What’s this? Knitting? Indeed it is! I finished a languishing knitting project, a vest I designed. This is also my second sweater type object of the year. Whoo!

Pattern: none, and I basically made it up as I went, though I did start from a design sketch.
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fine
Needles: US 4/6 mm

I had originally designed this to be a pullover with sleeves and I even started one, but I ended up ripping it. The arm hole came out too big and the sleeve was really baggy. Putting in ribbing tightened it up, and now I have a functional vest/tank top.

I have it styled as a vest in the pictures and I’d like to wear it that way, but it won’t look nearly as good on me as it does on Elizabeth. I will probably wear it as a tank over a cami. I’m going to take it to Florida, so maybe I’ll get some pictures I can add to the ravelry page.

I actually ended up wearing it out like this and it worked okay. Like I said, not as good on me as on Elizabeth.

I actually do have a picture of the vest as I will usually wear it. It’s a WIP picture from before I added the sleeve and then took it off again. So the ribbing hasn’t been added, but you can get the general idea.

In life news: I have made it down the Florida and its spotty internet connection, so posting will happen probably not that often. I was trying to root my phone (an Evo 4G LTE) so I could tether it to my laptop and managed to fuck it all up, so I can’t post from my phone like I usual would. I’m still trying to fix it. Pretty sure I can, but it’ll take some finagling.