 photo IMAG0171_zps5f6163c4.jpg

This scarf had tension issues out the wazoo, but I really love how it came out. It’s drapey and warm and super long–I can wrap it around my neck three times. The SWS is super soft and the Noro is colorful. It’s gorgeous.

It was, however, a gigantic pain in the ass to weave. As I said, tension issues. Plus the SWS is fuzzy as hell. The Noro, thankfully, behaved itself and there weren’t any knots.

 photo IMAG0174_zps334852b4.jpg

I wove this up mostly with the intention of A, practicing houndstooth and B, making something out of the fabric. Because I have a metric fuck ton of scarves and shawls and wraps and I honestly do not need any more. But it made such a great scarf that I left it as is. I have since woven up another length I used to make a bag (pictures soon). I’m really enjoying weaving up fabric yardage to turn into something else later. Mostly bags, probably, because my sewing skills aren’t that great.

In book/fannish news, Joe and I finished the Thrawn trilogy the other day and I have ALL THE FEELINGS. Mara is the best ever (obviously) and Karrde is adorable. And GAH. And THRAWN. GAH, I SAY. We have since started the Jedi Academy trilogy, which is good but not nearly as much as Thrawn (obviously). Zahn is amazing and I must read all the things. Speaking of Star things, I have also gotten back into watching Star Trek: Next Generation. You guys, season four is SO MUCH BETTER than the previous three. I love it. I’m working through it and will probably watch Deep Space Nine afterwards.


You guys, I am SO BAD at this having a blog thing. Apparently. Anyway, I made a thing recently that I can show off.


More weaving cause it is SUPER FUN not to mention fast. The warp is Plymouth Colornep and I used most of a skein. The weft is a hand dyed recycled yarn, some Aran weight wool I’ve had for ages.


I love the even weave. My original intent was to weave fabric for a bag, but I decided I liked it as a scarf even better. And I’ve been wearing it constantly.

I used a six dent heddle because that’s the only one I had at the time (though I’ve since gotten a ten dent heddle. Sorry for non-weavers who have no idea what I’m talking about.)

I have a couple more things that I’ve recently finished so hopefully I’ll remember to post those soon. It includes a couple of costume type things for Katsucon, which is not this weekend but the next. I am super excited about it. Hopefully I’ll remember to take lots of pictures.

Oh, also: I’ve written and posted this from my phone. Hopefully this means I can post more regularly. Hopefully, I will use the word hopefully less frequently

Sooo… hi guys. Sorry I abandoned the blog for… a month. I’ve been busy. I was out of town and then I was making a billion shark mittens and working a lot. Anyway.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S COOL? I’ll tell you: WEAVING IS COOL. It’s so cool. Like on a loom?



So yeah, I bought a loom from someone on Ravelry from whom I also bought um, a bit of fleece. Anyway. LOOM. I weave now. Weaving’s cool. /theDoctor It’s loads of fun and a great way of using up yarn quickly. I bought an awesome Intro Weaving class on Craftsy which has been SUPER HELPFUL in figuring out warping and stuff.

Course, as is my wont, when I first received the loom, I looked up a video on YouTube and dove right in because apparently I think waiting to understand what the hell I’m doing is overrated. I threw some yarn on there, practiced a little, then made a scarf. It’s how I do.


It’s a wee bit too short but it is soft and amazing and I love it.


You’re seeing right: THAT SUCKER SPARKLES. The warp is some recycled merino that I dyed the color of surgical waste. The weft is a sparkly angora/wool/glitz blend, also recycled (from a vest, actually. It’s better this way).


Your scarf wants to be this cool.

I then proceeded to whip up some towels/washcloths and THEN purchased and watched the Craftsy class. There’s another scarf on the loom now. But I haven’t taken pictures of either, so those will be another blog post (For real; I’m going to do it this time).

I am still knitting, much more in the last day because I AM DONE WITH SHARKS at least until someone decides to order a pair. But my slate is currently FUCKING CLEAR and I’m so excited to be knitting things for me. LIKE A BOSS.

In reading, Joe and I started the Thrawn trilogy with Heir to the Empire and OH MY GOD FEELINGS. I love it. I want awesome not-empire Outbound Flight!Thrawn back with his adorable relationship with Cardas. In non-reading, I’ve been watching Top Gear because I apparently don’t have enough obsessions. WHOO.

Okay, first off: I’m fine, my folks are fine. We’re in DC and just got some rain. Never even lost power. My heart goes out to those in NY and Delaware (including the boy’s folks and my aunt) and everywhere else and I hope everyone’s okay or at least doing the best they can.

In lighter knittier news, I knit a scarf. It’s for Ongoing Wish Swap, which I got around to rejoining. It’s a super simple scarf–just knit length-wise in garter.


Pattern: I CO like 175 and worked garter stitch
Needles: US 8/5 mm
Yarn: All the leftover bits from shark mittens. As you can see, shark mittens have been many shades over the years.


It has fringe. I’m pretty chuffed with it. Sort of displeased I have to send it away, but I think I’m going to make a similar one for myself with the various other wool scraps I have kicking around. I’m thinking rainbow colors. Fun.

I took a picture of this the other day intending to do a WIP post of everything I’m working on, but I realized I was only a couple of rows from the end, so I just finished it and photographed the finished scarf. I will have a WIP post up soon as even though I’ve been remiss about posting, I have certainly been knitting and working on lots of things.

If you’re on the East coast, stay safe and dry. I know I got super lucky but a lot of people didn’t.

Here is the second thing I made for the Yarnies/Hoopers swap. It’s crochet because sometimes I do that too.


Pattern: Hello Kitty Scarf from Made by K
Yarn: Wool Ease (white and pink), recycled acrylic/wool (pink and black), a tiiiiny bit of recycled shetland held triple (yellow)
Hook: H/8, 5mm
Mods: Oh so many. I followed the directions for the kitty faces sort of but I know how to make a granny square. I didn’t do the oblong ones, I just made regular ones. I also added an extra square behind the kitty face squares.


This is what the back of the Hello Kitty squares look like. I made two more squares but with one fewer round. Then I sewed them on and tucked all the ends behind it. That way I didn’t have to worry if my embroidery was messy or ends weren’t woven in perfectly.


There’s a picot edge all around the outside which was probably the most time-consuming part. I like how it came out though. I gave the scarf a quick steam block before I sent it out to help everything lie flat.


Here’s a close up of the Kitty square that isn’t awful. It’s the flower I think. The other one is sort of misshapen but it looks more or less like Hello Kitty.

This project made me remember how much I enjoy crochet and granny squares. Might have to make something with that soon.

And now, a fannish aside which will probably contain vague spoilers to last night’s Doctor Who fall season finale:

So who else watched it? Because MY FEELINGS. For one brief, shiny moment near the end I thought everything was going to be okay and then Moffat was like “lol NOPE.” But I wasn’t crying yet so I figured I’d be okay AND THEN THERE WAS THE AFTERWORD. And there were tears. Because AMY. I’m barely coherent about it. I’m going to miss those two SO MUCH. Because Rory. RORY.

Anyway. Next time on the blog will be some Doctor Who stuff from the Doctor Who swap. What I sent has been received for a while so I’m going to finally get around to posting pictures of what I made.

I made a thing:


Pattern: Lacy Vines, a test knit. I’ll edit with a link when the pattern is up.
Yarn: Recycled wool, hand-dyed by me with Kool Aid
Needles: US 8/5mm
Mods: None, though I did use a provisional cast on.


It was supposed to be a scarf but mine came out rather wide and shortish so it’s more of a shawl. I really do like it. I like it (and you all) so much that I suffered 90 degree (F) temperatures to snap an action shot:


The pattern was super fun to knit and when it goes up, you should all go knit it. It works up super fast in heavy yarn and there are lots of dropped stitches, which is super fun. My yarn was really sticky so I had to tug the dropped stitches all the way down, but it’s lovely nonetheless.


This is a pattern that really benefits from a wet block. When I had finished one half (it’s knitted in two parts and seamed in the middle unless you cast on provisionally, which I did) I steam blocked it to see how it came out, and it’s definitely more open and airy after a good strong wet block than it was with a steam.

I am currently down to two projects on the needles (we won’t talk about the scarf in hibernation): a sweater, which is a design I’ve been showing you, and some TARDIS socks, about which I am totally thrilled.

And one final note about the Ravelympics kerfuffle. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know my opinions on the matter (and also that I’ve started watching STTNG). I’m knitting a sweater for the Ravelympics. Because that’s what it is and that’s what I’m calling it and the USOC can suck it. It’s a challenge for me and just because I didn’t sweat, I did train and it is an accomplishment.

The Ravelympics are in the spirit of international cooperation, something the USOC should know and care about it. When you piss off knitters, we band together, stronger, and speak out for ourselves. The Ravelympics is happening (though I’ll not be watching the Olympics after this PR disaster) and I, for one, will not be silenced.

Also, Twitter Knitters are fabulous. I love the community of knitters on the internet.

I finished my Bigger on the Inside Shawl!


Pattern: Bigger on the Inside
Yarn: Lambswool/angora/nylon blend lace, recycled and dyed by someone in WWFY.
Needles: US 2
Mods: I knit as written though the proportions are a little wonky.


I think I did more decrease rows that increase rows so the top bit is kinda wonky. I love how it came out.



I went down a bunch of needle sizes because the shawl calls for fingering weight and I used lace weight. The resulting shawl is still really airy and light. It’s a bit more like a scarf than a shawl, but I can still sling it around my shoulders when the AC is up too high.

Since finishing the TARDIS shawl, I’ve started sweater number six for the year, a tank top I’m designing for the Designer’s Challenge group on Ravelry. Still working on the vanilla socks (for which I’m going to do a crystal heel from the latest Knitty) and I’m almost done with the leg of the first one. The next socks in the queue are some TARDIS socks because I’m a huge nerd. I’m planning to make some fingerless mitts with the lace I used for Bigger on the Inside held doubled. I can be completely nerdy and matchy at the same time. Y’know, in six months when the weather is no longer a billion degrees.

Soo I’ve been knitting my little fingers to the bone recently. I’ve finished some shark mittens, am partway through a second pair, and have two other projects in the works.

First up is a Pfeiffer Falls scarf in some delightful recycled cashmere:


That’s a terrible picture and it’s not that far along, but it’s delightfully soft and I love the puffy cables. Unfortunately, winter has been really warm this year and I haven’t even needed to get out my wool peacoat. I’ve been wearing my red cotton H&M trench and that’s been perfectly sufficient. Not that I don’t have plenty of scarves already, but I wish I had some cold weather to inspire me to work on the scarf.

The other thing I’ve been working on is a mohair wrap sweater from Fitted Knits:


This is for a WWFY swap. I frogged the Lacy Ribbons sweater I was working on and started this wrap instead, working two strands of lace weight mohair on size 11 needles. It’s going really quickly and even though it’s not for me, I love working on it. I might make one for myself but not in mohair. Probably lace weight cashmere held doubled or tripled.

I meant to photograph the sharks I just finished but then I forgot and you guys have seen sharks before. Perhaps I’ll remember to photograph the pair I’m currently working on, which (fingers crossed) should be the last pair. I have one pair of dino mittens that was returned (size Child large, 7″ length). I’m going to put them on Etsy, but if anyone here’s wants them, let me know. They’re ready to ship and will be $34.

Also, my lovely boyfriend Joe will be in town tomorrow sometime for about a week, so blame him if posting is erratic.

So I didn’t do a lot of knitting at the beach, but I did make enough progress on my Multnomah that I finished it up on Saturday afternoon.


Pattern: Multnomah
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Silkie in Nodding Violets
Needles: US 4/3.75 mm KP options circ
Mods: Only eight feather and fan repeats cause I ran out of yarn


So this is the prettiest shawl ever and you should be jealous. Also, it was super nice to make and the pattern in really easy. Also, this yarn is fantastic–soft and shiny and silky and slinky. Delightful.


I hit the shawl with some steam to open it up a bit. I used a smaller needle that I usually would with a fingering weight shawl, so the garter stitch is squooshy and dense. LOVE. Can’t wait until it’s cooler so I can actually wear it cause I would wear it all the time. : )

I finished the Lace Ribbon Scarf!


Pattern: Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty
Yarn: Malabrigo Lace in Loro Barranquero, about a skein
Needles: US 4/3.5 mm
Mods: Took out a horizontal repeat to make it narrower.


So I’m pretty pleased with how this came out. It’s nice and long and the yarn holds the pattern quite well, even though I didn’t properly block it with water and whatnot. It’s also nice and long. The recipient of the scarf is knitter Jenarita, who I hope likes it. : )


The pattern was pretty fun to knit. It was mostly mindless, but I had to pay attention to the double yarn overs on the purl back rows. So it was a pretty good balance. The yarn, by the way, was utterly fantastic. Man, the things people say about Malabrigo are totally true. It’s so frickin’ soft. And the colors mixed nicely, not pooling or anything. Nice. I have some black Mal lace in my stash for a Featherweight when I ever get around to it, but it was nice to try out the yarn before I begin that monster.

In other knitting news, I frogged back to the toes on the Dainty Anklets I was knitting. The pattern wasn’t coming out the way I wanted it to, so instead I started the Crocus Socks in the same book. I also started a pair of shark mittens on a commission through Etsy. But more on those later.