So, before we get to the FO: Bad news, bears. I did not get the job I was hoping for. Good news: More time for crafting and therefore blog posting. Bad news: My only income is my Rav pattern store and my Etsy store (so like, buy my shit please). Good news: The intent to move up to Fairfax with my boyfriend is back and stronger than ever. Bad news: Not sure who’d hire me for less than a year since Joe’s planning to go to grad school next year.

Anyway, that’s enough good news/bad news.


Pattern: Box 96 Pullover from IK Summer 2010
Yarn: Recycled 60/40 cotton/acrylic sportish weight.
Needles: US 5/3.75 mm KP Options (I seriously love these needles)
Mods: Removed the roll brim in favor of garter sleeve bands. Crocheted the lace bits to the sweater. I didn’t knit the roll edging at the bottom but started right in on the decreases. It’s stocinette, so it rolls, but not much. And I still might do a row or two of sc along the bottom.

So I totally fell in love with this vest when IK Summer 2010 came out. It stuck in my brain. I eventually got the magazine from someone on Ravelry and have just now gotten around to making the vest. And I love it. I totally love it. The V is a bit deeper than anticipated, so I have to wear a tank under it if I wear it as a shirt.


It did come out a titch too big because I steam blocked it and there’s a substantial acrylic content. It’s got a lot of cotton too, so I think a spin through the washer and dryer should shrink it up a bit. And it does fit as is, I just might have to wear a belt as styled.

I can never remember whether I’ve told you about the 12 sweaters/12 months challenge I participate in on Ravelry (the group is here, but this marks number nine fr the year. I frogged a couple I made (some Leah versions), but I still made them, so I’m right on track for knitting 12 sweaters this year. Also, not all of them were for me.

I’ve pulled out the yarn, needles, and pattern book for Karlsro, a wrap sweater from Noro Book One. I knit a version for a WWFY swap and I rather liked the pattern, so I’m starting one for myself in a brown recycled wool. Y’know, once I finish all the shark mittens. : )