Soo I wove a scarf the other day. I had it all done in a single day within a couple of hours. Weaving is hella fast.

 photo 001-2_zps29bf0696.jpg

Yarn: leftovers from the Green Dragon Sweater and some recycled wool tweed, tripled
Loom: Easy Weaver
Reed: Uh, the one that it comes with. I think it’s 6 dpi?

It’s done in plain tabby weave because that’s what I like to do. I imagine I’ll eventually get bored with tabby and want to do something more ambitious with pick up sticks and lace or whatever, but for the time being, tabby weave is exactly the speed I want.

 photo 004-3_zps0ed8eb6f.jpg

The scarf came out a wee bit shorter than I wanted, but that’s what happens when you don’t measure the warp at all. And yes, I know how to measure the warp, I just don’t because I’m lazy and I don’t know the yardage of most of my yarn anyway. Winging it works for me.

 photo 003-2_zps9bbbfca2.jpg

The scarf is destined for the gift box that I am totally starting despite the fact that I don’t actually give that many gifts. Maybe I’ll start. For some people, anyway. Special people. Very special people.