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Here is the second thing I made for the Yarnies/Hoopers swap. It’s crochet because sometimes I do that too.


Pattern: Hello Kitty Scarf from Made by K
Yarn: Wool Ease (white and pink), recycled acrylic/wool (pink and black), a tiiiiny bit of recycled shetland held triple (yellow)
Hook: H/8, 5mm
Mods: Oh so many. I followed the directions for the kitty faces sort of but I know how to make a granny square. I didn’t do the oblong ones, I just made regular ones. I also added an extra square behind the kitty face squares.


This is what the back of the Hello Kitty squares look like. I made two more squares but with one fewer round. Then I sewed them on and tucked all the ends behind it. That way I didn’t have to worry if my embroidery was messy or ends weren’t woven in perfectly.


There’s a picot edge all around the outside which was probably the most time-consuming part. I like how it came out though. I gave the scarf a quick steam block before I sent it out to help everything lie flat.


Here’s a close up of the Kitty square that isn’t awful. It’s the flower I think. The other one is sort of misshapen but it looks more or less like Hello Kitty.

This project made me remember how much I enjoy crochet and granny squares. Might have to make something with that soon.

And now, a fannish aside which will probably contain vague spoilers to last night’s Doctor Who fall season finale:

So who else watched it? Because MY FEELINGS. For one brief, shiny moment near the end I thought everything was going to be okay and then Moffat was like “lol NOPE.” But I wasn’t crying yet so I figured I’d be okay AND THEN THERE WAS THE AFTERWORD. And there were tears. Because AMY. I’m barely coherent about it. I’m going to miss those two SO MUCH. Because Rory. RORY.

Anyway. Next time on the blog will be some Doctor Who stuff from the Doctor Who swap. What I sent has been received for a while so I’m going to finally get around to posting pictures of what I made.