The thing about suddenly working (or volunteering) a full-time job when you’re used to having the whole day for whatever is that I have waaaay less time for knitting. And I have shark mitten orders which means I’ve put knitting for myself on hold. : ( I currently have three orders outstanding (one is for two pairs of children’s mittens).


I have all the parts knit for the first two pairs, and I need to put them together. The next pair is a bit past the thumb gusset.

I’ve also been doing some unravelling. My mother found a big red cabled pullover that I’m working on (though it’s a little felted). I also recently found a tan cashmere sweater to felt for my blanket. Which I have enough sweaters to make decent-sized, I just need to get around to doing the sewing. And I’ll need a warmer blanket soon because the weather was in the 60s for the last couple days so I got to wear knits. : ) I much prefer fall to summer.