Here at chez StitchBrinnStitch, it’s all FOs all the time. I’ve got another one today: woven project bags.

I started with this and dyed yarn, colorway Kara Thrace and her Special Destiny (a Battlestar Galactica reference) plus some recycled Shetland, held triple:

I wove it up into some fabric:

 photo 005-2_zpsfbc1919f.jpg

And sewed the fabric into bags:

 photo 006-4_zpsd9856c1a.jpg

Weaving deets:
Loom: Vergere
Reed: 5.5 dpi
Yarn: my hand dyed and tripled recycled Shetland
Pattern: plain tabby weave

I really like making these bags. They are an excellent use of hand woven fabric and weaving is an excellent use of hand dyed yarn. The goal is to make a bunch and sell them. Actually this time. I have some more fabric to sew up and god knows I have more yarn to weave.

The lining on these particular bags matches really well thanks to all the yellow and is from a fitted cotton sheet I got at the thrift store. The yarn is all recycled too, which makes these super green, eco friendly bags. I think I will advertise them as such.

 photo 009-1_zps4ac4e2eb.jpg

These bags are also the first things I finished for the Stash Dash craftalong over with The Knit Girllls. I finished them basically on the start date, but I’ve been so behind on blogging my finished objects, I’m just now showing them off. My Stash Dash page is here if you want to keep track of my progress toward 4k.